t, readily paid the fine without blinking an eye. Others were fined in single digits or double digits, so there was no need to feel sad.

The feelings of the nobles in Northern Xinjiang are different. In addition to family funding, there is also a lot of hard-earned money that they have sacrificed their lives for.
It’s all money, and when they pay it out, it must be hard-earned money, at least deep down they think so.
/The physical pain is second, but the key is that after the financial resources are weakened, the development of the territory is also greatly affected.
In order to reduce fines and in exchange for the local nobles lifting the blockade, many nobles were forced to return most of the robbed population.
We are almost running out of food. We really can’t afford to support so many people, even if we don’t compromise.
After all the fuss, all the wallets that had the energy to make a fuss were shriveled up. After a few years of rest and recuperation, these people don’t have the capital to make a fuss.
“Hudson, have you made less money recently?”
Adrian Knight said enviously.
They are both strugglers. It took two generations of hard work, father and son, to get a fiefdom by chance, and Hudson reached the height he looked up to as soon as he appeared on the scene.
In order to obtain resources for development, he even gave up the face that the nobles valued most. As a result, when I looked at my distant cousin, the gap between the two parties widened even further.
“It’s a small business, just making some hard-earned money. Even this is not peaceful, and I worry about being noticed.
Adrian, your gains this time are not small, right?
Those more than 7,000 people have crossed the clear path this time, and they all belong to you. The funniest thing is that these idiots want to apologize and pay compensation to you.
Although you don’t have much money, your name as Knight Adrian has resounded throughout the two counties. Now who doesn’t know that you are the most difficult knight in the two counties! ”
It is indeed hard-earned money, and it is hard to collect the money.
The goods delivered, whether they were weapons and equipment, pots and pans, or various farm tools, were all sold out.
/The deposit alone was received, and all the orders put together were enough to keep the territory busy for half a year.
It was difficult to calculate the profit, but the payment received was as high as eight thousand gold coins, and there was also a deposit of thirteen thousand gold coins.
If all subsequent products are sold, thirty-five thousand gold coins will be recorded.
It is estimated that after this business is completed, the investment in the early development of the territory will be fully recovered. If cost control is good, you should still be able to make some money.
The main reason is that the customers’ pockets are not rich. If Earl Pierce hadn’t killed them first and weakened the purchasing power of customers, the total order volume might have increased by 10,000 to 8,000 yuan.
It was precisely