whether it could return or not depends on luck. You may not know yet. Just to be with you.” Keep the call, my unit has lost more than ten early warning aircraft…”

whether it could return or not depends on luck. You may not know yet. Just to be with you.” Keep the call, my unit has lost more than ten early warning aircraft…”
“I’m sorry, General, but I also saved you the loss of hundreds of aircraft, didn’t I, General?” Zhang Lisheng was silent for a while, interrupting the department La’s words, “Since you don’t know the situation yet, let me tell you that the Kamandor people escaped and they were driven out of the Sea Shrimp B1 Island by ‘Tudenan’. You should fulfill your obligations now.” Promise, Your Excellency.”
“The C1 tribe drove the B1 tribe out of the ‘Sea Shrimp B1 Island’. Where did they drive them to? Coral was stunned for a while and asked, “Then I don’t know. The wooden boats of these natives are very strong and can float thousands or even tens of thousands of sea miles. Who knows where they will dock. I can only guarantee that they will arrive in your lifetime.” It is absolutely impossible to see these cruel barbarians, and they have paid a sufficient price for attacking the ‘human gathering place’. According to the legends of the natives on the island, tribes fleeing across the island often kill or injure at least half of their tribesmen.”
” Oh, of course,
“It’s okay, Mr. Zhang, I just want to know what happened to the king of the distant mountain who killed one hundred and fifty-seven of my soldiers.”
/“He is the leader of ‘Kamando’, and of course he escaped. , but he was seriously injured. In fact, seven of the eight ‘organs’ he used to drill holes to eat people were torn out. Maybe he is dead in the sea now. Zhang Lisheng said nonchalantly, “Well, as soon as I see those seven ‘monster organs’ that devour my warriors, I will immediately send twelve steamships to the native tribe.” Obviously in Cora’s mind, The king of the distant mountains killed more than a hundred soldiers under his leadership, which is even more regrettable than the attack on the ‘human gathering place’ that caused tens of thousands of casualties. “Oh, that’s really good, General” ”
This It’s nothing, I just keep my promise,” Cora said through the communicator: “Also, Mr. Zhang, can you arrange for the leader of the C1 tribe to meet with me, whether he comes to the ‘human gathering place’ or I go Is it okay for the native tribes?”
“Sorry general, I’m afraid I can’t do this. According to the tradition of the natives, the leader who really determines the fate of the tribe will not meet strangers casually. I know what you are worried about, Don’t worry, Your Excellency, from today on, the natives on the ‘Ocean Shrimp Island B1’ will never hurt the people on earth casually. Of course, the people on earth must also learn to treat these natives with an equal attitude. As for communication, if ‘human gathering place’ ‘If it will still be open to the natives…”
“It is impossible for the gathering place to be opened to the natives in the short term, Mr. Zhang.” Cora interjected decisively, “I also think that will be the case,” Zhang Lisheng said with a smile: “In that case Then I

aughter, he doesn’t mind selling his soul to the devil!

aughter, he doesn’t mind selling his soul to the devil!
You know, the reason why he studied the T virus was to cure his daughter! It shows how much he loves his children. It is impossible to comment on whether this person is right or wrong. The only strange thing is that he was targeted by a crazy umbrella company and took advantage of his research results.
Isaacs said: “It’s very simple, very simple for you. I just need you to study the T virus with me, overcome this magical subject, and then create a new era for you and me. Of course, I also need beauty A little bit of Angela’s blood, of course, with your permission.”
Isaacs knew Aikenfo very well, and his daughter was everything to him. If he behaved in any way that was detrimental to his daughter, he knew without using his brain that Aikenfo would definitely fight him to the death. At such a critical time, he didn’t want anything to go wrong.
Sure enough, after weighing it for a while, Aikenfo said: “Okay, I promise you. As long as you are willing to save my daughter, I can do anything for you, anything!”
“Wise choice.” Isaacs said proudly. Smiled, “You will be glad for your decision today. Okay, let’s get started.”
After saying that, Isaacs went to the computer and quickly used his permissions to enter with his fingers flying. He knew the backstage of the umbrella company and issued an order as the “Headquarters Board of Directors”!
“Okay, the next step is to find that Chinese boy.”
Ignoring Aikenfo’s surprised expression, Isaacs skillfully operated the computer. There was a fox-like smile on his face.
Isaacs hit the Enter key hard!
Yin Kuang, who was setting up a trap, was suddenly startled and almost screamed.
At this moment, almost all the nerves in Yin Kuang’s body were tense. Because he knew that the enemy hiding in the dark might suddenly jump out at any time, give him a bullet, and end his life.
Now, Yin Kuang is completely gambling.
He was betting that the Umbrella Company would use those absconding mercenaries to deal with him, that the Umbrella Company had tampered with the weapons given to him, that his trap would lure them over, and then use the bundled weapons to lure them over. Grenades kill them!
Everything is gambling!
It wasn’t that Yin Kuang was bold, or that he was keen on taking risks, but that he was forced to have no way out.
Because of a “hidden mission”, those vicious mercenaries were completely offended to death, and they felt that they would not let him go. With the support of the umbrella company, it would be easy for them to find Yin Kuang and kill him without any effort.
Death was already hanging over his head.
Furthermore, the relationship with Li Shuangmu and others has been broken down, and he will even have to worry about their conspiracy and frame-up in the future. Yin Kuang was really uneasy about this. Even if you survive this “entrance exam” safely, what will happen next? How could he confront Li Shuangmu and others without any ability to protect himself?
Therefore, no m

