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rious inhumane experiments, the existence of the soul pool, the core of Nether and other secrets, including the branch of the soul plan, Superman Planning is also among what they look at.

Yang Dingtian and the other four were stunned for a moment. Zhang Heng responded quickly and immediately: “The result? All the experimental subjects exploded and died. After death, even their souls did not appear. They were completely destroyed. Just after those researchers injected a luminous liquid into their bodies, it took at most ten seconds for it to explode.”
Pei Jiao quickly looked at Valkyrie and said, “Could it be that the luminous liquid they injected was the melted obsession? Before, I thought that the so-called Superman Project was to use high-tech means to cultivate high-level humans similar to Superman.” People with physical abilities, but according to you, this Superman Project is an advanced branch of the Soul Project. Could it be said that it allows living people to have the same abilities as souls? Can they rely on obsession to strengthen themselves!?”
/Valkyrie nodded and said: “Yes, that’s what the Ring of the Nibelungs represents. I think you have seen the fusion between Rocky and the projection of the world snake before, right? The three demon king-level peaks Ghosts, their spiritual imprints have been erased when they are captured, so their combat effectiveness is greatly reduced compared to the real peak demon king-level ghosts. In particular, some special moves can no longer be used, such as the previous move. The flinch cannon must be combined with Rocky and relies on Rocky’s consciousness control to use it. But how can the combination be so simple? Let’s not talk about the strength gap between the two. Each soul and ghost are completely different. With his own obsession, if Rocky forcibly merges with the World Serpent, the only result will be to be swallowed by it and become nutrients in the World Serpent’s body. Therefore, Rocky must rely on the Ring of Nibelung. This is a This is the pinnacle of alchemy that changes energy, fuses energy, imprisons energy, and even controls energy!” When he said this, Valkyrie’s eyes flashed with that frightening and fanatical light.
Yang Xuguang next to him said: “In other words, as long as you wear this ring, Neodymium Chen will be like our free souls. Except that it does not have standard energy, it can eat obsession food, and it will not be like those in the video. Are you going to explode like a human being?”
Valkyrie affirmed: “That’s right, and this is the real ring of imprisonment, the Ring of the Nibelungs. It is completely different from those substitutes. It is a 100% safe creation. In fact, I heard you I think the spiritual pond building mentioned is what the world government built to replace the Ring of Nibelung. If the negative effects of energy cannot be eliminated, then the best way is to generate the same type of energy to offset it and lose it. Without the Ring of Nibelung, the World Government can still activate the intermediate soul defense system

can connect to “Gaia” from reality. This cannot be accomplished by technological means. It needs to start from the essence of life. For example, the Holy Soul is enough, and below the Holy Soul No, such a metaphor.

However, what Xue Na knows about the history of the Three-Eyed Tribe is that after the Great Fall Era began, many ordinary Three-Eyed Tribes performed blood sacrifices. In other words, this blood sacrifice method is a complete and stable technological method. , and is not bound by its own life essence, but this blood sacrifice eventually led to the emergence of “original sin”. Not to mention, the most critical reason is why this “technology” that completes the blood sacrifice has not been preserved. ? Even if there is no blood sacrifice, this kind of technology can also be said to be an epoch-making great technology. It can be compared to great technologies such as causality rate, space-time technology, etc. Why not retain it?
“In other words, there are two possibilities. One is that there is no connection between the two parties, but different people discovered the same rules, resulting in the same technology at two different times.”
“The other one is the same technology invented by the same person at two different times.”
Xue Na took a deep breath and murmured to herself: “Time Corridor”
If all these inferences are really to be established, then the only possibility is the time corridor.
(Hmph, Valkyrie! Don’t think that you are the only one who can deduce and plan! I am also the one who has always stood behind brother Odin! I was able to be on par with you in wisdom and maybe slightly inferior to you, but now Compared with your reincarnation, it’s just that my advantage is greater. In this life, brother Odin must be mine!)
Xue Na pouted her little mouth and clenched her hands. Although she looked very serious, her small and cute appearance, coupled with the age shown in her appearance, seemed to be the only word left for cute, and the one beside her Rocky looked at her serious look inexplicably.
Rocky asked very curiously: “What’s wrong? Have you thought of anything important?”
Xue Na quickly raised her head and said with a smile: “No, it’s nothing, it’s not an important thing. Now you just need to resurrect the sky dragon’s projection, right? Then there is no need to change anything in this blood sacrifice formation, you only need to have Just enough ‘raw materials’ will be enough.”
Rocky smiled bitterly, and he continued to outline the formation on the ground, but he still said slowly: “It depends on your group, after all.”
“After all, I’m not the ‘protagonist’.”
/On the other side, the selection actions of the four teams can be said to be both smooth and not smooth.
Yes, in just one day, more than 17,000 people in the entire city died of suicide, and they committed suicide before twelve o’clock last night. These people more or less knew that they were doomed, and they also knew Of course, there are more than a few people in the entire city who know the inside story about the relationsh

