with fast flowing water and strong wind, and said: “Pull out ten walking boats to make fire ships, and sail that waterway. Rush over and burn the opponent’s building first!”

with fast flowing water and strong wind, and said: “Pull out ten walking boats to make fire ships, and sail that waterway. Rush over and burn the opponent’s building first!”
“This” Zhang Gong hesitated. According to Yin Kuang, didn’t the soldiers who operated the fire boats narrowly escape death? Yin Kuang glared at him and shouted: “Are you going to disobey the military order?” Looking at Yin Kuang’s eyes, Zhang Gong’s heart skipped a beat, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, general!”
Yin Kuang’s military order was not implemented. implementation. After all, everyone is afraid of death. Moreover, the original quality of Jingzhou Navy was mediocre, and they were not able to execute orders and prohibitions. Of the ten fire ships ordered by Yin Kuang, only six were finally made up. Moreover, the executors of these six fire ships were the survivors who followed Yin Kuang to attack the Chibi Water Village.
/During this delay, the two sides went through several more rounds of shooting. Although one or two men of Liu Bei’s army were swallowed up by the fire and many soldiers died, in terms of losses, the losses on Yin Kuang’s side were greater. Although no ships were damaged, nearly 1,000 people were lost! After hearing this casualty figure, Yin Kuang was filled with hatred and helplessness.
Because he had just taken over these people and had not gone through any scratches at all. His combat command may be very good, but no matter how good the command is, if the combat plan cannot be implemented, everything will be in vain. In comparison, the opponent’s Liu Beijun was obviously not taking it easy. In addition, Yin Kuang also secretly hated Cao Cao. He actually sent Yin Kuang, who had just taken over the army, to fight. How could this make sense?
However, no matter what, as the war continues, it is useless to complain, we can only head on!
The six fire ships sailed into the waterway ordered by Yin Kuang, and then sailed towards the two building ships on the opposite side like arrows leaving the string. In this way, more arrows fell on the six walking boats that were burning with blazing flames. At the same time, several fast boats sailed out from the opposite side and rammed towards the fire ship, obviously trying to prevent the fire ship from impacting.
/“Don’t worry about them! Keep shooting at them! You won’t hesitate to shoot all the arrows in the air!” Yin Kuang did not hide under the protection of the shield, but stood on the top floor of the building and gave orders loudly. Crossbow arrows flew past him, and he was not afraid. The green sword in his hand danced with sword shadows, cutting down the crossbow arrows one by one.
“Where? Where?” Yin Kuang was looking for the opponent’s coach. At this time, the “Polu Bow” borrowed from Ouyang Mu was on his back, and a spear-like feather arrow was inserted beside Yin Kuang. Needless to say, Yin Kuang wanted to find out the opponent’s coach and “return” the immortal weapon to them.
“The one with the brightest red light! Liu Feng, you should be the one,

all passed the highest point, it began to fall, and the hearts of the fans at the scene were getting higher and higher.

