of doing, it just happened in a daze.

If the ghost ship was not a hostile force, he would have wanted to award the opponent a medal.
Find an opportunity to release the news and let everyone in the continent know that the top leaders of the Holy See are a group of nepotistic idiots.
However, the threat from the Holy See is gone, but the pressure on our coast has increased. The existence of ghost ships is also a threat to the kingdom.
It would be fine if the other party had been hiding in the foggy sea, but if he went out and became active in the outside world, he would be in big trouble.
That is a terrifying existence that can destroy the Holy See’s fleet! ”
Caesar IV said with mixed feelings.
It was not that he was worried about the losses of the coastal nobles, but mainly that in the coming war, the kingdom would rely heavily on the dried fish provided by the coastal provinces.
Lazy in the sun, Hudson enjoyed sunbathing. Five days have passed since the battle on Poison Dragon Island.
/After destroying all the ships, Hudson returned to the royal capital. As for the life and death of the Holy See and his party, it was no longer within his scope of consideration.
With the ghost ship watching, even if a merchant ship accidentally enters, it is impossible to take people away.
“Rescue,” just think about it. The evil reputation of the ghost ship has now resounded across the entire continent. Everyone knows that the three major fleets of the Holy See were completely destroyed in the foggy sea.
What exactly happened, except for Hudson as the mastermind, even Alpha Kingdom as a local snake, can only rely on their imaginations to guess, let alone others.
No matter how curious they are, no big power is willing to take meaningless risks with their wealth.
What’s more, a large amount of surviving news has not yet spread. The news received by the Holy See was that “the whole army was destroyed”. It would not organize a rescue at all, and it did not have the courage to send out a fleet to search and rescue again.
With his free time, Hudson’s attention returned to military training again. The focus of this training is not the standing army in the kingdom, but the newly put together elites of the kingdom.
Expeditions to carry out raids not only place high demands on the physical fitness of the soldiers, but also on the organizational and management abilities of the army. Strengthening cooperation among various forces is also a top priority.
It was originally agreed to send 50,000 troops, but in the end they couldn’t handle the public relations of the Principality of Moxi, so they had to increase the total troop strength to 100,000.
Of course, whether it is dispatching 50,000 reinforcements or 100,000 reinforcements, it is just an imaginary number. In the end, there are still so many people taking action, and the difference is limited to the counting method.
After a series of screenings, Hudson finally selected 35,000 men, which together with the number of livestock made up an army of 100,000.
It’s not th