were all middle-aged and middle-aged. It was obvious that they had not done anything to seek power for personal gain, and the clothes on their bodies were also dusty. No different than the people around you.

When these five people came to the front, the middle-aged man briefly introduced Pei Jiao and others, and then he said to Pei Jiao: “Let’s go, there is a small stream outside the camp, it is quite clean. With Anjing, how about we just go there and talk?”
Pei Jiao nodded, and followed the six people with the rest. In addition to these six people, there were more than a dozen young people with fire axes or large machetes following behind. It was obvious that these six people also harbored suspicions about them. Be wary. After all, they came unexpectedly and made such strange requests, so you couldn’t help but be suspicious.
/Pei Jiao and others don’t care. They don’t have any ill intentions anyway. The most important thing now is to find out what happened quickly. If they want to follow, they can follow, not to mention these dozen young people with cold weapons. They were afraid that tens of thousands of troops with thermal weapons and heavy weapons would not pay attention to them, so they simply didn’t mention it and followed these six people to a jungle stream.
When the six people stopped, the dozen young people were standing not far away in a semi-surrounding manner. The six people each smiled and sat down on a few clean rocks at random, while Pei Jiao and others He didn’t care and just took a few rocks nearby and sat down. Then Pei Jiao couldn’t help but said: “I know you are a little suspicious of us, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s talk about our origins first, because the situation is a bit complicated. We couldn’t explain it at the moment. We were trapped somewhere for various reasons. We stayed there for more than a year and only escaped from there more than ten days ago. Who knew that as soon as we came out, we would find that the outside was completely empty? It has changed. There is almost no living person to be seen, and not a single corpse has been found. If we had not seen that the buildings were basically intact, we would have even thought that a nuclear war had occurred. So can you please tell us what happened in this world? What happened?”
/All six people showed expressions of astonishment and surprise, and this expression was more of a kind of disbelief. After a long time, the middle-aged man asked strangely: “I’m sorry, I don’t doubt you, it’s just that From what you said, it seems that you went to several small towns, are you the only ones? Didn’t you encounter anything along the way? How many people died?”
Pei Jiao shook his head and said: “Among us, none of us died on the way. As for us, we did encounter something on the way. To be precise, it was something similar to a ghost. At first glance, it looked like a phantom. It’s humanoid, but it keeps changing, and the image looks very scary, and I haven’t encountered anything else.”
The expressions of the six people became even weirder. They o

s to kill.

