s to kill.

“A very high-level performance.” A young man’s voice came from the crowd: “Deliberately showing weakness, and then deliberately retreating, taking advantage of the opponent’s not paying attention, and giving the opponent a surprise blow, this is simply the same as Your Excellency’s attack on Zibero. The fortress is a replica.”
While talking, a man who didn’t look much older than Archduke Varedi came out. He was also wearing a military uniform.
Similar attire, similar age, but this person looks a little different from the others.
“It’s Lord Siswell.”
“The two jewels of the empire have finally met. I wonder what will happen?”
From the chaos and noise around him, Hull already knew the identity of the person in front of him. He could not have a good impression of this person who was as famous as him and was known as one of the “Twin Jewels of the Empire”.
However, superficial things still need to be done.
Hull put the gun back in his hand and showed a friendly smile.
Listening to the melodious wedding march and looking at the beautiful woman holding a bouquet next to her, Hull could only make a wry smile in his heart.
It was his wedding and he actually got married.
What made him smile even more was that the woman who was about to become his wife had no idea of ??his true identity.
There were more people attending the wedding than there were at the funeral at the beginning of the month.
What surprised Hull the most was that the gears also came.
Of course, Gear came as a representative of Chalon.
This makes perfect sense. Everyone who came to attend the wedding knew the relationship between young Earl Philip and Brownton’s local gangster Sharon. It was absolutely not rude for Sharon to send Gear to congratulate him.
At this moment, the gear is already a well-known big shot. His public identity is the chief manager around Sharon, but privately, many people regard him as the governor behind Bronton.
What made Hull dumbfounded were the two best men. The best man was Major Martin, who was appointed by Miss An Qi. In return, Hull also appointed a bridesmaid for his fiancée. The bridesmaid was of course the female spy Shasa.
This pairing is really interesting, and what’s even more interesting is that on the day before the wedding, rumors and rumors about the four of them spread quickly as if they had grown legs.
So walking on the bright red carpet today, Hull clearly saw that the faces of the people on both sides looked a little strange. They either look like they want to smile but can’t, or they simply cover their faces with their hands or a fan. The latter are mostly women.
“Did you do this intentionally?” Miss An Qi asked in a low voice, with no hint of anger in her voice.
Hull did not answer, still smiling half-smilingly.
After going through that duel, if he hadn’t noticed that someone was trying to cause trouble for him, the days of being on tenterhooks these past few years would have been in vain.
/Martin’s hesitation may be an accident. It’s no secret that this guy has heart but no