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s no magic to assist, it can still span hundreds of meters in one breath, far exceeding any Qinggong practice.

s no magic to assist, it can still span hundreds of meters in one breath, far exceeding any Qinggong practice.
It is all supported by Lin Xin’s strong physical quality.
He has never shown anything too shocking in this world. It’s just a bit stronger than the average strongman. It’s not too exaggerated, and it’s acceptable. This also caused other forces to have a huge error in their evaluation of him.
/Although on the surface he is fully capable of directly destroying all forces, he alone informs and selects the seedlings.
/But there are no absolutes in the world, and playing it slow and steady is Lin Xin’s favorite style.
Ordinary people mostly believe in and respect those who are stronger than themselves. But for those who are too strong to understand, there are too many beyond.
Either it is demonized, or there is only fear and panic.
What Lin Xin wants is to reveal his abilities in a subtle way and let everyone understand that his abilities can be achieved through practice.
Another most important thing is to be able to hide yourself.
In the unlikely event that there is someone hiding from the Shadow City here, they can use their hidden cultivation to make a decisive move at a critical moment.
Over the years, he has almost developed an instinct to hide part of his strength as a trump card in front of anyone. Used for turnaround.
Never let anyone see your trump cards clearly. This is another understanding of being a human being and keeping a thin line.
Accelerate all the way.
From a speed of one hundred meters per second, it soon became a speed of several thousand meters per second.
This is also the highest speed that Lin Xin’s physical body can reach without the assistance of magic.
In less than an hour, he rushed directly from Suzhou to the territory of King Qingjing.
He stopped to ask about the way, and soon, half an hour later, he had returned to Prince Qingjing’s Mansion.
Only half a day had passed since he left.
Princess Huaiyang, Zhou Yan and the others have not left yet. They are staying in a courtyard farther away, exchanging the contents of the booklet with each other.
Lin Xin ignored them. His intention to recruit more of these four people was just to lay a foundation with the help of their background and family connections. Convenient to do things. If you really want to say that their qualifications are incredible, that’s not necessarily true.
However, when I unexpectedly met the King of Purity later, this aspect was not really needed.
It’s just that King Purity’s power is his own strength after all, while Lin Xin’s own power is under his own control and cannot rely too much on the other party.
He walked directly through the courtyard and found the palace manager who was arranging affairs.
“Have you brought all the orphans I wanted?”
The disciples he really wanted to recruit were actually intended to be found among the orphans he had found.
As a monk, he is very patient. Compared to ordinary people, for him, decades are just a slightly longer retreat, and th

God Lords in pursuit of the original. It can travel through the world and cross space barriers. It can travel between different interfaces.”

God Lords in pursuit of the original. It can travel through the world and cross space barriers. It can travel between different interfaces.”
“It’s not an ancient artifact of the offensive and defensive type?” Lin Xin felt a little disappointed, but the shuttle The function of the world is indeed extremely powerful.
If it can be applied to the distant world, then the scope of this mask will be very large.
He carefully played with the Kira Mask, and vaguely noticed that the lower half of the mask seemed to be there, not as if it existed in this space.
“If it can be used in conjunction with my Gate of Blur,”
Lin Xin narrowed his eyes slightly.
His Gate of Mystery has always been placed in this stone house. Because there is no burning furnace as an energy source, and the territory is too close to the Green Mountain Realm, I dare not go back, so I have never had the opportunity to use it.
/After pondering for a while, he carefully put the mask away for later use.
“It’s better to go to Feng Huai first to get the magic weapon refining classics of the talisman, and to pick up his little niece.”
This time he was almost tricked by Lu Qiaoqiao and the two of them. He was seriously injured, and he suffered from the lack of magic weapons. .
Although he does not have any trump cards such as fragments of ancient artifacts, nor does he have the art of cause and effect, which can overdraw himself to resist attacks, the defensive magic weapon with enhanced attribute points can be used as a one-time ancient artifact level. Excellent value for money.
In the following time, he simply didn’t go anywhere. He went directly to the dragon and snake world to get the classics from Feng Huai, and then gave them to Shen Shen, along with Feng Huai’s illegitimate daughter who was just over one year old. A maid from the Fire Palace took care of him.
Then he and his sister Lin Yaoyang replied to the letter. Then he plunged into the ocean of Zhen Fu Tao classics in one breath.
The formation path in the human world is vast and profound, with depth and breadth far exceeding that of the underworld system. There are hundreds of classifications alone, and each classification has dozens of different subdivisions, and each subdivision is Specializing in different formation symbols.
For example, there are a large number of types and variants of earth and fire formations developed by countless monks. Each type creates hundreds or even thousands of countless formations, which can be freely combined into a large number of various formations.
The crystallization of knowledge that has been developed in the human world for thousands of years can be seen just in the refining of magic weapons.
To learn the Tao of Formation Talisman, you need to master at least sixty-eight different ancient languages, many of which are simulated diacritics. The human voice cannot normally produce the tones of these languages, so mana is required to simulate them.
The classics on the Tao of Formation and Talisman prepared by Feng Huai for Lin Xin can b