“A very high-level performance.” A young man’s voice came from the crowd: “Deliberately showing weakness, and then deliberately retreating, taking advantage of the opponent’s not paying attention, and giving the opponent a surprise blow, this is simply the same as Your Excellency’s attack on Zibero. The fortress is a replica.”
While talking, a man who didn’t look much older than Archduke Varedi came out. He was also wearing a military uniform.
Similar attire, similar age, but this person looks a little different from the others.
“It’s Lord Siswell.”
“The two jewels of the empire have finally met. I wonder what will happen?”
From the chaos and noise around him, Hull already knew the identity of the person in front of him. He could not have a good impression of this person who was as famous as him and was known as one of the “Twin Jewels of the Empire”.
However, superficial things still need to be done.
Hull put the gun back in his hand and showed a friendly smile.
Listening to the melodious wedding march and looking at the beautiful woman holding a bouquet next to her, Hull could only make a wry smile in his heart.
It was his wedding and he actually got married.
What made him smile even more was that the woman who was about to become his wife had no idea of ??his true identity.
There were more people attending the wedding than there were at the funeral at the beginning of the month.
What surprised Hull the most was that the gears also came.
Of course, Gear came as a representative of Chalon.
This makes perfect sense. Everyone who came to attend the wedding knew the relationship between young Earl Philip and Brownton’s local gangster Sharon. It was absolutely not rude for Sharon to send Gear to congratulate him.
At this moment, the gear is already a well-known big shot. His public identity is the chief manager around Sharon, but privately, many people regard him as the governor behind Bronton.
What made Hull dumbfounded were the two best men. The best man was Major Martin, who was appointed by Miss An Qi. In return, Hull also appointed a bridesmaid for his fiancée. The bridesmaid was of course the female spy Shasa.
This pairing is really interesting, and what’s even more interesting is that on the day before the wedding, rumors and rumors about the four of them spread quickly as if they had grown legs.
So walking on the bright red carpet today, Hull clearly saw that the faces of the people on both sides looked a little strange. They either look like they want to smile but can’t, or they simply cover their faces with their hands or a fan. The latter are mostly women.
“Did you do this intentionally?” Miss An Qi asked in a low voice, with no hint of anger in her voice.
Hull did not answer, still smiling half-smilingly.
After going through that duel, if he hadn’t noticed that someone was trying to cause trouble for him, the days of being on tenterhooks these past few years would have been in vain.
/Martin’s hesitation may be an accident. It’s no secret that this guy has heart but no

who can replace him?” Hull finally added: “This matter is urgent.”

Hearing what the boss said, Klitman immediately knew that the old liar was in trouble. Although he didn’t have much contact with him, he already knew what kind of person the boss was.
As Belms said, this boss is as generous as those princes from the far Eastern countries. However, all this person does is some “shady” things, so there must be no shame when working under him. What a mistake.
And for this reason, judging from the strength shown by this boss, the result of an errant subordinate falling into his hands may be more miserable than death.
Klitman remembered that he had made a big mistake in introducing Harlan. Now that his boss wanted him to introduce another person, he certainly didn’t dare to hesitate at all.
After thinking for a long time, Klitman took out a piece of paper and a pen from the side. He wrote a series of names on the paper. These were all candidates he thought could be qualified, but he had to choose the most suitable candidate and weigh them. After waiting for a long time, Klitman drew a horizontal line under the name of one of them, Binny Sabey.
“How’s it going with Beckhams?” Hull asked casually.
“The situation at Van Sai doesn’t look good.” Klitman replied immediately, because this is what he is good at. “I don’t know how a civilian assembly came out and elected a total of 240 civilian representatives.
“According to Beckhams, those elected are either impulsive and mindless guys, or they are unprincipled bad guys.”
“Where are the people who took our guns?” Hull asked.
“I’m afraid they will become a big trouble for us. We just gave them a batch of firearms. Within three days, the police sealed the warehouse and said that someone informed them that we were secretly smuggling weapons.” Klitman shrugged. He said with a shrug.
/“What happened next?” Hel asked with a frown.
“Fortunately, Beckhams always did things in a flawless manner. Those people had forty-five guns left, so Beckhams was alert, and he rechecked the goods that night.
“And I contacted the Army Department in advance, so an hour after the police seized it, the Army Department said hello to them. It’s okay now.” Klitman replied.
“In your opinion, how should we retaliate against them? Should we recruit another group of people? Or betray them to the police?” Hull asked.
“Are you asking for my opinion?” Klitman finally waited for this opportunity for him to show off his skills: “If I were Beckhams, I wouldn’t pay attention to them at all.
“We will neither give them further support nor carry out meaningless revenge, because there is no need. This will only draw the attention of the higher-ups of the Republic to us. If you really want to retaliate, you might as well wait until they are about to fail and take the opportunity to step on them hard. One kick.”
Hull thought for a while and finally nodded. He had to admit that this wretched guy’s suggestion was the easiest to implement and the safest.
“Kritman, please help me contact Mr. Sabei. I need to se

of doing, it just happened in a daze.

