who can replace him?” Hull finally added: “This matter is urgent.”

Hearing what the boss said, Klitman immediately knew that the old liar was in trouble. Although he didn’t have much contact with him, he already knew what kind of person the boss was.
As Belms said, this boss is as generous as those princes from the far Eastern countries. However, all this person does is some “shady” things, so there must be no shame when working under him. What a mistake.
And for this reason, judging from the strength shown by this boss, the result of an errant subordinate falling into his hands may be more miserable than death.
Klitman remembered that he had made a big mistake in introducing Harlan. Now that his boss wanted him to introduce another person, he certainly didn’t dare to hesitate at all.
After thinking for a long time, Klitman took out a piece of paper and a pen from the side. He wrote a series of names on the paper. These were all candidates he thought could be qualified, but he had to choose the most suitable candidate and weigh them. After waiting for a long time, Klitman drew a horizontal line under the name of one of them, Binny Sabey.
“How’s it going with Beckhams?” Hull asked casually.
“The situation at Van Sai doesn’t look good.” Klitman replied immediately, because this is what he is good at. “I don’t know how a civilian assembly came out and elected a total of 240 civilian representatives.
“According to Beckhams, those elected are either impulsive and mindless guys, or they are unprincipled bad guys.”
“Where are the people who took our guns?” Hull asked.
“I’m afraid they will become a big trouble for us. We just gave them a batch of firearms. Within three days, the police sealed the warehouse and said that someone informed them that we were secretly smuggling weapons.” Klitman shrugged. He said with a shrug.
/“What happened next?” Hel asked with a frown.
“Fortunately, Beckhams always did things in a flawless manner. Those people had forty-five guns left, so Beckhams was alert, and he rechecked the goods that night.
“And I contacted the Army Department in advance, so an hour after the police seized it, the Army Department said hello to them. It’s okay now.” Klitman replied.
“In your opinion, how should we retaliate against them? Should we recruit another group of people? Or betray them to the police?” Hull asked.
“Are you asking for my opinion?” Klitman finally waited for this opportunity for him to show off his skills: “If I were Beckhams, I wouldn’t pay attention to them at all.
“We will neither give them further support nor carry out meaningless revenge, because there is no need. This will only draw the attention of the higher-ups of the Republic to us. If you really want to retaliate, you might as well wait until they are about to fail and take the opportunity to step on them hard. One kick.”
Hull thought for a while and finally nodded. He had to admit that this wretched guy’s suggestion was the easiest to implement and the safest.
“Kritman, please help me contact Mr. Sabei. I need to se