rious inhumane experiments, the existence of the soul pool, the core of Nether and other secrets, including the branch of the soul plan, Superman Planning is also among what they look at.

Yang Dingtian and the other four were stunned for a moment. Zhang Heng responded quickly and immediately: “The result? All the experimental subjects exploded and died. After death, even their souls did not appear. They were completely destroyed. Just after those researchers injected a luminous liquid into their bodies, it took at most ten seconds for it to explode.”
Pei Jiao quickly looked at Valkyrie and said, “Could it be that the luminous liquid they injected was the melted obsession? Before, I thought that the so-called Superman Project was to use high-tech means to cultivate high-level humans similar to Superman.” People with physical abilities, but according to you, this Superman Project is an advanced branch of the Soul Project. Could it be said that it allows living people to have the same abilities as souls? Can they rely on obsession to strengthen themselves!?”
/Valkyrie nodded and said: “Yes, that’s what the Ring of the Nibelungs represents. I think you have seen the fusion between Rocky and the projection of the world snake before, right? The three demon king-level peaks Ghosts, their spiritual imprints have been erased when they are captured, so their combat effectiveness is greatly reduced compared to the real peak demon king-level ghosts. In particular, some special moves can no longer be used, such as the previous move. The flinch cannon must be combined with Rocky and relies on Rocky’s consciousness control to use it. But how can the combination be so simple? Let’s not talk about the strength gap between the two. Each soul and ghost are completely different. With his own obsession, if Rocky forcibly merges with the World Serpent, the only result will be to be swallowed by it and become nutrients in the World Serpent’s body. Therefore, Rocky must rely on the Ring of Nibelung. This is a This is the pinnacle of alchemy that changes energy, fuses energy, imprisons energy, and even controls energy!” When he said this, Valkyrie’s eyes flashed with that frightening and fanatical light.
Yang Xuguang next to him said: “In other words, as long as you wear this ring, Neodymium Chen will be like our free souls. Except that it does not have standard energy, it can eat obsession food, and it will not be like those in the video. Are you going to explode like a human being?”
Valkyrie affirmed: “That’s right, and this is the real ring of imprisonment, the Ring of the Nibelungs. It is completely different from those substitutes. It is a 100% safe creation. In fact, I heard you I think the spiritual pond building mentioned is what the world government built to replace the Ring of Nibelung. If the negative effects of energy cannot be eliminated, then the best way is to generate the same type of energy to offset it and lose it. Without the Ring of Nibelung, the World Government can still activate the intermediate soul defense system