If the ghost ship was not a hostile force, he would have wanted to award the opponent a medal.
Find an opportunity to release the news and let everyone in the continent know that the top leaders of the Holy See are a group of nepotistic idiots.
However, the threat from the Holy See is gone, but the pressure on our coast has increased. The existence of ghost ships is also a threat to the kingdom.
It would be fine if the other party had been hiding in the foggy sea, but if he went out and became active in the outside world, he would be in big trouble.
That is a terrifying existence that can destroy the Holy See’s fleet! ”
Caesar IV said with mixed feelings.
It was not that he was worried about the losses of the coastal nobles, but mainly that in the coming war, the kingdom would rely heavily on the dried fish provided by the coastal provinces.
Lazy in the sun, Hudson enjoyed sunbathing. Five days have passed since the battle on Poison Dragon Island.
/After destroying all the ships, Hudson returned to the royal capital. As for the life and death of the Holy See and his party, it was no longer within his scope of consideration.
With the ghost ship watching, even if a merchant ship accidentally enters, it is impossible to take people away.
“Rescue,” just think about it. The evil reputation of the ghost ship has now resounded across the entire continent. Everyone knows that the three major fleets of the Holy See were completely destroyed in the foggy sea.
What exactly happened, except for Hudson as the mastermind, even Alpha Kingdom as a local snake, can only rely on their imaginations to guess, let alone others.
No matter how curious they are, no big power is willing to take meaningless risks with their wealth.
What’s more, a large amount of surviving news has not yet spread. The news received by the Holy See was that “the whole army was destroyed”. It would not organize a rescue at all, and it did not have the courage to send out a fleet to search and rescue again.
With his free time, Hudson’s attention returned to military training again. The focus of this training is not the standing army in the kingdom, but the newly put together elites of the kingdom.
Expeditions to carry out raids not only place high demands on the physical fitness of the soldiers, but also on the organizational and management abilities of the army. Strengthening cooperation among various forces is also a top priority.
It was originally agreed to send 50,000 troops, but in the end they couldn’t handle the public relations of the Principality of Moxi, so they had to increase the total troop strength to 100,000.
Of course, whether it is dispatching 50,000 reinforcements or 100,000 reinforcements, it is just an imaginary number. In the end, there are still so many people taking action, and the difference is limited to the counting method.
After a series of screenings, Hudson finally selected 35,000 men, which together with the number of livestock made up an army of 100,000.
It’s not th

derous intention just now. It can only be said that the temptation of gold coins is so powerful that it can even change the dragon’s decision.

After taking more than fifty steps back and feeling safe enough, the old Eagle Man slowly said: “Dear Lord Maxim, these are just greeting gifts, and they only represent the high respect of our Orc Empire for you.
The continent of Aslant is raging with war, and all races are restless and urgently need to establish a new order. How could such a grand event be without your participation?
We are here this time to invite you to attend the Continental Congress on behalf of the Orc Empire and witness the peace agreement reached by all races.
You can rest assured that everything will follow the old routine and nothing will be difficult for you.
After the work is completed, we will reward you with gold coins of the same volume. Your contribution to all races on the mainland will also be sung by bards forever! ”
/Having learned the lesson from last time, the old man Yingren was very successful in this round of flattery.
Not only did he give a big price, but he also held Maxim high without any mention of a deal, which was very in line with the red dragon’s appetite.
There is no need to doubt the dragon’s intelligence. As long as they are not in heat, they can be online most of the time.
Maxim knew the reason why the Orc Empire spent a lot of money to invite him to the Continental Congress. It was just to take advantage of the Dragon Clan’s power.
“Well, it’s okay to witness the Continental Congress. But I am only participating on behalf of my dragon. If I represent the dragon clan, you will have to pay extra!”
While speaking, Maxim had already stretched out his paws and started making gestures. Such a straightforward transaction stunned the old man Yingren.
Are all dragons so direct?
The dragons recorded in the classics are all arrogant and self-centered.
The red dragon in front of him obviously didn’t play by the rules. Generally speaking, only older Gu Long can develop this kind of face.
It doesn’t matter what he thinks in his heart, but the hawkish old man said hesitantly: “Here, the price will depend on what you say!”
If you dare to discuss business with a giant dragon, you must be mentally prepared to be ripped off. Anyway, this time he came on behalf of the Orc Empire. No matter how much money it cost, it would be paid by the Empire, so he was too lazy to risk bargaining.
This is based on lessons learned from the past. In the past, someone was accidentally slapped to death by the dragon while bargaining with the dragon.
The Alpha Kingdom wants to negotiate, and the Orc Empire also wants to negotiate. When both sides want to solve the problem through diplomacy, everything becomes easier.
Soon a mediation letter appeared on the desks of the leaders of various ethnic groups in the mainland. Affected by the mediation letter, the Human Alliance urgently announced a meeting.
All because there is a huge paw print on the mediation book. Nobles with a little knowledge can