longer there, now this Cavaliers team is Ricky Davis, the team in history that said “I thought James was here to help me” the quasi-All-Star level guard.

longer there, now this Cavaliers team is Ricky Davis, the team in history that said “I thought James was here to help me” the quasi-All-Star level guard.
In addition to Davis, this Cavaliers team also has Carlos Boozer, who has not yet given birth to a rebel, and No. 3 overall pick Milicic.
Of course, the Cavaliers are weaker than the Nuggets.
Johnson’s coaching philosophy is completely different from that of Nelson, and a big change brought to the team is stability.
Nelson emphasized that the characteristics of an offensive team are that the upper limit is high and the lower limit is low.
Although the lower limit was previously raised by strengthening the lineup, with the departure of Bodiloga and others, if Nelson continues to coach, the lower limit will return.
/However, Johnson emphasized that the characteristics of defense are that the upper limit is relatively low, but the lower limit is relatively high, and the overall stability is high.
Just like playing the Nuggets in the opening game, I also want to play the Cavaliers.
The Mavericks suppressed their opponents throughout the game, and finally defeated their opponents 103-83, gaining two consecutive victories at the beginning of the game and giving their opponents two consecutive losses at the beginning of the game.
Perhaps attentive fans will find that with his brilliant performance in the playoffs last season, Sun Hao has a faint tendency to replace Nowitzki as the boss of the Mavericks.
Of course, it is different from Kobe’s forced replacement. This is a natural change after improving strength.
For the Cavaliers, Ricky Davis was in a sluggish state, scoring only 16 points on 7 of 23 shots.
This is also the characteristic of the core of a weak team. It is easy to fall off a cliff when playing against a strong team.
It was Milicic who surprised people.
In the Cavaliers’ last opener, he scored a double-double of 13 points and 11 rebounds. In this game against Dampier, he scored 17 points and 7 rebounds.
Although he is far from being called a savior, Milicic’s performance is worthy of his position as the No. 3 pick in the 2003 generation.
Of course, the most surprised person was Sun Hao.
Because Milicic’s career trajectory and history have changed a lot.
It seems that facts have proved that there is still a difference between Milicic and Brown. This talented Serbian boy was really destroyed by Brown.
But Sun Hao was in a pretty good mood.
After all, we all came from Europe together, so it is a good thing to have this kind of performance.
After the Nuggets and Cavaliers, the Mavericks continue to face the Heat at home.
The Heat have a number of outstanding players such as Eddie Jones, Caron Butler, and Brian Grant. Together with Wade, who was selected by them, they are even better than the Nuggets.
This game was also more intense than the previous two games.
But when the decisive moment came, Sun Hao and Nowitzki still helped the team win the game.
Sun Hao scored 27 points and once again became the Mavericks’ sc

ng is that after those fans sold out the tickets, someone said this on Facebook: Don’t we still have Sun who just scored 51 points in G6 with the Spurs?

