his practice with confidence.

The third-level weapon refiner is a hack. Once you have passed it, you can make great progress. Now in the Artifact Pavilion, Pang Hong is a well-deserved important figure. His name has been listed in the Artifact Pavilion.
Pang Hong worked hard every day to cast the spirit-containing weapon, but the more he cast, the more he discovered that the third-level spirit-containing weapon he had made out of inspiration that day had become an insurmountable threshold for him, no matter what No matter how hard he worked and how he researched, the new spirit-containing weapon he created, even if it was of the same third level, still couldn’t surpass that one in terms of quality!
That wonderful feeling of being in control of everything is so wonderful. Pang Hong believes that as long as he can grasp that feeling, he can create miracles. He does not believe that this is influenced by others. This must be his own ability. I just want him to rediscover this wonderful feeling that comes by chance.
Pang Hong was busy cultivating, and Xie Xian was happy, because he handled most of the affairs. With Pang Hong’s support, he could sit back and relax in the Refining Pavilion, and lived a very comfortable life. Xie Xian was not as ambitious as Pang Hong. , I just want to learn a craft and live a comfortable life, so I am quite leisurely.
“Where’s Pang Hong?” A voice interrupted Xie Xian’s relaxation and happiness.
Xie Xian turned his head and said, “Ah, master, you are here, master, the senior brother is still practicing. The senior brother has hardly left the house in the past three months, he is working very hard.”
Xie Xian is a torrent of flattery, and there is no harm in flattering him anyway.
Yang Qi nodded with satisfaction. It could be seen that Wang Meng’s presence still stimulated Pang Hong. Otherwise, with the frivolity of young people, he would inevitably be arrogant for a while after passing the third level. Now Pang Hong is a little more persistent. “Let him practice well and let me know as soon as possible if anything happens.”
It’s a pity that Wang Meng left Wangcheng. Yang Qi didn’t care about some of the rumors about Wang Meng in Haojing. He was a straight-tempered person and had no interest in the aristocratic nonsense. He only believed his own eyes.
“Yes, master.” Xie Xian nodded in surprise.
At this moment, a disciple rushed over quickly. Before he could see the president, he gasped and stammered and shouted: “Senior Brother Pang! Senior Brother Pang, Grand Master is back!”
When he ran to the door of the Qi Dao room, the disciple suddenly covered his mouth and said, “President, you are here too.”
“Reckless! What does it look like running around in the Artifact Pavilion? Is the sky falling?” Yang Qi didn’t hear the disciple’s stuttering words clearly and scolded him. What he hates most is people chasing and running around in the Artifact Pavilion and panicking!
/The disciple lowered his head and remained silent, looking like he had learned from his experience. This is an old e