as not broken the ice. The main reason is that after the alliance was formed: the kingdom paid more and gained less.

The almost perfect explanation made the atmosphere in the hall solemn again. Everyone is poor, and it is extremely difficult to get benefits from each other.
It’s not just the Alpha Kingdom that feels the pressure. Ever since the news came out that Charles III wanted to proclaim himself emperor, the entire continent has exploded.
The difference is: the members of the alien alliance are eating melons and watching the fun, but the major human forces are wailing.
The Frankish Kingdom showed signs of becoming a superpower. How could the rival Holy See and the Iliban Kingdom not react?
It’s just that there are quite a few conflicts between the two families and they lack the motivation to unite, so they haven’t come together for a long time.
If Charles III proclaimed himself emperor, it would be completely different. “Emperor” is not only a noble title, but also has terrifying political influence.
All the human race countries have gone to follow the Franks. Isn’t it embarrassing for the two families?
If no measures are taken to counterattack, under the pressure of the hegemonic power, their competitors may completely decline within a few decades.
Civil strife is about to break out, and it is impossible not to panic. If it weren’t for the lack of strength, the lack of weight in words, and the fact that it was just a rumor at the moment, I’m afraid many countries would have become lobbyists in the past.
The Kingdom of Hesse, as one of the unlucky countries in the Central Continent, has endured pressure beyond its own limits.
“Is the news confirmed?
Charles III, that bastard really wants to become emperor? ”
Alexander V asked eagerly.
The royal families of the world are one family, and the Hessian royal family and the Frankish royal family are also closely related. From the perspective of seniority, Alexander V is still the elder of Charles III.
But this doesn’t make any sense.
Everyone is a pragmatist. When making decisions, no one cares about these illusory relationships, or even exerts influence.
“Your Majesty, judging from the intelligence collected so far, the Frankish Kingdom is indeed preparing for Charles III to proclaim himself emperor.
However, the authenticity needs further verification. Maybe this is a smoke bomb released by the Franks, just to test the reaction of various countries. ”
/Marquis Krasner replied anxiously.
This answer was tantamount to saying nothing, but the matter was so big and there were so many factors involved that he didn’t dare to draw a conclusion easily.
In the current international situation, the Frankish Kingdom is of great significance to the Hessian Kingdom. If you make a mistake in judgment and lead to the deterioration of relations between the two countries, you will become a sinner of the kingdom.
After giving a cold shout, Alexander V said in a cold tone: “If you can’t handle such a small thing, what does your Ministry of Foreign Affa