Before she finished speaking, Audrey herself began to seriously consider the task assigned by Mr. Fool.
Then she looked at Susie, who looked at her, one person and one dog, lost in thought at the same time.
After completing his intended goal, Klein returned to reality. After sleeping for an hour, he hurried out and spent 1 pound to buy gold-rimmed glasses for disguise, a wig and various beards that could be attached or pulled off. This was his The need for disguise later.
Just before dinner, he went to the East District, which has the most chaotic law and order and the largest population. He rented a one-bedroom house with a weekly rent of 4 soles and 3 pence. He paid two weeks’ rent at once and an equal amount of deposit, a total of 17 sous. Le.
/Until this time, Klein was initially prepared, and the East District also left a deep impression on him. Most of the places here are the same as Tingen Lower Street, but the area it occupies is many times wider.
The clothes of the residents here are old and relatively decent. Many people are in rags and have sallow complexions. They seem to be turned into beasts at any time due to hunger and poverty. Therefore, in the East District, gangs are rampant and crimes are frequent.
When he returned to Joe Wood District, Klein felt as if he had entered heaven from hell.
In the next two days, he experimented with using only his own spirituality to perform rituals and make spells, instead of praying to the goddess. At the same time, he waited for the effect of the small advertisement to ferment and commissions to come to his door.
On Thursday morning, Klein finally heard the doorbell ring.
The bells jingled and jingled, and the bells pulled by the rope kept shaking, spreading the sound throughout the spacious but relatively empty living room.
Klein, who was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and researching investment opportunities, stood up. He was wearing a white shirt and a black vest without a tie, and he looked quite casual at home.
Klein thought as he walked to the door. Without going through the peephole, the image of the visitor outside naturally appeared in his mind:
One is an old lady wearing a black plush bonnet. Her back is slightly stooped, her face is deeply wrinkled, her skin is dry and yellow, but her dark dress is formal and decent, and she looks very neat.
Her temples were completely white, but her blue eyes were quite lively. She was looking at the young man next to her and motioned for him to pull the doorbell again.
The young man was in his 20s and had eyes similar to those of an old lady. In the increasingly cold weather, he was wearing a black double-breasted dress popular among the Backlund gentleman class, a half-high silk top hat, and a Wearing a bow tie like attending a banquet, it seems that he will not relax his requirements at any time and in any scene.
Using the “Joker’s” premonition ability, before the bell swung again, Klein turned the handle, opened the door, and greeted with a smile:
/“Good morning, madam, sir, today is a go