ng is that after those fans sold out the tickets, someone said this on Facebook: Don’t we still have Sun who just scored 51 points in G6 with the Spurs?
There are many people who know and have seen Sun Hao score 51 points, but because the news of O’Neal’s injury was too big, fans ignored it for a while.
After someone reminded me of this, everyone remembered it in an instant.
Instant kill combination, without O’Neal, they still have Sun Hao!
MVP Sun Hao!
The more interesting thing is that those fans who sold their tickets wanted to buy back the original tickets, but the person who bought the tickets directly blocked them.
The real scene is playing out on the Internet in Los Angeles.
On the day of the game, the Mavericks team conducted daily training in the training hall.
I don’t know if they knew the news that O’Neal couldn’t play tonight, but the atmosphere during the Mavericks’ training was particularly relaxed.
After training, Kobe was quickly surrounded by reporters.
“Did you know Shaq couldn’t play tonight?”
a reporter asked Kobe.
“I’ve heard about that, but we don’t pay too much attention to that. We only pay attention to the state of our team.”
Kobe scratched his upper lip as he spoke, a bit like taking advantage and being good.
However, this answer is normal. He can’t say “Yeah, I’m so happy”, right?
“How is the team’s condition? Are you confident in winning the game tonight?”
“As you can see, our condition is very good and our morale is very high. We will win the game tonight.”
Kobe said as he spoke Looking behind him, his face was full of confidence.
This kind of confidence is natural. If they can’t win the game without O’Neal, then they might as well just retire.
“But the Lakers still have Sun. He scored 51 points in the playoffs against the Spurs. That was a very scary number. Do you think he will score this score again in tonight’s game?” the
reporter continued. asked.
“No, that’s impossible. I will defend him like I did in the last game.”
Kobe immediately shook his head.
Without O’Neal, the Lakers only have Sun Hao as a scoring point.
Not to mention the Mavericks coaching staff, he knows this very well.
In other words, everyone knows that Sun Hao will take crazy shots to score, so just defend him with all your strength.
No matter how strong Sun Hao is, he can’t score like crazy against the defense of several people.
He didn’t think that Sun Hao could do what he couldn’t do.
This is understandable.
Sun Hao’s strength shown this season is indeed very strong, but if he wants to score as he pleases in the game, there is only that man.
Michael Yes, it’s me Jordan again.
/Always being chased, never surpassed.
That night, the Staples Center was packed.
And as luck would have it, fans saw a particularly familiar figure at the scene.
Jordan came to Los Angeles to watch the game!
This is big news, especially since his Wizards and Pistons are playing in the playoffs over there!
After equalizing the big score, Jordan felt better and ran to L

e up, he finally chose to try!

e up, he finally chose to try!
Then, like Columbus, he discovered the New World.
He couldn’t help but pick up a piece and put it in his mouth.
This time he didn’t pinch his nose or anything, but ate in a “tasting” way.
Chew carefully, then chew carefully.
Then, he discovered that this food was not very delicious, but it was too delicious!
/It’s soft and sweet mixed with a hint of fruity wood fragrance, just like eating a thick layer of butter, but it’s not greasy at all.
God, why did he think this was shit before?
And it’s really amazing to say that after he found durian delicious, the original shit-like smell disappeared.
He ate several more in succession.
Then, he even lost the desire to eat protein.
The calories in this thing seem a bit high.
Finally, he reluctantly put the uneaten durian back in the refrigerator and called his nutritionist.
/After chatting with a nutritionist and gaining a better understanding of durian, his mood became very complicated.
Because he felt that the heat of this thing was a bit high before. In fact, its heat was a bit too high.
According to his nutritionist, durian has 147 calories per 100 grams, ranking among the top three fruits.
Not only for people who want to lose weight, this food is for ordinary people. Don’t eat too much. If you eat too much, you will easily gain weight.
After hanging up the phone, O’Neill stood there for a while.
This weight loss seems to have failed so far!
And the key is that he also likes eating durian!
Damn it!
I lost my wife and lost my troops!
Sun Hao didn’t know what O’Neal had gone through.
But slowly, he also realized that something was wrong.
Originally, O’Neal’s living room still smelled of durian, which meant that O’Neal still smelled it every day.
But O’Neal’s appetite is recovering bit by bit, and he may even look better than before.
Finally one day he couldn’t help but ask O’Neal.
After struggling for a while, O’Neal finally showed his hand.
After Sun Hao heard that O’Neal liked to eat durian, he instantly experienced the meaning of mixed flavors.
He is overturned!
“Shaq, don’t eat that thing, it’s very high in calories.”
In the end, he could only remind O’Neal like this.
“I try my best.”
O’Neal’s answer made Sun Hao’s expression even more helpless.
It seems that in the days to come, O’Neal will not only have to lose weight, but also how to give up durian!
And after experiencing the durian incident, Sun Hao felt that using food smell to make O’Neal lose weight was completely unworkable.
Even the most hated durian can be liked, but who can guarantee that O’Neal won’t like stinky tofu, Houttuynia cordata, or even canned herring?
When he thought of this, Sun Hao really didn’t know what to say when he looked at O’Neal.
He felt that even Bill Russell might not be able to make O’Neal lose weight.
This is probably, like dividing a number by zero, a question without an answer.
The season is still going on and it’s almost Christmas Day.
Like last year, this year’s Christmas


