y is that the two team members who died were not ordinary archmages. They may reach heaven level in the future. How do you think the Watson family should compensate? “

y is that the two team members who died were not ordinary archmages. They may reach heaven level in the future. How do you think the Watson family should compensate? ”
As a seventh-level titled wizard and a member of the Watson family’s ancestral council, how could he possibly endure such a provocation?
Not to mention that the other party is just an insignificant sixth-level mage, so what if he is a titled mage? The only outcome for provoking oneself is death.
In an instant, the terrifying aura of the seventh-level titled magician swept through the entire barracks. Gusts of wind roared, and in just a few seconds, the barracks was destroyed. Eight, almost in ruins.
“Alchemy Puppet” At this moment, Red Watson suddenly remembered the alchemy puppet, and suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. It was an existence comparable to an eighth-level titled magician. When he took action in the Merlin family camp, he almost fought with There is no difference between seeking death
. However, just when he had this idea, a silver figure flashed from his sight and stopped more than fifty meters away from him. As a master, he could naturally recognize it at a glance. The silver figure holding a gorgeous staff was an alchemy puppet.
“Damn it!” Red Watson’s face instantly became very ugly, and he cursed a curse word. He was really afraid of what he wanted.
In fact, he really regretted it now.
He should have known better that he shouldn’t have been so impulsive
. It was all his fault that damn Marfa Merlin. He must have deliberately angered himself.
Just when Red Watson was secretly regretting it, a burst of cold breath suddenly hit his face, a large amount of frost fell, and then he heard a deafening roar. When he looked up, he was stunned and stunned. He was speechless. He saw a huge dragon like a hill, floating above his head.
Watson was really frightened.
It was a genuine adult frost dragon!
Ten days ago, Antus fled back to the camp in embarrassment and told about the frost dragon. Red Watson didn’t believe it at first. After three days of observation, he confirmed that there was no trace of anything in the Merlin family camp. There is a frost dragon. The frost dragon that severely injured Antus must have passed by.
/At this time, he would not think so.
The Frost Dragon actually exists!
The giant frost dragon Rena, who was hovering in the air, let out another roar and then took the lead in attacking Red Watson. The flawless white light flashed and the wind roared. This was the zero-degree dragon breath.
“Damn, damn it. “Red Watson screamed immediately. He felt an extremely terrifying power from the dragon’s breath. It was not something that a seventh-level titled mage like himself could compete with. Even an eighth-level titled mage was powerful. Anyone, facing the breath of this giant frost dragon, might be injured.
Almost without thinking, Red Watson raised the staff in his hand, and a wave of magic surged instantly. More than a dozen instant ice walls were firmly blo

and shouted again.

and shouted again.
“Well, what’s the matter?” Lin Yun, who finally came back to his senses, was a little confused at first, and then he realized: “Oh, you said you need to master the formula before preparing to attack the magic vortex. It’s very simple, Noson’s formula It is used to build the prototype of the magic vortex, and Kidd’s formula is used to calculate the direction of the magic power.
/Well , if possible, it is best to master Figaro’s formula, so that you can save a lot of magic power when building the prototype of the magic vortex.” After finishing, he gave Raymond a strange look: “Isn’t this all knowledge that a magic apprentice should master?”
“I” Raymond almost jumped up. What the hell do you mean by this? It means that I, a great mage, want to ask you about the knowledge that a magic apprentice should master, right?
No, I must find another way to humiliate this bastard!
Raymond gritted his teeth and thought, but unfortunately before he could think of a way, the Gilded Rose had already arrived.
The Gilded Rose is located on Triumph Avenue. This is the most prosperous area of ??Thousand Sails City. The largest flow of people and the most expensive products are all concentrated here. In a street where every inch of land is precious, only the strength of the Glitter Gold Chamber of Commerce could easily allow the Gilded Rose to enter Triumph Avenue after Roger Merlin’s joking words.
However, with the decline of the Golden Gold Chamber of Commerce, the Gilded Rose, which caused a sensation in half of Thousand Sails City when it first opened, has also become desolate. Three of Thousand Sails City’s top alchemists have already left, and they left in passing. They took away many expensive alchemical items. Their reason was that the Shining Gold Chamber of Commerce had defaulted on their salaries, so they used these alchemical items to replace them.
In fact, the value of these alchemical items is at least ten times their salary.
But who knows that the Flash Gold Chamber of Commerce really can’t pay their salaries? Furion can’t even repay his debt of 8,000 gold coins, let alone the alchemist’s salary, which can easily reach tens of thousands.
In addition, the clerks who left one after another, you take some of this, I take some of that, the gold-plated roses that used to be worth a lot of money are now only an empty shelf. In fact, if the old housekeeper hadn’t seen something wrong, he quickly sealed it. If you enter the warehouse, I’m afraid even the cheap magic materials left in the warehouse will be emptied out one by one.
When Lin Yun opened the door and walked into the Gilded Rose, he couldn’t see anything anymore. The shelves that used to be full of assortments were now so empty that even flies would spit in disgust when they climbed on them. The floor was covered with dust, emitting Has a musty smell.
“It’s too much.” As soon as Raymond walked in, he shook his head and sighed, his face full of regret.
/But in my heart, I was secretly feeling happy, disappointed, and dumbfounded.