all passed the highest point, it began to fall, and the hearts of the fans at the scene were getting higher and higher.
A penetrating voice came through the loudspeaker.
It was like a basin of cold water was poured directly on the fans’ heads, and the fans’ high-hanging hearts suddenly fell.
Durant, a sure kill!
“He did it!”
Brin shouted in surprise from the commentary box.
When this marathon race reached the end, they were the first to rush through!
From the downturn of consecutive fouls before falling behind by 24 points, to the shining performance when chasing points, and then to hitting the buzzer-beating ball.
This game is simply Durant’s counterattack!
It is no exaggeration to say that this game is definitely one of the most critical games in Durant’s career.
And after hitting the winning goal, what happened on the court was something that many people didn’t expect.
Originally, if anyone hit a buzzer beater, his teammates would rush to that person to celebrate.
Then, the rest of the Warriors were chasing Durant, and Durant was chasing Sun Hao.
This scene looks particularly special.
But it’s completely understandable for Durant to do this, because the two consecutive opportunities were given to him by Sun Hao!
Sun Hao also looked happy. He won the game and Durant became normal again. Double happiness!
It’s just a pain for the fans at the scene.
They did give some cheers to Sun Hao at the beginning, but no one would feel comfortable after experiencing a game in which the home team led by 24 points and was reversed!
The faces of the Clippers players were also ugly, especially Kobe.
There is enough reason to believe that he and the Clippers will play more fiercely in the next game than this one.
But now, the Warriors players don’t think about the next game. They only enjoy the joy of victory in front of them!
A group of people shouting on the court, that kind of team atmosphere is what a young team should have.
After the wild celebration, Durant was grabbed by reporters for an interview.
He made 6 three-pointers tonight and scored 28 points, especially in the second half.
Facing the reporters’ cameras, his excitement remained undiminished.
“Never give up!”
When reporters asked about the secret of the Warriors’ reversal, he even said what Sun Hao said.
Of course, his words are always deeply personal.
Because his next words were.
/“Sun said that!”
This also directly amused the reporter.
Can you be more real?
In addition to Durant and Sun Hao, another person that the media is paying special attention to today is Landry.
Landry played well tonight and scored 17 points and 7 rebounds. Both points and rebounds set a new record for his scoring in a single playoff game.
After breaking two records in a row, he was very happy and smiled in front of the reporter’s camera.
It was this move that exposed his leaky front teeth.
This scene will also become a classic scene in Landry’s NBA career.
On social media after the game, Warriors fans were al

two of them. Therefore, Yin Kuang could only choose to respond to the enemy.

two of them. Therefore, Yin Kuang could only choose to respond to the enemy.
/King Ada didn’t hesitate, stretched out one of her beautiful legs and stepped on the accelerator. Yin Kuang caressed Ada Wang’s pretty cheek, laughed, and jumped up, jumping more than ten meters high. Yin Kuang flipped in the air, took out two Tang knives from the inventory, and threw them out with a “swish”, hitting the two heads of the monster. However, the head, which was also wrapped in linen, was extremely hard, and the two Tang knives only penetrated three points.
The three-headed and six-armed monster roared angrily, ignored the off-road vehicle, and rushed towards Yin Kuang quickly. A huge hammer struck down from top to bottom. Before the hammer arrived, Yin Kuang already felt a pressure coming from the sky. Yin Kuang quickly retreated, and the big hammer hit the sandy ground with a bang. Sand and rocks flew everywhere, stinging Yin Kuang’s cheek. Yin Kuang took the opportunity to step on the head of the big hammer, holding Qingzhi Duanshui in his hand, and struck the monster’s head with one sword after another. No matter what kind of biological weapon you deal with, attacking the head is the most direct and effective way, and the same is naturally true for dealing with these three-headed and six-armed monsters.
Unexpectedly, the three-headed and six-armed monster suddenly turned around, or the part of the body holding the hammer turned around, and the body equipped with the drill faced Yin Kuang. The two drill bits screamed and stabbed at Yin Kuang. Yin Kuang didn’t dare to use his body to carry that thing. As soon as he turned his hand, the two weapons were pressed against the tips of the drill bits. Suddenly, sparks flew out like raindrops. At the same time, Yin Kuang’s arms were trembling, his mouth was numb, and he could hardly hold the weapon. Then the three-headed and six-armed monster exerted force, and Yin Kuang was pushed away.
/“What a terrifying power!” Yin Kuang was secretly surprised, “It seems I can’t underestimate you anymore. Let’s use all our strength!”
G form activated!
After Yin Kuang landed on the ground, the three-headed and six-armed monster took advantage of the situation and pressed forward. The sledgehammers in his hands spun up, and then swept towards Yin Kuang. Amber light flashed in Yin Kuang’s eyes, and the movements of the three-headed and six-armed monster became slower in his eyes. Then Yin Kuang stepped back, dodged the swipe of the big hammer, and then kicked the ground again. The double blades in his hands ignited a purple flame, and pierced the joint between the three-headed and six-armed monster’s body faster than lightning. According to G Eye Technique’s feedback, that’s the weak spot! With one stab, Yin Kuang then scraped hard, splitting the two bodies that were originally sewn together.
The three-headed and six-armed monster roared in pain, and then used two drills to head towards Yin Kuang. Perhaps it was the stimulation of severe pain, but this time the speed was fa

a fight between a warrior and a black mamba.

