ntains and order the major families not to disobey. At that time, the Huangji Sect was already showing signs of being crooked. The royal family supported the vassal kings and dignitaries and invested in Zhu Jingting. A lot of resources, and even let people enter the royal secret realm for further training.

“Young man, I already know why you came to the King of the West’s Mansion. The King of the West sent someone to assassinate you.”
“Wait a moment.”
/Lu Bei raised his hand to stop, took out the jade slip and turned on the recording function. He nodded and said, “I’m ready, go on.”
Zhu Jingting:
No wonder the Xuanyin Division is rising with such ferocious momentum. All the people it recruits are capable and capable, and it is impossible for the Emperor Ji Sect to suppress it.
Lu Bei recorded the evidence of the crime, but Zhu Jingting kept silent and said calmly: “Both sides are at fault in this matter. I am the one who makes the decision. The West Prince’s Mansion will accept the loss. You can make your price!”
“Senior, I’m joking. Everything I do is just. Wu Zhou’s laws are well-documented. Your words are just money. It makes it difficult for me to do things!” Lu Bei looked disdainful and raised his hand to make a five sign. .
After thinking about it, he also made a five with his other hand.
The friendly price cannot be lower.
Zhu Jingting sneered three times: “Wuzhou’s laws cover many, big and small, ignoring the details. They total more than 300,000 words. I have them all in mind. Tell me, which page and article are you referring to when you have well-documented laws?”
Lu Bei: (一`′一)
Who in this court dares to stir up trouble in court?
I respect your age and don’t want to talk about physics with you. I never expected that you would reason with me and even rise to the legal level.
Isn’t it amazing that I have a good memory? I have never read a single law book. I am not an official in the purple guard, with a sword at my waist.
Since you don’t know what’s good or bad, don’t blame me for talking about physics!
As everyone knows.
Ningzhou Lu Bei is not very good at talking. In addition, he is introverted and shy, and is notoriously bad at talking.
As we all know, people who are not good at words are always more capable of action. Zhu Jingting wanted to discuss Wu Zhou’s criminal law with Lu Bei, but Lu Bei couldn’t explain it, so he could only torture him.
Due to the desire for immortality, there is no concept of respecting the elderly in the world of immortality. Even if there is, it only stays above the throat and cannot reach the heart. It doesn’t matter if you are 500 years old or 50 years old, no one is still a young person.
Looking at Zhu Jingting’s appearance, we can see that the burly young man with short hair is not much older than the eighteen-year-old pretty boy from Lu Bei.
/They are all young people, there is no such thing as sneak attack on a 500-year-old man.
Zhu Jingting had a combined level of cultivation, but his specific level was unknown. It was not stated in the fi