ut luckily they shot it down in time.

ut luckily they shot it down in time.
Zhu Tong did not stay in the cliff for long. After coming out, Yin Kuangzheng and Qian Qianqian were fighting with the top. She vented her anger on being kicked away on A Cang and Isha who were a little slower. In order to escape, Acang cast a delaying spell to hold Yisha back, allowing her to withstand Zhu Tong’s attack, while he himself crushed a precious teleportation magic scroll and slipped away. Poor Yisha, whose movements were hindered after being hit by a slowing curse, was split in half by Zhu Tong and fell to the ground unwillingly.
Yin Kuang and Qian Qianqian landed quietly.
/Yin Kuang pointed his sword directly at Zhu Tong.
/Yuan Fangfang shouted: “Why are you like this!? Why did you attack the eldest sister? It was all because of you that Victor ran away. Did you mean it?”
Qian Qianqian was very angry, “Bitch! You If you keep talking nonsense, do you believe I will burn you to ashes with a fire?” ”
“Yuan Fangfang was scolded by Qian Qianqian, and when she met Qian Qianqian’s angry eyes, she wilted. He muttered something angrily.
Zhu Tong smiled and looked at the tip of the green sword in front of her, and slowly inserted the samurai sword that was not stained by a drop of blood into the scabbard, “What a pity.” She didn’t know if she was feeling pity for Victor’s escape. , or feeling sorry for something else.
Yin Kuang took back the Qingzhi Sword and said calmly: “Next time, I won’t even give you a chance to regret it.” After saying that, he took Qian Qianqian and walked away.
Zhu Tong snorted lightly, “Let’s go.”
This time, Tang Rouyu and the others learned well. The main combat forces, such as Tang Rouyu, Bai Lu, and several people from Nanhai University, surrounded the leaders of the Black Armored Army, preventing them from having the opportunity to join the army. One black-armored female general is enough for everyone, and no one wants another one.
Only then did Yin Kuang understand why the black-armored female general would rather die in battle than pursue Jason. Because there is no need for that at all. Instead, she stayed and held back Yin Kuang and others, which was more conducive for other black-armored sergeants to deal with Jason and others.
When Yin Kuang arrived, Tang Rouyu and Bai Lu were working together to kill a burly man in dark red armor. That man was obviously the commander of the infantry. On the side of Nanhai University, several powerful combat forces were fighting fiercely with the commander of the cavalry. When Victor joined, the cavalry commander dismounted Victor and was instantly hacked to death.
Those black-armored sergeants are also weird. Even though they no longer have the command of the commander-in-chief, they are still fearless and attack like chickens. However, their only advantage is their large number. For colleges and universities, their individual combat effectiveness does not need to be taken into consideration. Eliminating them is just a matter of time. However, even so, everyone did not inte