a fight between a warrior and a black mamba.
Sun Hao holds the ball again.
He didn’t call another pick-and-roll.
It is difficult for the pick-and-roll to work against Kobe, and it is difficult to replicate the offensive method just now.
And when facing this kind of bayonet fight, he needs to use a frontal attack to destroy the Clippers’ defensive will.
Sun Hao began to lean over and dribble, while Kobe’s front teeth were exposed, and his eyes were as bright as a torch.
This time, he no longer concealed his murderous intent.
/Sun Hao suddenly started to break through from the right and launch an attack.
Kobe successfully predicted and retreated early to block Sun Hao’s breakthrough route.
The two people almost bumped into each other.
But at the moment of confrontation, Sun Hao took advantage of the situation and made a Jordan-style low center of gravity turn.
Kobe, another successful prediction, once again blocked Sun Hao’s offensive line!
The fans at the scene were so excited that they didn’t dare to say a word.
The quality of offense and defense in this round was so exciting that it took your breath away.
And, it’s not over yet.
Sun Hao saw that the ball was already dead, but he took the initiative to confront Kobe and then took a step back.
This step opened up space for him to attack, and he shot after jumping.
But at this time, Kobe pounced on him again!
At that moment, Kobe did not resist Sun Hao’s confrontation, but ducked sideways, and then rushed forward to block the shot and interfere!
The fans at the scene swallowed unconsciously when they saw this.
These two people are not playing ball, they are clearly writing poetry!
Sun Hao’s shot was blocked, but he actually adjusted in the air, pulled the ball back, and then switched to his right hand for a small throw before it fell!
Sun Hao’s hand passed through Kobe’s armpit, and the ball flew straight from Kobe’s back toward the basket.
The ball was too difficult and hit the front of the basket.
But after a little bounce I climbed back in!
Sun Hao, being guarded by Kobe with almost no room to shoot, finally scored the ball!
There was an inexplicable silence at Oracle Arena.
Over at the commentary box, Brin and Miller were also stunned.
Then, there was a tsunami of cheers from the scene.
The fans almost all stood up from their seats, raised their hands in the air and started shouting.
This is the ultimate personal attack!
This damn basketball charm! !
Sun Hao’s goal can compete for the best goal of the season, no, it can compete for the top 50 goals in NBA history!
“Sun! Sun!”
There was no need for anyone to organize it. The uniform shouts of the Oracle Arena echoed through the sky above the arena.
At this moment, Sun Hao is the King of the Bay Area and the God of Oakland! !
Amid the cheers of the fans, the Clippers made a mistake in their offensive coordination and the ball was intercepted by Durant!
This Clippers team, which has perfect tacit understanding, can also make mistakes!

tor told him that there was nothing wrong. He guessed that it might be because his brain is too smart.

