ed to exist, and the coalition intervention came to nothing.

Except for the Holy See, the Frankish Kingdom, and the Iliban Kingdom, which still want to intervene, the Five-Nation Alliance has completely lost interest.
The ownership of the throne of the Falcon Kingdom means nothing to the Five Nations Alliance.
They would only be happy to see the rebels disperse on their own. The subsequent armed suppression is a matter for the new king and does not need outsiders to worry about.
No matter who takes the throne, the first priority is to avenge Henry V, and then he can legally inherit the royal family.
Without the intervention of the Five Nations Alliance, the Falcon Kingdom was still bustling with activity. The intervention of the Holy See, Frank, and Iberia directly divided the Falcon Kingdom’s nobles into three.
Around the vacant throne, the three major camps launched a fierce competition. For a time, even the thought of suppressing rebellion was diluted a lot.
Hudson is not very clear about the specific situation. Anyway, he knew that the Falcon Kingdom was very lively at the moment.
How long this farce will last depends not on the internal fighting among the local nobles of the Falcon Kingdom, but on the game between the three major forces behind it.
/There was no time to worry about the future of the Falcon Kingdom. As soon as the floods ended, Hudson’s attention was drawn to the Orc Prairie.
The Xueyue Territory, which sits on Xueyue Lake, has encountered a severe drought, and the situation of the Orc Empire will only get worse.
The occurrence of natural disasters has intensified the conflicts between various ethnic groups. In order to compete for water sources, firefights often broke out between the orc tribes on the prairie.
Even if the imperial court issued a truce order, it would become worthless in the face of the pressure of tribe survival.
The piling up of social conflicts will inevitably affect the strategic decisions of the Orc Empire. Referring to the past practice of natural disasters, they always ended with orcs invading the kingdom.
If you win on the battlefield, you can rely on the spoils of war to survive the crisis; if you unfortunately encounter a defeat, then the person who caused the problem is gone.
If you think about it from another perspective, if Hudson were a senior member of the Orc Empire, he would also choose to use war to divert domestic conflicts.
As for the vitality of all ethnic groups, they are not suitable for starting a war. Facing the pressure of racial survival, it is really not an insurmountable difficulty.
Looking at the intelligence collected in hand, in just one month, hundreds of tribal conflicts broke out within the orc empire in order to compete for water sources and pasture.
This is just statistical data. The kingdom’s intelligence department’s penetration into the Orc Empire is not unlimited, and there are still large areas that are completely blank.
Hudson has not forgotten that in addition to the prairie, the Orc Empire also has large areas of hills