knife, easily tearing apart and cutting through his layers of energy.

knife, easily tearing apart and cutting through his layers of energy.
If it weren’t for his profound strength, it would surpass Zang training.
This moment of confrontation was enough for him to be cut off with a knife.
Fortunately, Wei He had already anticipated it and did not dare to contend with this force for a long time. He only touched the point once.
Relying on his extremely thick layers of strength, it was no big deal to separate them in time.
Zhu Chen couldn’t deliver a single blow and suddenly let out a light sigh.
“It turns out that you came prepared. With your body skills and your ability to take my sword without getting hurt. It seems that I underestimated you before.”
Zhu Chen suddenly stopped and looked at Wei Wei not far away . combine.
“I underestimated you. Now that the imperial court is employing people, if Master Wei is willing to go back to Riliuye again, I promise to give you a new treatment from the Wanqing Clan.”
“Now that things have happened, do you think I will still believe it?” ?” Wei He sneered.
At this time, the two of them were already far away from the Wanqingmen station. The surroundings were filled with mist, and they could hardly see their hands and fingers. They were in another place entirely.
“If you don’t respond, it will be difficult for everyone else in the Wanqing Sect except you.” Zhu Chen sighed.
“It would have been better if Mr. Zhu had said these words earlier. Unfortunately, it is too late now.” Wei He said calmly.
“As long as you agree, it’s not too late.” Zhu Chen pointed diagonally at the ground with his right arm. “Even among Xunri Liuye, people with your speed are extremely rare.”
“I’m sorry.” Wei He said lightly, “I have made up my mind that if I can survive today, I will kill Xunri Liuye in the future. Everybody!”
Zhu Chen sighed softly.
At this time, Wan Ling looked at her graceful figure and beautiful appearance. Her bulging figure twisted with the fierce battle from time to time, and occasionally showed a little spring.
“So, I didn’t plan to use this originally. It seems I have to use it…”
From the sleeve of his right arm, a translucent bone knife as long as his forearm slowly slid out.
The bone knife was long and thin, like a cicada’s wing, with an extremely sharp end and a faint cold light.
“The real skill I practice is the Zheng Qixing Sword, which is known as the Bright Blood Sword Seven Star Sword among the magical skills spread in the Great Yuan Dynasty.”
Zhu Chenping raised the bone knife, with a hint of solemnity and piety in his expression.
“You should feel honored to die under the Seven-Star Sword.”
“Honored?” Wei He looked coldly, “Let’s catch up with me first.”
He stepped on the tree branch with his right foot.
Bang bang bang! ! !
In an instant, large amounts of poisonous powder and smoke exploded all around Zhu Chen at the same time.
/The dense poisonous powder and poisonous ash even exploded the surrounding fog.
“It’s just poisonous powder…” The energy from Zhu Chen’s body flowed into the b

nents who are much stronger than himself.