as not broken the ice. The main reason is that after the alliance was formed: the kingdom paid more and gained less.

The almost perfect explanation made the atmosphere in the hall solemn again. Everyone is poor, and it is extremely difficult to get benefits from each other.
It’s not just the Alpha Kingdom that feels the pressure. Ever since the news came out that Charles III wanted to proclaim himself emperor, the entire continent has exploded.
The difference is: the members of the alien alliance are eating melons and watching the fun, but the major human forces are wailing.
The Frankish Kingdom showed signs of becoming a superpower. How could the rival Holy See and the Iliban Kingdom not react?
It’s just that there are quite a few conflicts between the two families and they lack the motivation to unite, so they haven’t come together for a long time.
If Charles III proclaimed himself emperor, it would be completely different. “Emperor” is not only a noble title, but also has terrifying political influence.
All the human race countries have gone to follow the Franks. Isn’t it embarrassing for the two families?
If no measures are taken to counterattack, under the pressure of the hegemonic power, their competitors may completely decline within a few decades.
Civil strife is about to break out, and it is impossible not to panic. If it weren’t for the lack of strength, the lack of weight in words, and the fact that it was just a rumor at the moment, I’m afraid many countries would have become lobbyists in the past.
The Kingdom of Hesse, as one of the unlucky countries in the Central Continent, has endured pressure beyond its own limits.
“Is the news confirmed?
Charles III, that bastard really wants to become emperor? ”
Alexander V asked eagerly.
The royal families of the world are one family, and the Hessian royal family and the Frankish royal family are also closely related. From the perspective of seniority, Alexander V is still the elder of Charles III.
But this doesn’t make any sense.
Everyone is a pragmatist. When making decisions, no one cares about these illusory relationships, or even exerts influence.
“Your Majesty, judging from the intelligence collected so far, the Frankish Kingdom is indeed preparing for Charles III to proclaim himself emperor.
However, the authenticity needs further verification. Maybe this is a smoke bomb released by the Franks, just to test the reaction of various countries. ”
/Marquis Krasner replied anxiously.
This answer was tantamount to saying nothing, but the matter was so big and there were so many factors involved that he didn’t dare to draw a conclusion easily.
In the current international situation, the Frankish Kingdom is of great significance to the Hessian Kingdom. If you make a mistake in judgment and lead to the deterioration of relations between the two countries, you will become a sinner of the kingdom.
After giving a cold shout, Alexander V said in a cold tone: “If you can’t handle such a small thing, what does your Ministry of Foreign Affa

t, readily paid the fine without blinking an eye. Others were fined in single digits or double digits, so there was no need to feel sad.