While they were communicating, other players had already arrived in the locker room one after another.
Somewhat coincidentally, O’Neal also wore a pair of sunglasses.
Of course, unlike Sun Hao who advertises for sponsors, O’Neal wears his favorite pair.
But no matter what the reason is, the two people’s coincidence makes them look like two brothers, one fat and one “thin”.
/Damon Jones even picked up the camera he carried on his chest to take a photo of the two of them.
The other team members were shouting and cheering from the sidelines.
Most of this team has never won a championship, and the championship parade is their moment to announce to the world that they are champions.
No one can stay calm at this time.
Phil Jackson also came to the locker room wearing a crisp suit and an eye-catching brown tie, greeting everyone to set off.
Looking at Jackson’s clothes, Sun Hao was in a trance.
When Horry communicated with him before, he said that Jackson was a standard hippie in his early years, with a big beard and long hair, and loved to wear bright or unusual clothes. Even when he was coaching the Bulls, he always Ride a sidecar to the arena.
Many people may not know what a sidecar motorcycle is. It is the kind of motorcycle with a co-pilot that often appears in war movies.
So looking at Jackson’s appearance now, it’s really hard to match up with the person Horry talks about.
The only thing that can connect them together is the eye-catching brown tie.
The Lakers’ championship parade started in convoys as in the past, and the people in each car were different.
In addition to Sun Hao’s car, there are Malone, Christie and Ariza.
Just when everyone was about to set off, a burst of sweet laughter suddenly came from the underground garage.
A group of sexy girls walked toward the convoy.
The team members, including Sun Hao, were stunned. Only O’Neal waved to the girls to come over.
Well, except for three points, there is no shortage of places that should be exposed.
I checked her eyes, she is really sexy.
Sun Hao looked at O’Neal’s expression again and knew that this must be O’Neal’s idea.
The number of girls is exactly the same as the number of players. In other words, this is a standard one-on-one service.
O’Neill was very thoughtful.
Before Sun Hao got in the car, he couldn’t help but give O’Neill a look: “Does your Xiangni know what you’re doing?”
But this is the cultural difference between China and the West. It is not a home run. From the perspective of Westerners, this kind of thing is actually normal.
The convoy set off, drove out from the underground garage and drove forward for a while. They were greeted by cheers from the sky.
On the day of the championship parade, the fans got up much earlier than they did.
Just like the crowd gathering at domestic festivals, this championship parade is even worse.
Not to mention this is Los Angeles, and the fans are much more enthusiastic than they were in Dallas.
The girl greeted the audience on behalf of the play

e single-game score on the big screen, he woke up immediately.

e single-game score on the big screen, he woke up immediately.
He even rubbed his eyes to make sure he saw it correctly.
After confirming that it was true, he couldn’t help laughing.
“This little guy is going to give me, this old guy, a surprise!”
But perhaps what Jordan didn’t expect was that Sun Hao actually threw in another 3-pointer before the end of the game!
81 points!
This time, even Jordan stayed for a long time.
Don’t be surprised, for Jordan, he never felt that anyone was better than him, whether it was Kobe, Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Carter, who were also five-point Davids at the beginning of the century, or Chamberlain and Bird in the last century. , or maybe better than him.
The phrase “Unprecedented and Unprecedented” under his sculpture at Chicago’s United Center is how the world describes him, and it is also his self-understanding.
In fact, he is indeed the strongest.
Putting aside the factors of immature NBA rules and few teams in ancient times, Jordan’s achievements in modern history:
under the Hand-Check rule, he averaged 37.1 points per game in a single season and 41 points per game in a single finals. 6 appearances in the finals, 6 championships, etc. can only be looked up to.
It is no exaggeration to say that even the protagonist in the novel would not dare to write like this!
This is also where Jordan’s hardcore pretentiousness lies.
/But at this moment, he felt that Sun Hao could surpass him in the future, and this was a very real idea.
This in itself is an incredible thing.
Jordan was in shock, and the Staples Center was completely in a boiling ocean.
81 points in a single game!
Under modern basketball rules, this sounds like the kind of thing that is absolutely impossible, but Sun Hao did it!
“This is the greatest day in the history of basketball!”
Barkley’s butt had no contact with his stool. He was so excited that he couldn’t sit down at all, and he said this with an extremely exaggerated expression.
But Smith on the side had no intention of complaining about him this time, because he was even too excited to speak.
81 points in a single game!
He admitted that he was at a loss for words.
/When the final whistle fell, the score on the field was fixed at 120 to 106.
Before the end of the game, LED had also recorded Sun Hao’s statistics: 81 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals and 4 turnovers.
There is also a note written next to this data. This is the highest score in a single game in the NBA after 42 years since Chamberlain scored 100 points on March 2, 1962!
Players are already rushing onto the field like crazy.
And without any suspense, Sun Hao was lifted up and thrown into the sky by the Lakers players.
Many fans on the sidelines poured into the stadium.
Tonight at Staples Center is crazier than winning a championship.
“We will always remember this day. December 28, 2005. On this day, Sun raised the limits of basketball players to another new dimension!”
Barkley in the commentary box was still not satisfied and was still bragg