nents who are much stronger than himself.
Temporarily pull the opponent back to the past, or exile him to another timeline, or simply throw him into chaotic time.
He even directly threw his offensive into another time, and then let it explode after he sadly moved away.
In this way, no matter how powerful the attack is, it will not be able to hit him.
The thread suddenly swelled.
Bragg felt so comfortable that he almost screamed.
“I graded the increase of this secret method into a calculation system based on numbers according to the measurement of physical training.”
Lin Xin slowly conveyed the division and measurement system of attributes and abilities to the physical body through spiritual transmission to many disciples.
Let them also digitize their attributes to measure and calculate the degree of their physical bodies. This is his purpose.
boom! !
Attribute points began to be transmitted at a speed of 10,000 per second.
Lu Li and the others trembled. Almost trembling.
boom! !
/The thread expanded again, and Lin Xin poured into the three people at a speed of 100,000 per second.
Within a few seconds, blood began to slowly ooze out of Bragg’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
The thread on his head suddenly broke.
So far, he has endured half a million points of attribute transmission.
Immediately, a disciple rushed forward to support him and put the limp Bragg on the prepared shelf.
Approximately a few seconds passed.
Wei Qing suddenly trembled.
Pairs of silver wings quickly sprouted from his back, and the number of silver wings quickly increased to nine pairs, ten pairs!
Then the eleventh pair and the twelfth pair also began to grow rapidly.
The intense pain and pleasure were mixed together, causing Wei Qing to start roaring crazily, but strangely, no sound came out.
He was bathed in the invisible twisting barrier, and his body seemed to be speeding up time, constantly growing new silver wings.
The transmission of attribute abilities is much faster than before.
In just a moment, millions of points were transmitted.
Even with Wei Qing’s soul’s limit, he could still hold on.
Lu Li, who was beside him, could no longer see his eyes. His whole body was wrapped in golden armor as heavy as a mecha, and he was emitting waves of arrogant, oppressive, and terrifying aura.
Her armor has grown to ten meters tall. One palm is almost four meters long, occupying the largest area of ??the entire platform.
Lu Li knelt down on one knee and lowered his head towards Lin Xin.
The electric light around her gradually changed color, from the previous golden yellow to a deep dark golden color.
Two golden dragon eyes slowly opened on both shoulders. Symmetrical shape.
“Can you still hold on?” Lin Xin asked via voice message.
“No problem. Although it’s a bit troublesome, I can still hold on for a while.”
Lu Li said with a smile.
If she had been in a normal and complete situation when she said this, maybe no one would feel wrong.
But Lin Xin could clearly

g else in the world that can save Lingling’s life?”

g else in the world that can save Lingling’s life?”
The other party looked at him, and finally shook his head with regret.
The two were silent for a moment.
Lin Xin finally stopped talking, and after a long while, he handed over his hand.
“Thank you, senior brother, for coming all the way to help. The transparent rune stones as a reward are already prepared.”
“Goodbye.” Senior brother Qihuang also had no choice but to say, “I can’t do anything about the reward this time, so I won’t take it. Junior brother, maybe I can find another way to return it.” Maybe there is a good cure.”
He patted Lin Xin on the shoulder, turned around and left under the guidance of his servants.
Lin Xin stood in the yard for a long time, his thoughts were disturbed, and he looked at the small fish in the pond in the yard. It took him a long time to calm down.
Turned around and entered the bedroom.
At a glance, he saw Xiao Lingling lying on the bed, next to the baby.
The mother, Zhao Yuniang, sat by the bed in person, taking care of the baby and talking to Lingling.
Xiao Lingling was dressed in plain white brocade clothes, but her face was as white as the clothes, without any blood, her face was haggard, her eyes were lifeless, and she looked like she was seriously lacking in energy and spirit.
“Lingling” Lin Xin sat on the edge of the bed.
“You two can talk alone for a while, and I’ll take the child out for a walk.” When Zhao Yuniang saw Lin Xin’s expression, she knew there was no hope, and she sighed in her heart. He went out with the child in his arms and closed the door behind him.
Lin Xin grabbed Xiao Lingling’s hand and held it tightly.
“Brother Xin” Xiao Lingling looked at Lin Xin gently, “It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be sad.”
She reached out to stroke Lin Xin’s frown.
“I’m not sad.” Lin Xin tried his best to squeeze out a smile. “Senior brother said there is a way for you to recover in peace. He will go back and ask the elders for advice first. There is still a way. We can still live a good life together and watch the formation grow together. “Big”
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
It was Gongsun Li’s voice.
“Master! There’s a weirdo coming from outside! He is said to be a stranger living in seclusion in Yinshan Lake!”
/Lin Xin was startled.
“Lingling, I’ll go take a look and come back.”
“Well, go ahead.” Xiao Lingling smiled, “I’ll sleep for a while first.”
Lin Xin got up, left the room, and saw Gongsun Li with a happy face. Standing outside the door, his little granddaughter timidly hid behind him and looked at him.
“The stranger from Yinshan Lake? That senior? What is he doing here?”
Lin Xin asked doubtfully.
“The owner of the village” Gongsun Li hesitated, “You will know if you go and take a look. I always feel that that person is weird.”
Lin Xin pondered for a moment. The lava iron of the Red Flower Sword was a gift from the other party. This time he took the initiative to step forward. Come, there must be something important.
“Come with me and have


