from time to time, and the fireball counterattacked on its own, shooting out flames to offset the white light!

In fact, Wei Xiaobei had already felt that the space was beginning to weaken at this time, and even the edges of the space were slowly shrinking!
/In just dozens of rounds, all the growth results of the space during this period were reduced to nothingness.
To be honest, this really makes Wei Xiaobei extremely heartbroken, and this weakening is still continuing!
Of course, Wei Xiaobei didn’t have no chance of winning. On one of the wings of the seraph, as the light continued to fade, a little black was slowly spreading.
That was the arrow that Wei Xiaobei had shot before, a bit of undead poison, which scratched his wings and infected him with a bit of toxin!
There is no doubt that due to the incomparable strength of the seraphs and the abundant positive energy in their bodies, the poison of the undead was unable to work at all before, so that the seraphs did not notice the existence of the poison of the undead.
But the poison of the undead is so tenacious that it is almost impossible to remove it all with just positive energy.
But as the seraphs began to consume the power contained in their wings, this undead poison had a chance and began to spread.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know much about the nature of the undead poison because he didn’t have much brains to study the undead poison, and studying this thing was very dangerous. But judging from the current situation, the undead poison was Poison is like a living thing, it actually knows how to hide in order to avoid the attention of the seraphs.
Of course, no matter what, after discovering this, Wei Xiaobei immediately changed his strategy.
The big ink gun immediately turned into a big ink bow. While dodging the white light bombardment, Wei Xiaobei placed three armor-piercing arrows on the bowstring and steadily pulled the bowstring with both hands!
But Wei Xiaobei did not rush to shoot the arrow. Instead, he waited for the mutated dock to pounce on the seraph, then drove the fireball to attack the seraph.
In an instant, three flames shot out from the fireball and fell towards the Seraphim!
Facing the attack of the mutated dock, the Seraphim immediately waved his sword, and a white light knocked the mutated dock away. However, with the three flames from the fireball, the Seraphim even extinguished one flame, leaving only one flame. The two flames coming down also forced the Seraphim to dodge!
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei let go of his right hand, and three armor-piercing arrows shot out of the string in an instant, shooting in the direction where the Seraphim was dodging.
Wei Xiaobei shot ahead of time, and used three armor-piercing arrows to block all possible directions in which the Seraphim could dodge next!
The seraph was extremely decisive. Seeing that he could not avoid the fireball and the arrow at the same time, he did not hesitate at all. He turned around and actively faced the arrow!
Obviously, in the eyes of the Seraphim, in