his body twitching in pain.

his body twitching in pain.
After the door closed, he had to sit in the gassed carriage until the next stop.
The whole underground looked like the end of the world, and the scene was miserable
. Han Xuan didn’t know about this yet, but he would definitely be the winner of this year’s Best Newcomer Award, if there was such an award.
Humming the theme song of “Farewell My Concubine” “When Love Is a Past”, I held a copy of Shogakukan’s comic magazine “Weekly Shōnen Sunday” in my hand.
It is serializing Gosho Aoyama’s latest work, “Detective Conan”.
This comic is obviously not suitable for children. Some of the plots are too bloody, but the previous plot is indeed quite attractive.
It was serialized for countless issues without an ending, and became increasingly popular later on. This made Han Xuan particularly dissatisfied. After episode 591, he became a fan.
His grandfather picked up another comic magazine called “Weekly Shonen Jump”. The cover showed a tall red-haired guy playing basketball, called “Slam Dunk”.
/He opened it and looked at it for a few times, but found that he was not interested. He put it down and went to Han Xuan’s side and asked, “What are you looking at?”
“Conan, a primary school boy who has not grown up for thousands of years and has died everywhere. He is similar to Sherlock Holmes, and he is a detective. ”
Han Xuan has an impression of these plots. After a rough look, there are some differences between comics and cartoons. In recent years, Japan has benefited from a complete original sales industry chain, and a large number of excellent comics have emerged.
In fact, the industry in China used to be pretty good, but later cartoonists found that their works were not well received, so they worked very hard to draw them, and as soon as they were sent for distribution, pirated copies costing only a dime each came out.
Over time, the once-popular little book has almost disappeared from people’s sight, and no one draws it anymore.
Not only comics, but also novels, movies, music, etc. Han Xuan once read an online novel called “American Rancher” and was surprised to find that the protagonist had the same name as him!
I was so addicted to watching it that I didn’t even want to go to Dubai, so I came here.
I don’t know if the author whose pen name is Tao Liangchen is starving to death. He writes for more than ten hours a day. He can’t afford noodles and braised eggs. He probably has to go to the street. It’s a pity that he
saw countless people with sirens on the road. The Metropolitan Police vehicles and the hospital ambulance were heading to the same place.
Han Xuan looked around curiously and found several people lying on the ground wailing at the entrance of the subway platform.
Some people ran to save them, but at a red light, the person who went to save them also fell down and vomited a large mouthful of blood.
/Pedestrians on the roadside immediately panicked and fled, and the medical staff were too frightened to move. The firefighters immediately took out

ear in the NBA again.