tor told him that there was nothing wrong. He guessed that it might be because his brain is too smart.
This is no joke. When the brain is in a resting state, it will consume 20% to 25% of the total energy required by the human body. Memorizing the contents of so many books is not without cost, plus extra With excellent physical fitness, it is normal to consume more than ordinary people, and there is no need to worry about running out of food.
“No.” Jason smiled bitterly and shook his head, saying with emotion: “This holiday is not a pleasant one. Molly and I are having a conflict.”
Han Xuan raised his eyebrows and asked gossip.
After Jason finished explaining the reason for his distress, he also became distressed. Many of the bodyguards had left, and he didn’t want Jason to leave too, but this guy was old enough to get married, and there was another person with a very kind personality. Good girlfriend.
Let Anya help him bring the plate to the table, ignore her strange look, wipe his hands and tell Jason: “If you want to leave, I will help you arrange a suitable place at Caesars Palace or Treasure Island Casino Hotel Management position. Miss Molly lives there, and the small casino you jointly opened is also in Las Vegas. If you don’t like it, you can go to New York or Los Angeles. Tell me where you want to go, and I will help you make arrangements.”
/Jason immediately shook his head and replied: “I like this career, otherwise I wouldn’t be so distressed, and I have no intention of resigning from your side. But I can’t convince Molly, little boss, you are the smartest person I know.” People, please help me think of a way. The diamond ring is still in the suitcase. If Molly doesn’t want it, I won’t give it to anyone else. She is my true love.”
Han Xuan was very happy with this compliment. Satisfied, things are a bit tricky, she frowned and analyzed: “Las Vegas is a tourist city, most people only have money in their eyes, and she is opening a cafe, even if she meets someone she can talk to, the other person will She will leave soon and is used to seeing people coming and going. She doesn’t have many friends and only relies on you, so she wants you to stay with her, but you rarely have the chance to meet her. If it were me, I would It’s normal to think like Ms. Molly. But you don’t plan to live that kind of life, but you still want to maintain a relationship with Ms. Molly without compromising on each other. This is very difficult to deal with. I have to think about it carefully.
” Sen nodded in agreement with his words and saw that the little boss was deep in thought, fully expecting to solve the big crisis that had troubled him for many days.
Han Xuan was quite entangled and couldn’t think of a good way to balance them for a while. Since they were all praised as smart people, wouldn’t it be a sign of being a “master of emotions” if he couldn’t solve it? Just as he was thinking about it, a woman holding a child appeared in his sight, which made his eyes light up.
His eyes returned to Jason’s fac

“No One”.

“No One”.
The Mavericks’ offense was forced to have nowhere to go. Sun Hao ran to Logo’s position to catch the ball.
There was not much time left to attack, so Sun Hao opened his hand and threw.
This position is farther than the position where he defeated the Spurs in G1.
A serious logo!
The arc of the ball was as long as an intercontinental cruise trajectory.
But it has a positioning device!
There was a crisp sound, and Sun Hao’s logo made a three-pointer attempt and went in!
The Mavericks bench was abuzz.
Oh, this damn three-pointer came at the perfect time!
Nowitzki also stood up and applauded Sun Hao.
This three-pointer is not enough to change the situation on the court, but it is at least a response.
Just like Sun Hao responded after Ferry fouled Nowitzki.
Robinson’s shot inside was missing!
Uncle Huo tried his best to block Duncan, and Bradley picked off the defensive rebound!
/The Mavericks played defensive counterattack.
Bradley didn’t have time to catch up, but the Mavericks’ three-line fast break, four people went down quickly!
The Spurs retreated quickly.
Nash passed the ball to Sun Hao during a fast break. Sun Hao caught the ball and flew away from Daniels, who was chasing him, and shot directly for a three-pointer.
At this time, no one else has retreated to half court. This is the kind of shot that will never lead to a second attack.
In other words, there is only one chance for this kind of shot.
But Sun Hao caught it!
He made two three-pointers in a row!
57 to 53!
The point difference was caught up to 4 points!
Is 10 points a lot?
It was certainly enough for the Spurs, or for tonight’s game.
But for Sun Hao, for three-pointers, it’s really not much.
Because this is just a matter of a few three points!
Popovich had a sullen face and rarely stood up. He didn’t know what was going on in his mind at the moment.
Old Nelson’s face was filled with smiles.
Others laugh at me for being too crazy, but I laugh at others because they can’t see through it!
The reason why he is passionate about three-pointers is that he catches up or opens up the score too quickly.
Of course, the premise is that you have to invest it.
He had met many players before, but none of them were like Sun Hao.
Using three-pointers as a regular weapon, every position on the court, even extending to the logo, is within shooting range. This is the perfect player in his mind!
Sun Hao led his team to a 6-0 offensive, but the Spurs were obviously not easily defeated.
Duncan turned around and missed the attack at the basket, but scored the ball with consecutive offensive rebounds!
A stone Buddha is a stone Buddha.
Looking back, Sun Hao missed a three-pointer, and Duncan grabbed another defensive rebound.
The fans at the scene also took a long breath.
Sun Hao cannot make every three-pointer.
As long as the situation on the court is stabilized, the Spurs will still win!
/Duncan continued to attack inside, and the Mavericks all shrank this time.