The feelings of the nobles in Northern Xinjiang are different. In addition to family funding, there is also a lot of hard-earned money that they have sacrificed their lives for.
It’s all money, and when they pay it out, it must be hard-earned money, at least deep down they think so.
/The physical pain is second, but the key is that after the financial resources are weakened, the development of the territory is also greatly affected.
In order to reduce fines and in exchange for the local nobles lifting the blockade, many nobles were forced to return most of the robbed population.
We are almost running out of food. We really can’t afford to support so many people, even if we don’t compromise.
After all the fuss, all the wallets that had the energy to make a fuss were shriveled up. After a few years of rest and recuperation, these people don’t have the capital to make a fuss.
“Hudson, have you made less money recently?”
Adrian Knight said enviously.
They are both strugglers. It took two generations of hard work, father and son, to get a fiefdom by chance, and Hudson reached the height he looked up to as soon as he appeared on the scene.
In order to obtain resources for development, he even gave up the face that the nobles valued most. As a result, when I looked at my distant cousin, the gap between the two parties widened even further.
“It’s a small business, just making some hard-earned money. Even this is not peaceful, and I worry about being noticed.
Adrian, your gains this time are not small, right?
Those more than 7,000 people have crossed the clear path this time, and they all belong to you. The funniest thing is that these idiots want to apologize and pay compensation to you.
Although you don’t have much money, your name as Knight Adrian has resounded throughout the two counties. Now who doesn’t know that you are the most difficult knight in the two counties! ”
It is indeed hard-earned money, and it is hard to collect the money.
The goods delivered, whether they were weapons and equipment, pots and pans, or various farm tools, were all sold out.
/The deposit alone was received, and all the orders put together were enough to keep the territory busy for half a year.
It was difficult to calculate the profit, but the payment received was as high as eight thousand gold coins, and there was also a deposit of thirteen thousand gold coins.
If all subsequent products are sold, thirty-five thousand gold coins will be recorded.
It is estimated that after this business is completed, the investment in the early development of the territory will be fully recovered. If cost control is good, you should still be able to make some money.
The main reason is that the customers’ pockets are not rich. If Earl Pierce hadn’t killed them first and weakened the purchasing power of customers, the total order volume might have increased by 10,000 to 8,000 yuan.
It was precisely

ed to exist, and the coalition intervention came to nothing.

Except for the Holy See, the Frankish Kingdom, and the Iliban Kingdom, which still want to intervene, the Five-Nation Alliance has completely lost interest.
The ownership of the throne of the Falcon Kingdom means nothing to the Five Nations Alliance.
They would only be happy to see the rebels disperse on their own. The subsequent armed suppression is a matter for the new king and does not need outsiders to worry about.
No matter who takes the throne, the first priority is to avenge Henry V, and then he can legally inherit the royal family.
Without the intervention of the Five Nations Alliance, the Falcon Kingdom was still bustling with activity. The intervention of the Holy See, Frank, and Iberia directly divided the Falcon Kingdom’s nobles into three.
Around the vacant throne, the three major camps launched a fierce competition. For a time, even the thought of suppressing rebellion was diluted a lot.
Hudson is not very clear about the specific situation. Anyway, he knew that the Falcon Kingdom was very lively at the moment.
How long this farce will last depends not on the internal fighting among the local nobles of the Falcon Kingdom, but on the game between the three major forces behind it.
/There was no time to worry about the future of the Falcon Kingdom. As soon as the floods ended, Hudson’s attention was drawn to the Orc Prairie.
The Xueyue Territory, which sits on Xueyue Lake, has encountered a severe drought, and the situation of the Orc Empire will only get worse.
The occurrence of natural disasters has intensified the conflicts between various ethnic groups. In order to compete for water sources, firefights often broke out between the orc tribes on the prairie.
Even if the imperial court issued a truce order, it would become worthless in the face of the pressure of tribe survival.
The piling up of social conflicts will inevitably affect the strategic decisions of the Orc Empire. Referring to the past practice of natural disasters, they always ended with orcs invading the kingdom.
If you win on the battlefield, you can rely on the spoils of war to survive the crisis; if you unfortunately encounter a defeat, then the person who caused the problem is gone.
If you think about it from another perspective, if Hudson were a senior member of the Orc Empire, he would also choose to use war to divert domestic conflicts.
As for the vitality of all ethnic groups, they are not suitable for starting a war. Facing the pressure of racial survival, it is really not an insurmountable difficulty.
Looking at the intelligence collected in hand, in just one month, hundreds of tribal conflicts broke out within the orc empire in order to compete for water sources and pasture.
This is just statistical data. The kingdom’s intelligence department’s penetration into the Orc Empire is not unlimited, and there are still large areas that are completely blank.
Hudson has not forgotten that in addition to the prairie, the Orc Empire also has large areas of hills