ear in the NBA again.
There is excitement and even more touching!
Everyone on the Warriors made a funny move when they came out. When Sun Hao finally stood up from the bench, he also made a three-point shooting move.
/This scene immediately added a lot of whistles to the cheers at the scene.
As the locals do, Sun Hao blends in very quickly!
After the opening ceremony, the Warriors players formed a circle, clenched their right fists together, and shouted the Warriors’ slogan.
“It’s Time! Warriors!”
This scene was also captured by the photographer at the scene.
After finishing the final arrangements before the game, the starting players from both sides came on stage one after another.
It was at this time that Sun Hao noticed that there was a gaze on him from the opposite side.
He looked up and saw that it was Gasol. He was about to jump the ball, but his eyes were always on him.
Sun Hao smiled at him, and he laughed too.
Outside of the NBA, in addition to beating his brother, he also fought with Sun Hao!
The referee whistled, and Sun Hao’s comeback battle officially began!
Oden jumped first and moved the ball back to half court, and the Warriors got the opportunity to attack first!
Livingston controlled the ball for half the game.
In this starting lineup arranged by Nelson, Sun Hao played as a shooting guard.
Livingston’s organization at the top of the arc, Sun Hao and Durant each moved around the pick-and-roll.
When he was with the Mavericks, Nelson had proven that he was not incapable of positional warfare, but only if you gave him a suitable lineup.
The year the Mavericks won the championship, the trio of Sun Hao, Nowitzki and Bodilloga was difficult for opponents to defend in position battles.
They focused their defense on Sun Hao.
Although he has just come back after retiring, as the opening host said, the reputation he accumulated before retiring has always been there!
Durant came out and got an excellent shot opportunity.
Livingston, who is 2.01 meters tall, has a wide view of the open space and delivers the ball in advance.
Durant took a decisive shot after catching the ball.
Just vote and you’ll have it!
Just like when he played against the Suns in the last game, he took the shot for the first time and scored for the first time!
But the difference is that the difficulty level of this ball is obviously smaller than that ball!
Maggette has poor shooting ability. When starting with him, the opponent’s defensive focus is entirely on him.
But now partnered with Sun Hao, the defensive pressure has plummeted.
This feeling is so good!
Rose controlled the ball for half the court and then gave the ball to Gay.
Although he is the No. 1 pick, he is still a rookie after all. The current scoring leader and core player of the Grizzlies is Gay.
After Gay holds the ball, Gasol pulls outside to pick and roll.
/A breakthrough from Guy with a dramatic change of direction.
Oden moved laterally too slowly to keep up, and Guy swished

at the end and took Courtney Lee with the 29th pick.

at the end and took Courtney Lee with the 29th pick.
Li is a 3D player, but his upper limit is more than just 3D. He performed very well as a star player in college.
The Magic’s lineup last season was already excellent, but it was slightly weak at the shooting guard position.
/Picking up Li now can be regarded as directly filling the ring.
In this way, even if the Celtics return to form next season and encounter the Magic, it’s hard to say who will win and who will lose.
Jordan played very well in the NCAA tournament, but after entering the knockout rounds, he was abandoned due to his rough skills.
His “worst game” was against Kevin Love, where he scored only 6 points and committed 4 turnovers.
This caused him, who was originally a guaranteed lottery pick, to fall directly out of the first round.
Sun Hao was silent for a while when he saw this.
The Warriors have Ibaka plus Oden, and the Grizzlies have the black and white duo, plus DeAndre Jordan. The two teams’ insiders
only left for a while, but if they come back later, this game will be a bit difficult to play.
The draft ended and Sun Hao was blocked by a bunch of fans when he left the field.
Apart from signing autographs and taking photos, the most asked question is when will he come back.
Sun Hao’s answer at first was quick, quick, quick, but he kept being asked more questions later.
“The summer of 2009 at the latest.”
He could only give one answer in the end.
This answer is also a relatively reliable one.
Because Scarlett’s due date is the end of this year, when his son is born, he will spend half a year with his son and get back to his playing state.
At that time, it was the 2009~2010 season, which was about the same time.
After he told this exact number, the fans were willing to let him go.
Well, although he left, the news was quickly announced on social media.
For a time, all the news including Rose’s hot rookies were covered up.
“He will be back next season!”
The fans’ expectations are reflected in the hot comments one after another.
Just like the league without Jordan in the last century felt boring, the league without Sun Hao now always feels like something is missing.
Now that there is finally some slightly more certain news, fans are naturally paying close attention to it.
And among these comments, one is particularly interesting.
“2008~2009 season, the last season!”
This sentence is quite connotative.
But with a little understanding, you will know what this sentence really means.
Because Sun Hao came back in the 2009~2010 season.
The only championship that others can really snatch away is the 2008~2009 season!
This sentence itself is definitely a joke, but many people think it is likely to be true.
Therefore, it can be predicted that the NBA next season will definitely be much more intense than last season.
/The draft is over, and fans’ attention quickly turns to this year’s free agent market.
Compared with last year, this year’s free market is full of big names.
Duncan, Garnett, Y