a year of hard work, It’s really stupid to put money into other people’s pockets in the end.”

a year of hard work, It’s really stupid to put money into other people’s pockets in the end.”
/Anya let him hold her in his arms, too lazy to push her away. She was too tired today and didn’t want to move.
Han Xuan said: “But those who gamble always think that they can put other people’s money into their own pockets. Small gambling is pleasant and big gambling is harmful to the body. The gambling culture cannot be tolerated.”
He looked at the nearby resort in the distance. The new building seemed to be taller than the hotel. Dad spent a lot of money just to have some fun for the cowboys and other employees.
Thinking of something, I turned my head and asked my dad: “How much money did our ranch make this year? Last time I read the news, it was reported that at the beginning of this month, medium and large meat merchants from all over the world came to grab goods. In terms of price, It shouldn’t be bad, right?”
“Aren’t you going to buy gold and keep it?”
Han Xuan laughed at his father mercilessly. He had so much cash in hand, but he spent hundreds of dollars from Augusta Town to hire an old accountant. Acting as an investment consultant for himself and buying everything into gold. This is a weird thing that only his father can do.
Han Qianshan looked unhappy and said feebly: “You have found so many gold mines, why should I buy gold? Should I use it to build a house made of pure gold?”
Chinese people who grew up in the United States will also have a subtle influence on their parents. Under the influence, they have formed an obsession with land. Compared with Westerners, they pay more attention to houses and land.
Father Han immediately replied: “Then invest in your real estate company. Some short-term government bonds are about to mature. Adding this year’s profits, we should be able to collect about 1.5 billion US dollars, which will be enough to buy calves and lambs next year.” , I still have it here. I don’t want shares, it’s a loan, and I’ll be given a 7% return every year, which is more cost-effective than buying government bonds. Can the law allow this?” “Yes
, if it’s 7%, I’ll make a lot of money. Are you sure you don’t want more?”
“What do two families say? What can I do with money? Just pile it up against a wall and look at it all day long? I can’t find a place to spend money. Thinking about it like this, I’m really failing as a human being. , it seems it’s time to do charity.”
After hearing what Han Qianshan said, the bodyguard and Dai Ni burst into tears, and they all thought at the same time: “You can give me more money, I don’t mind it.”
On the way home, they met just Arctic fox.
At first I thought it had prey in its mouth, but later I found out that it was a little fox. It was placed on the snow by its mother and walked slowly. The arctic fox even has hair on its paws. It doesn’t feel cold at all in this weather. It just feels right. Comfortable.
/Every summer, the fur of this kind of fox will turn into messy colors, which looks quite ugly. In winter, it will turn int