iu Qian asked knowingly.

iu Qian asked knowingly.
“It seems something is not right! Where am I now?” The look on Wang Lujia’s face became extremely horrified.
Liu Qian didn’t ask any more questions. He almost knew what happened.
“Why am I suddenly in the game?” Wang Lujia looked extremely shocked.
“Are you already trapped in the game? There is no way to exit?” Liu Gan shook his head, hasn’t the public beta started yet? How come these closed beta players were directly pulled in? If such a thing happens before the game is officially launched , then the news should have spread, but the problem is that he heard nothing at the time.
It doesn’t matter whether Liu Qian heard about this or not. The government knows that players are trapped in the Thriller World game. Why won’t they let Sanyu Company officially launch the game again?
/If Liu Gan quickly imagined a possibility that could explain this strange phenomenon.
“Were there anyone else around you when you entered the game?” Liu Gan asked Wang Lujia.
/“Yes, my brother.” Wang Lujia pointed at Wang Peng. At this time, he was also trapped in the game and was stammering something to the people around him. Maybe he was too nervous and the others were also very nervous. Panicked, so what he said went unnoticed.
“Besides you and your brother, are there anyone else around you? For example, are your parents around?” Liu Gan then asked Wang Lujia.
“There is no one else. I am playing at my brother’s house. My brother currently lives alone.” Wang Lujia frowned. Now she felt a little strange in her heart. She didn’t want to separate from Liu Gan just now, but now she found that she really After being trapped in the game, I felt extremely scared and panicked.
You’re not really stuck here, are you? If I were really trapped in the game, wouldn’t I not be able to see my parents and classmates in the future? How could such a strange thing happen?
“That makes sense.” Liu Qian nodded.
“What’s going on? Am I really trapped in here? Is there no way to exit?” Wang Lujia was getting more and more panicked, but she was more confused, and then she still doubted whether her feelings were wrong. What’s the problem.
“Because there is no one else around you and your brother, so even if you disappear from the real world, no one will know. When the system is under maintenance, these closed beta players may be able to correctly exit the game if there are others around them. , return to the real world. But those of you who have no one else around you are likely to be trapped here in advance. ”
“Just because there is no one else around you, it is impossible for anyone to see you disappear. Therefore, the news that you are trapped in the game will not be spread before the game is launched,” Liu Gan said while analyzing. Only in this way can a good explanation be given as to why these dozen players are trapped in the game. Here, the news did not get out.
However, Liu Qian quickly thought of another possibility, but he would not say this possibility.
That was the dozen or so players in front of him. H