For both of them, there is actually no way around this. Neither the “Hunters”, “Provocateurs”, “Arsonists” or “Reapers” are very good at channeling, let alone mastering hypnosis, etc. Ability, if you want to get information, other than torture and threats, you can only work hard on “conspiracy”.

This sentence makes sense, but after that, it will become my words to teach others… Daniz looked at the paste-like black thing in his hand and said:
“It seems that you want to wipe it on the surface of the mirror…and then you can contact Lieutenant General Disease?”
“That should be the case, but even if we get in touch, what’s the use? Ask her to have breakfast on Theros Island?” Anderson laughed.
Danitz also knew that he and Anderson could not influence the person on the other side of the mirror. They just instinctively wanted to do more and complete the tasks assigned by Gehrman Sparrow better.
He frowned slightly and said:
“Then what happens next?”
“Of course we need to contact Gehrman Sparrow and let him handle the follow-up. This guy is very mysterious in every aspect and there should be a way to solve it.” Anderson clicked his tongue and said, “Moreover, the task he gave us is to track down the ‘disease’ Jiang’s whereabouts are now known.”
Daniz said “hmm” and began to take out ritual candles and other items.
“What are you going to do?” Anderson asked with a slightly strange expression.
/Daniz arranged the altar without looking back and said:
“Summon the messenger of Gehrman Sparrow.”
“…” Anderson was silent for a few seconds and said, “I’ll go out and smoke a cigarette first.”
At early six o’clock in the morning, the entire Backlund was still dark and very quiet, with only the light of gas street lamps shining in most places.
Klein, who was wearing pajamas, sat on the bed, looked at the messenger lady holding four heads on her side, rubbed his forehead, and asked rather helplessly:
“Who sent the letter?”
/Does this prevent people from having a good sleep?
The three blond heads with red eyes in Renette Tinichole’s hands answered one after another:
“You…” “That…” “No…”
“Brain…” “Of…” “Servant…”
Danitz… I used to pray in the middle of the night, but now I send letters early in the morning… Klein took a breath, exhaled it slowly, and then took the letter from the messenger lady.
When he unfolded it, his expression gradually became a little serious, because the timing for Danitz and Anderson to discover the whereabouts of “Lieutenant General Disease” Tracy was really not very good.
According to Klein’s deduction, it won’t take long for the pirate general and “White Witch” Katarina to regain their “freedom” and no longer hide so much. They will be easier to find. Now when dealing with the intelligence dealer Baz, from him Obtaining the items to contact Tracy there will most likely frighten the target and make her continue to hide.
Of course, Klein can ask “Queen of Mysteries” Bernadette for help to find a way to lock the opposite “Lieutenant General of Disease” through the mirror, b