joy, but concentrated on examining the smooth wall. He soon discovered that the wall was not only inlaid with five-color dragon crystals, but also engraved with a large number of runes. , forming a complex alchemical array, and the two five-color dragon crystals are the core of this alchemical array.

joy, but concentrated on examining the smooth wall. He soon discovered that the wall was not only inlaid with five-color dragon crystals, but also engraved with a large number of runes. , forming a complex alchemical array, and the two five-color dragon crystals are the core of this alchemical array.
To be precise, this is an alchemical array that opens a plane passage.
It is easy to guess that this
/dragon-raising array needs to be constructed at the junction of two planes, using two powers from different worlds to achieve something incredible. Effect.
It took a few minutes for Lin Yun to finish deciphering the runes. Suddenly, two five-color dragon crystals burst out with dazzling light. In an instant, the colored light circulated like the sun, illuminating the space within a radius of several hundred meters. Standing there, Lin Yun in front of the stone wall could clearly detect at this moment that the surrounding space had become obviously distorted, and violent magic fluctuations were surging crazily. This violent power was like substance, and even the air made a “pop” sound. crackle.
At the same time, the light emitted by the two five-color dragon crystals became more and more dazzling, and the alchemy array on the stone wall was also running wildly. Suddenly, the surrounding space was distorted to the extreme, which lasted for more than ten seconds before slowly calming down. , a dark crack appeared and was gradually expanding. This was the plane passage. What
appeared in front of Lin Yun was a blue plane passage, wide enough for ten people to move forward side by side. Standing in front of the plane passage, he could clearly see I felt a bone-chilling cold breath, and I was a little surprised. The general plane path usually isolates the two planes, but the plane passage in front of me is obviously something special.
“It is worthy of the Dragon Raising Array.” At this time, even Lin Yun couldn’t help but marvel in his heart. The dragon-raising array used the power of one array to forcefully connect two different planes, and the plane channel was very stable. This is probably only possible for alchemists at the peak level of the true spirit. Only with the magic circle can he do it. Although he can also arrange some true spirit level magic circles, and even with some force, he can even arrange the middle level alchemy magic circle, but it is not as good as the dragon raising magic circle. Comparing them, they are like the sky and the earth.
“It seems there is some trouble.” Lin Yun looked at the azure plane passage with a wry smile on his lips. He roughly guessed that at the end of the plane passage, there should be a building the same size as the Raging Flame Plane. The surface, and in that surface, there is also a part of the Dragon Raising Array.
In other words, the total of the arrays in the two planes is the complete dragon-raising array.
In the empty and decaying library, he had already memorized the theory and structure of the Dragon Raising Array. The core of the Dragon Raising Array w

aced the Third Elder. He started questioning.

