ry aloof. Even though he is very popular, he does not smile at all during the whole process.

Finally, Lao Zhang couldn’t stand it any longer, and the shameless Netherblood Cult Patriarch kept patting his head. After making a note in his mind, he quickly got out of the crowd.
“Junior brother, are you willing to admit defeat?” Lao Zhang said this after seeing Li Dao. He suffered a loss from the Netherblood Sect Ancestor who was holding flowers and smiling, so he wanted to get it back from the macho Li Dao.
Neither Li Dao nor Quasi-Sage Xu Jingyue could save face. This big boy had so many things going on. Li Dao really wanted to grab him to death.
“Let’s go!” Fortunately, there was a True Saint from Source No. 3, calling a group of strangers to leave. Otherwise, the two 6-level quasi-Sages would not have been able to get off the stage.
“I said, the people from Source No. 3 are really unscrupulous. Wang Xuan’s Taoist boy and maid are just leaving like this?” Fu Ye, the single 6-breaker from Source No. 2, shouted.
Others secretly agreed and said with a smile: “Sure, Fairy Xu, come to our No. 1 extraordinary source from now on. If you report your name to Taoist Brother Wang Xuan, you will be able to pass the customs smoothly. If you can come in, you will not be considered an outsider.”
A group of strangers from Source No. 3, including the true saint who led the team, did not want to stay for a moment, and disappeared in a whoosh.
Overall, the conference ended in a peaceful atmosphere. After all, no one died and no violent conflicts broke out.
However, the Extraordinary Secret Network is completely the opposite. It can be called a bloody storm, almost killing people.
Mainly due to the No. 3 earthquake in the Extraordinary Realm, many people were furious. In addition, the “Key Immortals” of the New Mythical World were unforgiving and vicious, and a “universe-level” war broke out between the two sides.
Although Source No. 3 and the New Mythical World protect each other and cannot enter or exit the other at will, the Transcendent Secret Network is partially connected.
/Of course, the main thing is the connection with the underground mythical dark network, and the formal extraordinary network has not yet been fully liberalized.
Even so, the mythical dark web world has been completely wiped out.
In particular, after the debate on the dark web was moved to the normal extraordinary web, it further fermented. There was an epic collision between Source No. 3 and the New Myth World, and the cyber war reached a fever pitch.
Wang Xuan was once again bullied by the other side, but in the New Mythical World, he was very respected and full of “honor”.
No matter how many people from No. 3’s extraordinary source engage in verbal quarrels, it will have little effect. On the New Mythology World side, they summed up their experience and responded with only two pictures, which made the other side burn with rage and smoke.
/One picture shows Li Dao with his eyes blank, sitting on the futon given to him by the boy Lao Zhang, thinki