many dignitaries in the capital.

As for whether the rumors in the capital are true, it is really difficult to judge. The northern deacons are too far away from Baiyue, and the number of people available is limited. Their intelligence collection capabilities are worse than those of the southern deacons. The key is that the information is transmitted slowly.
After all, China and Earth are not in an age of information explosion.
/But based on the news the Lin family has received, no one dares to underestimate Li Yongsheng.
The second elder thought about it and felt that he couldn’t just run away. In his opinion, Li Yongsheng was not qualified to accept him as a servant, but compared to other inexplicable people, following Li Yongsheng was at least not particularly embarrassing.
/Soon, the cultivators brought over the boxes containing gold and spiritual grains, and at the same time looked at the captured and unconscious tribesmen.
“Sure enough, a good method,” a mid-level cultivator came over and sighed, “This blinding formation is the method of Qinglong Temple, right?”
Li Yongsheng looked at him indifferently, “I am blinding, how come you are not blinding? ?”
The middle-level cultivator suddenly stopped talking, and after a long time he nodded slightly, “The Lin family made a huge mistake this time.”
Seeing that he had nothing else to say, the Lin family’s children took action one after another and carried their own children into the carriage.
Li Yongsheng glanced at the mid-level cultivator who turned to leave, and smiled slightly, “The Lin family is arrogant. Sure enough, they still have some confidence to come with four cultivators at once.”
No one dared to answer his words. It wasn’t until the Lin family left that Lin Munan sighed in a low voice. He said in a tone of voice, “Some grudges are made with luck.”
Li Yongsheng smiled slightly, “It’s not me who provoked you first.”
As he said that, he raised his hand and put away the boxes containing gold and spiritual grains.
Storage bags! Lin Munan could see clearly that he was really not surprised that this person had a storage bag. Anyone who dared to embarrass the Lin family should have this background.
But he still felt uncomfortable in his heart: just a mid-level repairman can have a storage bag, can we keep a low profile?
After the Lin family left, Li Yongsheng naturally had to leave too. He put away his parasol and other objects, and disappeared in a flash.
He hid the horses in a secret place. Shortly after arriving at the place, Zhang Muzi also rushed over.
In the past two days, Zhang Muzi has been practicing the “transformation” technique taught by him – in addition to learning “bending sound transmission”, she also learned this movement technique. Her efforts and entanglement really made a difference. Not in vain.
This kind of body technique is actually not easy to master. It mainly requires the cultivator’s body to have super explosive power – yes, the body technique does involve the rules of space, but in the end it is backe