s complaints. Qi Xiaoyun asked Yin Kuang, “What do you think we should do?”

s complaints. Qi Xiaoyun asked Yin Kuang, “What do you think we should do?”
Everyone looked at Yin Kuang. Yin Kuang thought for a while and simply said: “Since they are all going to the base, let’s go too!” Everyone looked at me and I looked at you. After thinking about it, I felt that this was indeed the only more feasible method now.
/“By the way,” Tang Rouyu said, “What should we do about Tang Zhaotian and Zhang Yaozong? They are still waiting for us.” Li Shuangmu said: “Take them with you. They should be useful by then.” The
destination has been decided, and everyone I’ve almost rested and recovered. After filling their stomachs, they found Tang Zhaotian and Zhang Yaozong. Tang and Zhang knew at the first glance that Yin Kuang and others had failed. They couldn’t help but feel happy. Of course, they didn’t dare to show it on their faces. At the same time, they didn’t ask any more questions and just followed obediently. So, the group of people took out their own vehicles and took an arc route, bypassing Alice and others, and headed towards the umbrella base.
Somewhere in the desert, several vehicles were lined up in a row, driving fast on the sand, bringing up dust all over the sky. Needless to say, it was Alice’s crowd. Alice, Leon, Claire, Carlos and others sat in a modified armored vehicle headed by them. Because of everyone’s thoughts, the carriage was extremely silent. Until Alice couldn’t help but said: “Lyon, I know that you are directly ordered by the President of the United States. You are here not for vacation, right?” Leon stopped wiping the pistol and said: “Well. To investigate a case “Things?” Claire asked: “Is it related to the Umbrella Company?” Leon sneered and said: “9 out of 10 criminal incidents are related to the Umbrella Company. To be honest, I don’t want to accept this task but I have to Accept.”
Carlos asked: “What exactly is it?” Although Carlos had a deep prejudice against Leon for possessing Alice, as a warrior he could distinguish between public and private affairs, “Maybe we can help.” Leon But he resolutely refused and said: “It’s too heavy. This task is too heavy. You can’t shoulder it and neither can I.” Leon said very carefully and did not mean to look down on others. “From the moment I accepted it, I Just be prepared to die.”
“Click”! Leon stuck the magazine into the pistol, tested the sight, and said: “Just die!”
A bullet flew out of the car window, flew through the void with a “swish” sound, and hit the head of a crawler lying on the sand dune, ready to move!
The convoy continues to move forward towards the unknown future.
At this time, two pairs of eyes were silently watching the motorcade that was gradually retreating. The owners of these two pairs of eyes are none other than Liu Xiaxia and Yao Yao. Relying on the tactics of “fight if you can, run if you can’t” and the “burrowing tactics”, the two men managed to survive in the desert where monsters were rampant. It can even be said that except for being a little embarrassed when escaping, the rest of

the frontcourt, and Garbajosa’s shot after receiving the ball was also blocked by Gasol.

