can connect to “Gaia” from reality. This cannot be accomplished by technological means. It needs to start from the essence of life. For example, the Holy Soul is enough, and below the Holy Soul No, such a metaphor.

However, what Xue Na knows about the history of the Three-Eyed Tribe is that after the Great Fall Era began, many ordinary Three-Eyed Tribes performed blood sacrifices. In other words, this blood sacrifice method is a complete and stable technological method. , and is not bound by its own life essence, but this blood sacrifice eventually led to the emergence of “original sin”. Not to mention, the most critical reason is why this “technology” that completes the blood sacrifice has not been preserved. ? Even if there is no blood sacrifice, this kind of technology can also be said to be an epoch-making great technology. It can be compared to great technologies such as causality rate, space-time technology, etc. Why not retain it?
“In other words, there are two possibilities. One is that there is no connection between the two parties, but different people discovered the same rules, resulting in the same technology at two different times.”
“The other one is the same technology invented by the same person at two different times.”
Xue Na took a deep breath and murmured to herself: “Time Corridor”
If all these inferences are really to be established, then the only possibility is the time corridor.
(Hmph, Valkyrie! Don’t think that you are the only one who can deduce and plan! I am also the one who has always stood behind brother Odin! I was able to be on par with you in wisdom and maybe slightly inferior to you, but now Compared with your reincarnation, it’s just that my advantage is greater. In this life, brother Odin must be mine!)
Xue Na pouted her little mouth and clenched her hands. Although she looked very serious, her small and cute appearance, coupled with the age shown in her appearance, seemed to be the only word left for cute, and the one beside her Rocky looked at her serious look inexplicably.
Rocky asked very curiously: “What’s wrong? Have you thought of anything important?”
Xue Na quickly raised her head and said with a smile: “No, it’s nothing, it’s not an important thing. Now you just need to resurrect the sky dragon’s projection, right? Then there is no need to change anything in this blood sacrifice formation, you only need to have Just enough ‘raw materials’ will be enough.”
Rocky smiled bitterly, and he continued to outline the formation on the ground, but he still said slowly: “It depends on your group, after all.”
“After all, I’m not the ‘protagonist’.”
/On the other side, the selection actions of the four teams can be said to be both smooth and not smooth.
Yes, in just one day, more than 17,000 people in the entire city died of suicide, and they committed suicide before twelve o’clock last night. These people more or less knew that they were doomed, and they also knew Of course, there are more than a few people in the entire city who know the inside story about the relationsh