aced the Third Elder. He started questioning.
The third boss smiled and nodded calmly: “I have said that it is his fault that Giles is not as good as others, but I saw with my own eyes that outsider knocked Giles to the ground, and even Thinking of killing someone is a serious violation of tribal regulations, and I believe Her Highness Elsa knows it very well.”
Before Elsa could speak, the third elder suddenly changed the topic: “But since Her Highness Elsa is the witness, then. We will continue to investigate this matter. Let’s put it aside for now. I want to ask Her Majesty Elsa something else.”
Elsa was slightly stunned and didn’t react at all. When did the third elder become so talkative?
Fortunately, since Merlin is not involved, it seems that the third elder has understood that he cannot be an enemy of Merlin. In his heart,
Elsa, who still puts the interests of the tribe first, breathed a sigh of relief. The third elder continued to ask with a straight face. got up.
/“Your Highness Elsa, I know that when you go out hunting, the danger will be greater, but this time Your Highness Elsa took thousands of people out, why did only less than ten come back? And she just happened to bring back these outsiders. , I have already asked the loyal dark elves, and the important reason for such great losses is those outsiders. I hope Her Highness Elsa can give everyone a reasonable explanation.”
/A trace of anger flashed across Elsa’s face. Before she could speak, the fourth elder grabbed Elsa and said with a cold face: “The story of this matter has been reported to the Council of Elders. I believe everyone knows that during this hunting, not only did we encounter Orachis, but also He also strayed into the Night Canyon, and even met the genius Ash Orc Duncan from a thousand years ago. Who among you is confident that you can come back alive in this situation? ”
Elsa quickly added: “That’s right, and we can come back alive only because of Merlin’s help. Without Merlin’s help, none of us would be able to come back alive!”
The fifth elder had a gloomy face, neither yin nor yang. He said: “These are all your words. Who knows whether this matter is true or not?”
The third elder boss looked at the fifth elder with a face, and said in a serious tone: “How can you doubt Her Highness Elsa? ! Your Highness Elsa will never lie about this matter!”
Then Sanzhang looked around and looked at Elsa: “Your Highness Elsa, I want to ask you some questions, and I hope you can tell the truth. Answer.”
“Your Highness Elsa, were you attacked inexplicably by Orachis after you met those outsiders?”
Elsa hesitated, looked around, and couldn’t help but nodded.
“So, Your Highness Elsa, are those outsiders taking you to the Night Canyon?”
Elsa immediately reacted and quickly explained: “That’s true, but”
the third elder waved his hand, interrupting Elsa’s words. , with a cold face: “After these outsiders came to the tribe, something happened to the tribe. First, they had conflicts with the people in the tribe. Within a few d

ace where Kuris had been.

After confirming the environment, Lin Yun felt much more confident. The incarnation of the magic weapon of the Life Mark Crystal could not be moved casually after escaping.
Especially in the records of Kuris, this magic weapon incarnation built a hidden kingdom deep in the forest. For a very long time, the magic weapon incarnation never left.
Lin Yun kept his head silent and kept correcting his route, walking through the forest exactly according to the route Kuris had taken.
Not far into the dark forest, Lin Yun’s expression suddenly changed, and the magic energy array suddenly caught a faint wave.
The next moment, Lin Yun raised the dragon staff and spit out a rapid spell.
In an instant, the Eskerim Gate, which was more than five meters high, appeared out of thin air in front of everyone.
The moment the door made of frost appeared, a ball of fire suddenly appeared from the front, and in the blink of an eye, it hit the Eskrim Gate.
The extremely high temperature meant that the areas where these trees were splashed did not even have a chance to ignite, and were instantly burned to coke. After two or three seconds, the trees seemed to suddenly spontaneously ignite, and there was a sudden sound. Ignite it, and the flames will wrap up the trees in an instant.
Everyone’s faces are not very good-looking. It is possible to hide it from everyone without being discovered. In a place like this, except for the dark elves, there is no other possibility. In addition, coupled with the previous gap between the three elders of the dark elves, Everyone immediately thought that the third elder of the dark elf tribe was behind this.
Lin Yun frowned slightly, said nothing, and instantly released a life detection, and then added an undead detection.
Sure enough, the detection results showed that the only living things in front were some colorful butterflies, and there were no undead.
Lin Yun held the dragon staff and released a fire rain spell with a wave of his hand. A large amount of fire rain fell, illuminating the front, and violent magic power surged like a tide.
Enderfa controlled the Wheel of Ten Thousand Magics, and then prepared to release the torrent of spells. Off-duty grinned and held the massacre, while Rena had a cold face, and the air of frost surged around her body.
Seth, who has once again returned to the first-level title of mage, can finally be called your Excellency again. At this moment, he is holding the staff nervously.
Even Elsa frowned because she couldn’t sense who was attacking in front of her.
Lin Yun released a large-scale covering spell. A few seconds later, a wave of magic flashed under the ground, and a dark elf slowly emerged from the ground.
/This dark elf was wearing the torn robes of a legion mage. His eyes were empty and lifeless, and he looked at Lin Yun and others expressionlessly. He raised his hands, and a dark vortex suddenly appeared above his head.
Suddenly, countless dark arrows burst out from the whirlpool, turning into a large rain

ly as strong as a torch, weakened rapidly. .

