derous intention just now. It can only be said that the temptation of gold coins is so powerful that it can even change the dragon’s decision.

After taking more than fifty steps back and feeling safe enough, the old Eagle Man slowly said: “Dear Lord Maxim, these are just greeting gifts, and they only represent the high respect of our Orc Empire for you.
The continent of Aslant is raging with war, and all races are restless and urgently need to establish a new order. How could such a grand event be without your participation?
We are here this time to invite you to attend the Continental Congress on behalf of the Orc Empire and witness the peace agreement reached by all races.
You can rest assured that everything will follow the old routine and nothing will be difficult for you.
After the work is completed, we will reward you with gold coins of the same volume. Your contribution to all races on the mainland will also be sung by bards forever! ”
/Having learned the lesson from last time, the old man Yingren was very successful in this round of flattery.
Not only did he give a big price, but he also held Maxim high without any mention of a deal, which was very in line with the red dragon’s appetite.
There is no need to doubt the dragon’s intelligence. As long as they are not in heat, they can be online most of the time.
Maxim knew the reason why the Orc Empire spent a lot of money to invite him to the Continental Congress. It was just to take advantage of the Dragon Clan’s power.
“Well, it’s okay to witness the Continental Congress. But I am only participating on behalf of my dragon. If I represent the dragon clan, you will have to pay extra!”
While speaking, Maxim had already stretched out his paws and started making gestures. Such a straightforward transaction stunned the old man Yingren.
Are all dragons so direct?
The dragons recorded in the classics are all arrogant and self-centered.
The red dragon in front of him obviously didn’t play by the rules. Generally speaking, only older Gu Long can develop this kind of face.
It doesn’t matter what he thinks in his heart, but the hawkish old man said hesitantly: “Here, the price will depend on what you say!”
If you dare to discuss business with a giant dragon, you must be mentally prepared to be ripped off. Anyway, this time he came on behalf of the Orc Empire. No matter how much money it cost, it would be paid by the Empire, so he was too lazy to risk bargaining.
This is based on lessons learned from the past. In the past, someone was accidentally slapped to death by the dragon while bargaining with the dragon.
The Alpha Kingdom wants to negotiate, and the Orc Empire also wants to negotiate. When both sides want to solve the problem through diplomacy, everything becomes easier.
Soon a mediation letter appeared on the desks of the leaders of various ethnic groups in the mainland. Affected by the mediation letter, the Human Alliance urgently announced a meeting.
All because there is a huge paw print on the mediation book. Nobles with a little knowledge can