imagined the figure sitting under the electric heating table, pushing the electric car around, wandering back and forth between the vegetable market and the community. It felt like something was wrong when he disappeared from then on.

Even though Shangguan Dandan was really annoying, who made him get used to her presence as much as a fingernail?
Habit is a powerful force. Even if there is only a little bit of habit, active or passive change will cause a strong sense of discomfort.
“I also asked this question, but Dan Dan said that it would not happen at all, because she is a powerful queen mother, and the so-called sealed memories are just stories that happened in the past to her now, and they can be used to pay off moths. It means that the inheritance of the relationship between mother and child is a historical bond that cannot be broken or denied. The most important thing is “Xiaoyang stopped in time and almost said it out loud, that would not be good.”
/Liu Changan frowned. After all, he underestimated Shangguan Dandan’s abomination, and felt a little ashamed, as if he was showing his wrong feelings.
“What’s the most important thing?” Liu Changan asked.
“The most important thing is that from now on, you will obey her words and be a walking zombie who can only obey your mother.” The lamb said lying on the ground, and then crawled between his legs with four hooves.
It is said that in ancient times there was a kind of monkey called the Huaiyin monkey. They had a custom that young monkeys who had not yet succeeded to the throne of the monkey king had to crawl under the crotch of the old monkey king, which is commonly known as “crotch humiliation”.
Xiaoyang was enduring such crotch humiliation to divert Liu Changan’s attention from asking “what is the most important thing”.
The most important thing is of course not just to let him be a zombie who only knows how to be filial to his mother, but Dandan feels that the current harem construction progress is too slow. Every time she wants to host a palace fight meeting, she feels that there are too few participants, let alone a fight. The flashes of swords, bloody heads, and blood flow can float many Koreans, and even fighting is quite difficult.
The main reason is that many harem members have not received Liu Changan’s nutritional certification for the time being. They are embarrassed to think that they are Liu Changan’s women, so they can only secretly poke at each other, and it is difficult to truly fight openly and secretly. This is how wars have been fought since ancient times. The teacher needs to have a well-known and justifiable reason.
A woman without nutrition certification cannot compete with a woman with nutrition certification. She is born with no name. For example, when An Nuan faced Bai Hui, all she needed to do was: Who are you, Liu Changan? Who are you Liu Changan? What’s his relationship with you? What is your relationship with him? You can fight the white fennel and suppress the internal bleeding.
Shangguan Dandan came to see Zhu Juntang. Of cou