ly as strong as a torch, weakened rapidly. .
Things happened so fast. During the few seconds that Drois only managed to prevent Kempes from struggling wildly, Kempes’s fire of life was quickly extinguished, and his magic power erupted like a blowout. Come out, there is no way to stop it.
Those magic powers are like the poisonous mist emitted by the ancient poisonous dragon, showing a faint green color. Anyone can see that Kempes’ magic power has long been eroded by the poison, and the erosion speed is terrifyingly fast.
Lin Yun’s expression remained unchanged, he raised his head and drank the antidote in his right hand.
/In just a few seconds, Kempes’s magic power was completely infected by the toxin.
In an instant, Droy’s expression changed, and he summoned a bolt of lightning that penetrated Kempes’ body. Then he gritted his teeth and took out a palm-sized black iron sign from his arms and slapped it on Kempes’ chest.
In two or three seconds, all the magic power of Kempes erupted, but the black iron sign exuded a soft light. The light converged into the shape of a flame, and continued to emit faint ripples. Pace’s body was swept over, and his rapidly weakening fire of life was stabilized.
When Lin Yun saw this scene, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes.
This is a magic weapon unique to the Caucasus War Mage, the Ancestral Spirit Magic Card. It is forged with an ore from the highest peak of the Lightning Strike Mountain that has experienced lightning strikes for at least ten thousand years as the main body, and with a large amount of materials unique to the Caucasus Highlands added.
And every forging requires paying a terrible price. Not only are the materials extremely precious, it can be said that after hundreds of years of accumulation, we may not be able to get the materials together. The most important thing is that every time this kind of ancestral spirit magic card is forged, , all need to consume the life of the forger.
It can be forged with the fire of life and the power of ancestors. Only every prophet in the Caucasus can forge it. Every forging, regardless of success or failure, will consume at least a hundred years of the prophet’s life. If the level is not enough, it may burn. The Fire of Life will consume more life.
The success rate of successfully forging this Ancestral Spirit Magic Card is also appallingly low. The Ancestral Spirit Magic Cards still remaining in Caucasus are basically leftover from the past.
The Poison Mist Valley was formed because of the corpse of the Ancient Poison Dragon. If you can make an anti-venom potion to resist the poisonous mist here, can you just make something that can resist the poison of the Ancient Poison Dragon?
You are the only hope. Others have no chance at all. You are the only one who has the chance to make a potion to resist this ancient poisonous dragon toxin. You actually want to leave first. Go first.
/these words, Dro Yi felt like his mind was exploding. All he could think about was leaving first.
Mafa Merlin didn’t un

‘s eyes. A titled magician dared to look at him, a true heaven-level powerhouse, with such eyes. Even if he were to be killed now, it would be a shame.

‘s eyes. A titled magician dared to look at him, a true heaven-level powerhouse, with such eyes. Even if he were to be killed now, it would be a shame.
This damn young man must be made to surrender. When he surrenders, then kill him. An ant-like guy dares to face me. If I kill him now, it will only make people think that I bully the small. Kill him and others will praise him.
When he gives in, I am destroying him and letting everyone feel my magnanimity.
Even a weak guy dares to do this.
Du Bois had not cared about it at first, but now he had a different feeling. Just now, he just wanted to kill him casually and avenge his disciple, but now it was about the majesty of a heaven-level powerhouse.
Du Bois did not take action directly, but only used his extraordinary power to create coercion, forming a terrifying pressure that pressed on Lin Yun from all directions, making Lin Yun feel as if he had fallen into the deep sea, and the depth was getting deeper and deeper. , the pressure is getting stronger and stronger.
/That is the power of rules, which cannot be resisted by magic at all. Except for rules that can fight against rules, other powers are useless.
Lin Yun’s magic power is as vast as a sea of ??smoke, but in the face of extraordinary power, it is like a pile of cotton. However, extraordinary power is like steel. There is no room for resistance at all. No matter how big the cotton is, it cannot be compared with a piece of steel. of resistance.
If you want to fight against Du Bois, the only possibility is to burn both stones and activate the Book of Death at the cost of your life. The simplest and crudest way is to ignite the Book of Death and the Book of Curses. The power inside will burst out, otherwise Du Bois will be destroyed. Boyce’s life can also be completely destroyed!
Lin Yun persisted hard, and all the bones in his body were creaking. The rune shield and magic shield were already tightly attached to the surface of his body. As long as the rune shield and magic shield were broken, Lin Yun would use his body to If he resisted this huge extraordinary power head-on, his body would be like a fragile glass bottle, breaking into pieces with a bang.
Lin Yun was suppressed, and Du Bois’ extraordinary power also began to converge. The aura that permeated the entire battlefield The stress of terror dissipated.
Reina, Xiuban, Kurumu, William, and
all Lin Yun’s men began to run towards this direction, not caring that the enemy in front of them was a heaven-level powerhouse.
Reina jumped into the air and instantly transformed into a giant frost dragon more than a hundred meters long. A ball of icy blue light gathered crazily in her mouth, and endless frost breath filled the air. Reina came up and used her strongest attack, Zero Degree. Dragon Breath!
But before Reina’s zero-degree dragon breath could be sprayed out, Du Bois glanced casually, and a few flashing runes of lightning on his fingertips dissipated, and a thick cyan thunder landed in the sky, striking Reina instantly. On Na’s body.