the frontcourt, and Garbajosa’s shot after receiving the ball was also blocked by Gasol.
Like Sun Hao’s previous games, European basketball does not defend for three seconds, but each team’s offense still focuses on inside offense.
In this era, not only Europe, but also the NBA is a wise saying that the closer you are to the basket, the higher your shooting percentage will be.
Although Gasol is immature, he is big and had not been able to match up with Garbajosa before when he came off the bench.
Now after starting the game, Garbajosa’s deterrent power in the interior has obviously become smaller.
The two teams started a defensive (man) and defensive (ba) battle.
After half a quarter, the score on the court was 6-6.
However, the on-field confrontation between the two sides was intense. Although the efficiency was low, the fans watched with enthusiasm.
Gasol finally got a chance to show off his footwork inside, turning around and squeezing through Garbajosa’s shot. Although he missed, he used his long arm to tip in the ball.
The scene was shaken by cheers.
The season is already halfway through, and Barcelona’s performance is obviously not as good as Real Madrid’s.
In this case, unlike Real Madrid who were forced to change their starting lineup due to injuries, they started promoting new players early.
Now it seems that the effect is immediate.
It was completely different from the situation where they were beaten violently at the beginning of the opening game. They even had the upper hand!
At this time, Russo also realized that Garbajosa could not take much advantage over Gasol, so he reached out and made new tactics.
Sun Hao’s face lit up after seeing the new tactical gestures. He was going to use outside tactics!
European basketball is very strict about tactics. If you don’t play according to the coach’s instructions on the court, even if you are the core of the team, you will be replaced every minute.
Previously in the Plata League, he was passionate about “mistaking Yoselin” and became a franchise player.
But this is La Liga, the highest level in Spain, and there is no Joseline.
So even if the team’s situation couldn’t be improved, he didn’t mess around. He was waiting, and now he finally got what he wanted to see.
“Barcelona! Bar?a!”
/After Barcelona took the lead, the fans at the scene were full of momentum. Led by the DJ, they cheered for the home team in unison.
Priginho was in charge of tactics in the frontcourt, and Sun Hao started from the left and ran around the screen for a three-point opportunity.
Prigioni can firmly sit in Real Madrid’s starting lineup, and his passing is very good.
Sun Hao made a three-pointer directly after receiving the ball. He was so fast that Gasol, who was switching defense, had no time to pounce.
The ball was released and drew a high parabola in the air.
There was a crisp sound.
Sun Hao’s three-pointer hit the net, and the cheers at the scene stopped abruptly.
The goal was scored cleanly, like a basin of cold water

ed the back of his head with his right hand, and then twisted his body.

ed the back of his head with his right hand, and then twisted his body.
There were constant whistles.
O’Neal, this big living treasure, is really lovable.
“Sun Hao is going to make a three-pointer.”
Zhang Weiping said directly in the broadcast booth.
After the timeout, there are only 28 seconds left.
Sun Hao pressed time in the frontcourt until the last 8 seconds of the attack time were left to launch the attack.
Nelson handed the key ball to Sun Hao to handle.
Bradley pulled out a pick-and-roll, but Kobe still bypassed it.
After Sun Hao’s final false break, he stepped back for a three-pointer.
/Kobe still kept up.
This is a textbook offense and defense.
Sun Hao finally faced Kobe’s difficult three-pointer and leaned back slightly.
But even with such a difficult shot, Sun Hao’s eyes were full of confidence.
Because unlike the previous shot, he made a coherent shooting motion for this shot.
The two of them were floating in the air, their eyes facing each other, and time seemed to freeze for a moment.
Then Sun Hao faced Kobe and threw the ball.
Everyone’s eyes were attracted by the spinning basketball.
On one side of the court, Cuban’s hands were clenched into fists.
There was a crisp sound.
“Zhang Weiping’s Law” reappeared, Sun Hao’s winning goal was scored!
106 to 109!
There was an uproar.
The Mavericks bench was even more excited.
However, there are only 2.1 seconds left in the game and the game is not over yet.
Phil Jackson called a timeout!
After the timeout, as soon as the Lakers sent the ball from the frontcourt, O’Neal was fouled!
Nelson’s choice is exactly the same as last year!
And this choice will actually involve a wave of never-ending discussions.
In history, this kind of proactive fouling with a 3-point lead was successful, causing the opponent to lose the opportunity to equalize with 3 points, and there were also overturns, such as the Houston team.
Once the car overturns, the coach will definitely be sprayed as hard as 250.
Of course, there are also cases where a 3-point lead was equalized by the opponent without fouling. The most classic one is Rose’s tying three-pointer during the Bulls period and the reversal in overtime.
Similarly, the opposite coach was definitely criticized for 250 after the game.
No matter which choice you make, losing or winning will be two completely different situations.
But there’s nothing wrong with Nelson’s choice.
Although O’Neal hit the first two answers, his overall free throw shooting rate is low.
O’Neal’s punishment was a little harsh. This technique was like asking him to cook in a small pot, which was really embarrassing for him.
But the ball bounced on the basket a few times and then rolled in.
And because there was not enough time, after the Lakers were fouled and sent to the free throw line, there was only one way to win.
The scene was silent, and the fans were too nervous to speak.
A lucky free throw, the Lakers are still 2 points behind!
Next, O’Neal must miss a free throw,