“Here!” A dark figure walked out of the flowers on the side and knelt on one knee.
“Is that person here?”
“He’s already in the hall. Li Lao is already dealing with it, and he’s still waiting for you, the owner of the village, to come over.” The man in black replied in a low voice.
“Yes.” Lin Xin straightened his clothes, took the sword off his back, hung it on his waist, and strode towards the main hall of the villa.
Along the way, the guards and maids saw him bowing their heads and saluting. Ou Yinghong and her three children looked over from the side of the martial arts training ground, seeming a little worried.
/Lin Xin smiled at her, indicated that it was okay, and walked alone to the noisy main reception hall.
Entering the hall, you saw a sharp-faced man wearing a yellow brocade robe sitting in his seat majestically, his eyes wandering around like a monkey, and his eyes kept turning on the woman accompanying him.
“Oh, Master Lin is here? What a big show, I’ve been sitting here waiting for more than half an hour!”
The man stood up and sneered.
“Master Lin, I am Situ Hao.” He took out a black token from his arms, and Lin Xin could see the pattern on it clearly.
“It turns out to be Mr. Situ.” Lin Xin smiled and said, “I wonder what you are doing when you come to my villa?”
“No need to pretend.” Situ Hao sneered, “90% of the income from the villa will be taken away by me. This was agreed in advance. Do you have any objection?”
Before Lin Xin could say anything, Gongsun Li and Zen Master Sanyuan could not sit still. Their expressions suddenly changed and they stood up.
“Master, what on earth is going on!?” Gongsun Li asked anxiously.
“Profit? When will it be someone else’s turn to collect the income from my Lingxin Villa? Guest, you are really joking.” Sanyuan Zen Master was also a little angry.
Situ Hao chuckled.
“What’s the matter? Haven’t you told these servants yet?” He put his hands behind his back, “It would be better to implement this matter as soon as possible.”
“In addition, when will the owner’s talisman sword be delivered?”
Lin Xin’s expression remained unchanged.
“I still need time for Fu Jian. Please wait for two days.”
“Wait a moment?” Situ Hao smiled sinisterly, “I can wait, but the higher ups can’t wait. If there is anything to blame, please come down.”
“The owner of the village. “Suddenly, a female voice came from behind Lin Xin, and Ou Yinghong strode in, wearing a black tight-fitting outfit, with a high ponytail swaying, and a dashing appearance.
“What happened?” Ou Yinghong also frowned and looked at Situ Hao.
Situ Hao’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw her.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, village master, I didn’t expect to like this one, the golden house hides the beauty.”
Lin Xin frowned. “Sir Situ”
“It’s okay to let me wait for two days. As long as you let this little girl accompany me, it won’t be a problem even if you wait for seven or eight days, let alone two days!” Situ Hao sai

ghtly modified according to his own understanding. In fact, I don’t know if it will work or not.

ghtly modified according to his own understanding. In fact, I don’t know if it will work or not.
“Iron Wall Crossing the Current, Giant Ray Wansha Technique, Feast Technique.” There are also several classics that were previously traded. Lin Xin just couldn’t fully translate them. He is teaching himself the writing of Two-Face, and some of the classics are It is written in ancient ghost script, so it can be understood.
“I hope that the gentleman who Pudu Sheng agreed to will be invited as soon as possible. After that, we can revise and formally try to practice.”
The blood-red beads are particularly enchanting in the dim light. A circle of faint white lace is rotating inside, and someone can be faintly seen from the other side of the beads. One side kept looking towards here.
“On the ground, this is called the Yin Shen Bead, and the Ring Sound Dafa inside is all written in ghost script. Maybe you can practice a little or two.”
Lin Xin took out the bead. This kind of heavy treasure is close to the fourth grade, and there is a seal inside that is at least a foundation building. The later ghosts are also very dangerous if one accidentally releases them.
He picked up the Yin Shen Bead and began to write down the Ring Sound Dafa on the white paper he had prepared.
/He soon discovered that the ring-tone magic rotating in the beads actually had tens of thousands of words. When a long piece of magic was copied on the paper, the entire white paper buzzed and glowed with silver.
But the spell runes in the beads actually disappeared without a trace.
“The only method?!” Lin Xin was also surprised. Only the top magic methods can show such uniqueness.
Only one such decree can exist in the world. Once it is copied, the original will disappear, and the recorded content will naturally be transferred to a new place.
“It’s actually the only method.” He was a little shocked. Generally, those who can have such characteristics are absolutely powerful and top-notch methods, whether they are skills or secret magic powers.
Suddenly his interest in this method greatly increased. I began to study the transcribed text of the law carefully. At this time, the paper seemed to be shining silver due to the support of the Ring Sound Technique, and the paper also had a faint metallic texture and became much harder.
After careful study, Lin Xin discovered that this doorbell sound method mainly records the methods of using sound to attack, interfere with, and influence the opponent. It has different tunes and the same effect as Jiuchenqu.
It’s just that Jiuchenqu pays more attention to both internal and external cultivation, and this secret method is mainly a magical power, which is purely used for attack and application, and is full of wonders.
“There is no physical limit!” Lin Xin suddenly noticed a detail and was slightly shocked.
The Ring Sound Technique actually does not have any physical requirements. As long as it is a creature that can make sounds, it can be practiced. There are only three realms: spirit, illusion,