ed to increase their strength. If you release two or three of the spell just now, these mud lizards will come in and all of us will die miserably.

ed to increase their strength. If you release two or three of the spell just now, these mud lizards will come in and all of us will die miserably.
Idiot, idiot, what are you doing?
Arnold is being His hands were shaking with anger, and he didn’t care about casting spells. He quickly flew to Morgan’s side and screamed with a pale face.
“Morgan, give me control of the spirit snake. Hurry up, otherwise, I will kill you first! Damn it, who asked you to provoke Marfa Merlin? If he attacks us in anger, we will all I was killed by your stupidity!”
Morgan suddenly understood at this time, his face turned a little pale, and a picture emerged in his mind. Lin Yun brought people to add fuel to the fire, and then they randomly released a few powerful spells. It would be torn into pieces by the furious mud lizards.
Very easily, Morgan took out an iron plate and handed control of the spirit snake to Arnold.
Arnold took over the control of the spirit snake and saw through the spirit snake that Lin Yun seemed to have no intention of taking action, so he breathed a sigh of relief.
Because of this delay, the defense weakened, and the mud lizard almost broke through the defense. Arnold gritted his teeth and threw out a water element essence.
This is a precious thing left by a forty-level water element after his death. It has always been used by Arnold to understand the rules. Water rules. Almost all mages follow the route of frost spells. Pure For water spells, few mages can reach level 39, and even fewer can reach heaven level.
Even though the Henry family’s wealth was very large, not inferior to some of the established mage forces, there wasn’t much experience that Arnold could learn from.
This water element essence contains some rules of water, which are very precious. As long as you understand the rules inside, even if you have not advanced to the heaven level, you can still step into the heaven level with one foot, and even have a direction. The understanding will be much easier.
But now, it has to be used as an auxiliary material for spell casting.
The spell was spit out from Arnold’s mouth quickly, and a piece of water appeared around the water element purification. In an instant, the water element essence exploded and turned into a stream of water all over the sky, just like water. The flowing light shines down and turns into a curtain of water at the entrance of the valley.
The eighth-level defensive spell, Water Curtain Tianhua, is most suitable for this situation. It has long endurance and powerful defense ability. It is a water spell. The most famous defensive spell.
Using the water element essence as the source of power, it was enough to resist for a while, and it also blocked the mud lizards that almost came in from outside the valley entrance.
Seeing that the resistance was becoming more and more difficult, the trump cards were almost used up. The Henry family’s Everyone was a little desperate. Morgan gritted his teeth, looked pale, and kept casting spells to stop him.
/Arnold controlled th

damn bastard, why can’t you favor me once? Why don’t I have such good luck?”