t seems like he is living like a year. The “hypocrite” who pretends to be a “hypocrite” doesn’t want to pretend anymore. Coupled with the morning sun, Guan Ping is dressed like a fresh little lamb again. He planned to change the pronunciation of “god sister” from one tone to four tones today.

t seems like he is living like a year. The “hypocrite” who pretends to be a “hypocrite” doesn’t want to pretend anymore. Coupled with the morning sun, Guan Ping is dressed like a fresh little lamb again. He planned to change the pronunciation of “god sister” from one tone to four tones today.
Guan Ping has been living with Wang Bo for several months, taking care of his daily life like his mother, and being teased by him from time to time. She knows Wang Bo’s habits like the back of her hand. In a vulgar saying, “His butt is not up, she is.” Just know if he’s going to poop or pee.” Wang Bo’s evil eyes and his obscene face immediately made Guan Ping feel bad and she immediately wanted to run away.
“The clothes my godmother bought are very nice and fit me very well. Bo’er, you, please get up quickly. I, I’ll wait for you outside.” Guan Ping’s face turned red when she saw Wang Bo’s bad intentions. Said babblingly, stood up, like a little white rabbit seeing the big bad wolf, turned around and hurried away.
The duck in his mouth flew away. Wang Bo couldn’t help but was stunned. Soon he was itching his teeth with hatred. He shouted at Guan Ping’s back in a voice that only he could hear:
/“Fuck sister, fuck sister, you can escape for a while.” Can you still escape for the rest of your life? If you can escape as a monk, can you escape from the temple? Don’t even think about escaping today! I am officially seventeen or eighteen today, and can be considered a real adult. I actually don’t care about the others, I just care about them. You! Let’s take you as my best ‘coming-of-age gift’ today. Jie Jie, wah kaka.” Wang Bo let out a “Jie Jie Jie” smile. Fortunately, there is no one now. If Guan Ping hears it, she will probably Her face turned pale, and she broke out in a cold sweat.
Since Guan Ping is wearing the clothes he and his mother bought for her, Wang Bo plans to wear the coat Guan Ping gave him, a dark jacket. Wang Bo didn’t part with this jacket as much as Guan Ping cherished the black T-shirt he bought for her. He had already “lost her virginity” and worn it many times. The outer jacket and the inner base are T-shirts of the same style as Guan Ping’s, but in different colors. Guan Ping’s is black and his is white. The two of them are in black and white. If you don’t look at the coats outside, they will definitely be regarded as a couple.
The newly dressed “sister and brother” went out together, went downstairs, and went to the carport to pick up the car. Guan Ping wanted to ride alone on the second-hand women’s car Wang Bo gave her, but Wang Bo grabbed Guan Ping’s wrist and dragged her toward his racing car. Guan Ping thought that Tian Xin, Li Cui and Xie Ying were not here. She and Wang Bo were the only ones here. After a few words of protest, they agreed. It’s been a long time since she took Wang Bo’s car, and she felt nostalgic for it.
/A few minutes later, Wang Bo drove his god-sister to the rice noodle shop. It was almost past eight o’clock at this time, which was the peak meal period of the day at th