King Zheng’s vassal territory is in Jiulian County.

In this regard, Daqian inherited the old system of the previous dynasty, established clans extensively, and carried out feudalism on a large scale, hoping to establish feudal kings and defend clans as a public forum for the world.
However, in order to prevent the feudal king from rebelling, Yiying’s supervision system is also very complete.
Most of the vassal kings have taken back the power to command the army, and only control a small number of guard troops to control various places and prevent officials with foreign surnames from being domineering.
In addition, they also built cities and cultivated fields.
But there are always exceptions. Some of the vassal kings in border counties were obviously more powerful. They were given the power to command the army to guard the border.
King Zheng and Wei Chi had been trapped in Haojing City because they were feared by Emperor Jingwu. It was not until Empress Dowager Li interceded six years ago that he was sent to the vassal territory.
As the key target of Emperor Jingwu, even in a borderland like Jiulian County, King Zheng did not have the power to command the army and could only have a guard of about a thousand people.
A border general was sent to keep an eye on him and prevent him from moving.
At this time, in Prince Zheng’s palace, a slim figure looked at the sky from a distance. In her eyes, she could see that a big purple star in the sky was dim at this time.
“The evil spirit is violating the ban, and Ziwei is stained with blood. It seems that something has happened in Haojing City. It’s a pity that Jiulian County is too far away from Haojing, so we can’t get first-hand news!”
The beauty is dressed in palace attire, her face is like a hibiscus, and her eyes are like stars.
She is the saint Liu Rui of Jinniang Sect.
Now she is replaced by Princess Zheng.
“This is the first time something unexpected has happened to Ziwei. It seems that we need to step up our efforts to infiltrate Jiulian County and deal with Yang Kaishan’s tiger as soon as possible!”
Yang Kaishan is the general who guards Jiulian County!
At this time, when Ziweixing moved, it was also noticed by many profound monks around Daqian.
This change is intuitive.
Ziweixing is the destiny of Emperor Jingwu, and his destiny is manifested. Once a problem arises, it is difficult to hide it, unless there are extremely profound immortal cultivators to cover it up.
/Many interested people are looking in the direction of Haojing City.
At this time, there were several figures in Beichu looking towards the direction of Haojing City from a distance.
The first figure is Taishi Beichu. This is a majestic and burly immortal cultivator. There is a strong and thick evil energy flowing around him.
Tuoba Zhenwu, the Grand Master of Northern Chu.
“There is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before us. The Dragon Qi of the Qian Dynasty is weak. Let Beichu’s spies find out the truth of the Qian Dynasty as soon as possible. This opportunity cannot be missed!”