damn bastard, why can’t you favor me once? Why don’t I have such good luck?”
Dilas looked envious and jealous, and his eyes almost turned red with jealousy
. On the other side, Joey and Heron gathered together, Let’s hunt those pseudo-celestial monsters together.
The strength of the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower was greatly reduced when they entered the Raging Flame Battlefield. Not only did many mages die, but all the inherited true spirit magic weapons were destroyed here. Hunting alone would be particularly inefficient and much more dangerous.
Now they suddenly sensed the fluctuation of a mage breaking through to the heaven level, and both of them had complicated expressions.
/“Heavenly level, someone can actually break through in the Raging Flames battlefield. Unfortunately, the suppression here is too severe for mages. The extraordinary power of heavenly level mages cannot be used here at all, and we can’t sense who has broken through.”
Heron sighed a little. He had already stepped into the heavenly realm for a while, and the accumulation and precipitation were enough. He only needed the final transformation. Unfortunately, this last step took him several years and he still didn’t have it. What a sign of the past.
And Joey has been in this position for at least twenty years. In the past, Joey focused on other things and did not try his best to make breakthroughs. Because of Lin Yun, he has completed his research and started to focus on it in the past few years. Although it is magic, it has not completed the last step of transformation.
Now that I feel the fleeting fluctuations, it is false to say that I am not envious.
/For people like them who have only one foot to step into the heavenly realm, they are just short of the last step of transformation to become a heavenly person. For a powerful person of this level, after completing the last step of transformation, the improved strength is actually not that exaggerated. At most, the strength gap is two or three times.
What’s more important is to shed your mortal body and completely transform into a creature that transcends mortals. The essence of life changes. You can live at least ten times longer, appreciate more things, and have more time to complete things you never imagined. The fulfillment of wishes and the pursuit of the truth of magic.
To a real mage, these things mean far more than the improvement of combat effectiveness.
Those strong men in the Raging Flames battlefield who had stepped into the heavenly realm were all in mixed moods at the moment, and could only envy the good luck of others.
After all, when it comes to breaking through to the Heavenly Level, especially when completing the final step of transformation, no one can guarantee when they will be able to break through. Luck accounts for the majority.
In the world of Northrend, there are many examples of people who became a ninth-level titled mage before the age of thirty, but never completed the last step of extraordinary transformation until they died.
There are

ice for your actions. Just wait. Soon, I will come back to take revenge on you, a fierce revenge!”

ice for your actions. Just wait. Soon, I will come back to take revenge on you, a fierce revenge!”
Lin Yun sneered.
“Idiot, you, a bastard rejected by both the abyss and hell, can be ranked among the top ten golden demon bloodlines, doesn’t it depend on your strong vitality? You can’t die no matter what, and you will continue to be resurrected after death.
If It’s not for this reason that other demon races don’t bother to care about you guys who are as disgusting as shit. Can you be ranked among the top ten golden demon bloodlines?
Stop joking, solidify your exposed magma brain, and then dig out your second one. Heart, the immortal Abyss Demon King is a joke.”
Lin Yun sneered and released the hands of two mages to remove the solidified gray stone from the Abyss Demon King’s head. At this time, the Abyss Demon King panicked, but his brain was removed. Outside his body, the burning fire in his eyes extinguished, and he looked as if he was dead.
Suddenly, Lin Yun released an explosive fire technique more than ten meters away. The flames exploded a large pit in the ground, and a gray heart was blown out.
/The heart is only the size of a fist, and is surrounded by rich abyss magic. With every beat, these abyss magic will continue to flow in and out of the heart.
Grasping this frantically struggling heart, Lin Yun also had a smile on his face.
The Demon King of the Abyss has been synonymous with difficulty and terror for a long time. These guys’ preferences for souls have completely inherited from the devils in hell.
Then their terrifying vitality allowed them to survive even if their heads were cut off, and even forced the demons in the abyss who rejected them to compromise.
Because these tenacious guys cannot be killed every time, even if they occasionally kill an Abyss Demon King, or even tear the Abyss Demon King’s body into pieces, after a while, the Abyss Demon King will be inexplicably resurrected, and then unfold Crazy revenge can be called suicidal revenge.
Every time he dies, he will kill a lot of opponents. After two or three times in a row, at least one or two demons of the same level will take his back.
Slowly, rumors spread that the Abyss Demon King was unkillable. In addition, the Abyss Demon King especially liked to swallow the souls of his opponents, allowing the opponent’s soul to endure at least hundreds of years of torture before dying.
/Terror and difficulty have become synonymous with the Abyss Demon King. Even the golden demon bloodline in the abyss pinched their noses and admitted the status of the Abyss Demon King.
It was not until thousands of years later that the powerful mages in the world of Northrend finally extended their sinful hands into the abyss. Legendary demons like the Abyss Demon King, who were unkillable, were naturally among the creatures ranked in the first wave of research.
There was even a powerful mage who transcended the heaven level and ignited the divine fire. He personally captured the heaven level Abyss Demon King for testing, and finally disco