were all middle-aged and middle-aged. It was obvious that they had not done anything to seek power for personal gain, and the clothes on their bodies were also dusty. No different than the people around you.

When these five people came to the front, the middle-aged man briefly introduced Pei Jiao and others, and then he said to Pei Jiao: “Let’s go, there is a small stream outside the camp, it is quite clean. With Anjing, how about we just go there and talk?”
Pei Jiao nodded, and followed the six people with the rest. In addition to these six people, there were more than a dozen young people with fire axes or large machetes following behind. It was obvious that these six people also harbored suspicions about them. Be wary. After all, they came unexpectedly and made such strange requests, so you couldn’t help but be suspicious.
/Pei Jiao and others don’t care. They don’t have any ill intentions anyway. The most important thing now is to find out what happened quickly. If they want to follow, they can follow, not to mention these dozen young people with cold weapons. They were afraid that tens of thousands of troops with thermal weapons and heavy weapons would not pay attention to them, so they simply didn’t mention it and followed these six people to a jungle stream.
When the six people stopped, the dozen young people were standing not far away in a semi-surrounding manner. The six people each smiled and sat down on a few clean rocks at random, while Pei Jiao and others He didn’t care and just took a few rocks nearby and sat down. Then Pei Jiao couldn’t help but said: “I know you are a little suspicious of us, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s talk about our origins first, because the situation is a bit complicated. We couldn’t explain it at the moment. We were trapped somewhere for various reasons. We stayed there for more than a year and only escaped from there more than ten days ago. Who knew that as soon as we came out, we would find that the outside was completely empty? It has changed. There is almost no living person to be seen, and not a single corpse has been found. If we had not seen that the buildings were basically intact, we would have even thought that a nuclear war had occurred. So can you please tell us what happened in this world? What happened?”
/All six people showed expressions of astonishment and surprise, and this expression was more of a kind of disbelief. After a long time, the middle-aged man asked strangely: “I’m sorry, I don’t doubt you, it’s just that From what you said, it seems that you went to several small towns, are you the only ones? Didn’t you encounter anything along the way? How many people died?”
Pei Jiao shook his head and said: “Among us, none of us died on the way. As for us, we did encounter something on the way. To be precise, it was something similar to a ghost. At first glance, it looked like a phantom. It’s humanoid, but it keeps changing, and the image looks very scary, and I haven’t encountered anything else.”
The expressions of the six people became even weirder. They o