ered more than ten feet away in front of the city, and then, under the orders of the leading general, he threw more than ten thousand heads out.

ered more than ten feet away in front of the city, and then, under the orders of the leading general, he threw more than ten thousand heads out.
Countless heads piled up in front of the city wall, gradually turning into a hill. The faces still dripping with blood were all full of fear, and they looked at the people in the city with wide eyes. I don’t know who was the first to cry out. The people closed their eyes and didn’t dare to look at those terrible heads, but they couldn’t help but sobbed softly. For a while, the sound of wailing and pain echoed throughout the city. sorrow.
The Bai cavalry separated like a wave, and a young man in casual attire leaped in front of the city under the admiring eyes of the soldiers. He raised his head and looked at the lonely figure in the distance, a smile blooming at the corner of his mouth, reflected in the images from all around him. The blood overflowing from the head looked particularly strange.
“We haven’t seen each other for more than half a year, but unexpectedly it was like this when we met again. At that time, you were also in this city, setting up a huge plan, which shocked the world. You would never have thought that the situation would turn around, and today I Bai Qi’s army came to the city and chopped off your young master from the shrine in the same city.”
/Looking at the high-spirited Bai Qi, Zhou Jijun raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile.
“How do you know that I’m not here waiting for you to die?”
/Bai Qi looked up to the sky and laughed. Thousands of troops behind him raised their arms and shouted, making the people in the city turn pale. .
“Do you think you can scare me away with this empty city strategy? The last 80,000 Jinwu guards in the Northern Dynasty have been wiped out by me, and not a single one is left. Your Tianwu Mountain is also surrounded by water and cannot come to rescue. The army in eastern Henan is trapped in me In the trap of the rear army, it will take three days for the Southern Expedition army to arrive without stopping. Today, I will kill you and seize the city, and wait for the work to annihilate the Southern Expedition reinforcements. Brother, you missed a move, but you have no way to save yourself. Don’t. I’m going to quibble again.”
Pulling out the Gentleman’s Sword, Zhou Jijun came to the top of the city alone. Hearing Bai Qi’s heart-wrenching words, his face remained calm and indifferent.
“In that case, then attack the city.”
The gentleman slashed his sword heavily, and his Taoist force was like a pillar, pressing towards the Bai family army. Screams rang out, and thousands of troops were slashed into a crack half a mile away by this sword. In the crack, the top Hundreds of soldiers died tragically on the spot.
Bai Qi’s expression did not change, and he looked straight at Zhou Jijundao without turning his head.
“At the end of the day, you can only show off your power like this. Do you want to kill all the tens of thousands of my Bai family members alone? Hahaha, Mr. Jun, your death d

cultivation. After he leaves, he no longer has to worry.

cultivation. After he leaves, he no longer has to worry.
Unfortunately, Shicai was too impatient and almost made a big mistake.
“Let’s chat while drinking.”
At this time, Yue Shura had completely let go of his pretense of being a powerful man from Fa Tian. He took out the wine bag from his arms and threw it to Zhou Jijun. The Yueying Sect’s techniques were ever-changing, and it seemed that they would never lack anything.
Zhou Jijun smiled faintly, took the wine bag, and rolled the strong wine into his stomach. After a while, the remaining anger disappeared with the drink.
“Originally, in this land of seven states, there were five or six powerful people in the Fatian realm. Tulong, myself, and the mysterious man were all high-ranking Fatian people, and the rest were all monks from the secret realm of mountains and seas. They had just stepped into the Fatian realm. Realm, he can’t wait to leave the seven states and go to the four major continents or Tiangong, or other big states where there are big forces. He is considered a master in this world, just like Wu Hou of the seven states. Same. All major forces in the world will send invitations to them, and they will receive generous treatment. These seven states are really too small, so how can they be trapped?”
“So, the strongest person in the seven states now is Tongtian. ?” Zhou Jijun asked.
“Maybe, maybe not.” Yue Shura smiled mysteriously, and he looked deeply at Zhou Jijun, “Because all the monks in the secret realm of mountains and seas that I know died in your master’s murder.”
/After hearing this, Zhou Jijun’s heart was shocked, and his face was filled with joy.
He faked his own death for half a year and set up a shocking plan, but ultimately he wanted to kill those masters who could threaten him. Such an unimaginable and unimaginable killing plan, in this land of seven states, only he, Zhou Jijun, could do it.
“Of course, there is a master in the realm of heaven, that old Taotie, in the secret realm of mountains and seas, but he is destined to be unable to get out of the secret realm of mountains and seas, unless the mountains and seas collapse.” Yue Xiuluo nodded, looked at Zhou Jijun, chuckled and said, “You also want to Be careful, although Qizhou is small, it has also experienced ancient wars. It is difficult to say that there are any hidden powerful men that I don’t know about. However, after the battle in Yuzhou, the royal family no longer has a backer.”
“Shan.” The admiration for Yue Shura in his heart grew a little more. It was really unusual to be able to cultivate to the realm of Fa Tian. It seemed that his thoughts could not be hidden from his eyes.
“Next, it’s the turn of the mysterious man. His story involves a lot. Do you still want to hear it?”
“Yue Lao, please tell me. Although this person has left the seven states, he has laid out the seven states after all, so he still has to Be careful.” With his mind spinning, Zhou Jijun seemed to vaguely guess who the person was, but it seemed that there was a gauze curtain between t

/Princess Bihua thought in her heart With a “thump”, the woman in white stopped and turned around hesitantly to say, but her eyes fell on the face of the man in her arms, as if she was reluctant to leave, and as if she was saying her final farewell.
“Who do you think he is? He has cultivated to the Xuantian realm within ten years, and is even more genius than those geniuses in history.”
Princess Bihua couldn’t help shouting, inexplicable emotions welling up in her heart, including grievances, resentment, and… There was a trace of loss that even she herself could not understand.
Looking at Zhou Jijun again, Bai Yiyi resisted the impulse in her heart and turned around slowly.
“It took him less than twenty years to cultivate to Fatian, and it will take another ten years to reach Xuantian, so what’s the difficulty.”
A bit of sadness flashed in her eyes, Bai Yiyi did not look back, she rose up on the clouds, In an instant, she disappeared by the East China Sea, leaving only Princess Bihua with a dull look on her face.
“Twenty years, the best in the world…”
With her heart beating wildly, Princess Bihua looked blankly at the man sleeping soundly in her arms, her mind going blank. On that day, Fang Liubo, the young master of the Sword Sect, was also a talented practitioner. His cultivation level had reached the level of Fa Tianxia even under the age of forty, and he was famous in Dongsheng China. But he has absorbed the essence of heaven and earth since his mother’s womb, and has taken heaven and earth treasures since he was a child, but he is a master trained by Tianjian Sect with all his strength. But he…
his eyes fell on Zhou Jijun’s large and small scars. Princess Bihua subconsciously reached out to touch them, and two pink clouds flew up from her cheeks.
After a long time, she stood up, took out the dress from her bracelet and put it on, pointed her fingertips towards the beach and wrote something, then without saying a word, she summoned the skylark and flew westward.
The waves hit the rocks, one wave higher than the other. After an unknown amount of time, the naked man slowly opened his eyes. As the sea water flowed through his skin, Zhou Jijun felt extremely comfortable all over his body. The scene around him became different from before. He could clearly feel every small change around him, the rise and fall of the sea water, and every water droplet was made of countless water drops. The essence gathers together, fuses and breaks, merges again, breaks again, each time is different, and it also makes the sea water keep churning, even if there is no wind, it is still moving. The stars hidden behind the clouds are becoming clearer and clearer. Looking at them with the help of my celestial eye, I can see that each one is as big as a fist, moving slowly along a fixed trajectory.
/“We finally arrived at Fatian.”
Zhou Jijun stood up and put a white dress on his upper body. The sea breeze swept in, and his silver hair danced back on his head. Zhou Jijun took a deep breath, and a seven-foot-lon