at the end and took Courtney Lee with the 29th pick.

at the end and took Courtney Lee with the 29th pick.
Li is a 3D player, but his upper limit is more than just 3D. He performed very well as a star player in college.
The Magic’s lineup last season was already excellent, but it was slightly weak at the shooting guard position.
/Picking up Li now can be regarded as directly filling the ring.
In this way, even if the Celtics return to form next season and encounter the Magic, it’s hard to say who will win and who will lose.
Jordan played very well in the NCAA tournament, but after entering the knockout rounds, he was abandoned due to his rough skills.
His “worst game” was against Kevin Love, where he scored only 6 points and committed 4 turnovers.
This caused him, who was originally a guaranteed lottery pick, to fall directly out of the first round.
Sun Hao was silent for a while when he saw this.
The Warriors have Ibaka plus Oden, and the Grizzlies have the black and white duo, plus DeAndre Jordan. The two teams’ insiders
only left for a while, but if they come back later, this game will be a bit difficult to play.
The draft ended and Sun Hao was blocked by a bunch of fans when he left the field.
Apart from signing autographs and taking photos, the most asked question is when will he come back.
Sun Hao’s answer at first was quick, quick, quick, but he kept being asked more questions later.
“The summer of 2009 at the latest.”
He could only give one answer in the end.
This answer is also a relatively reliable one.
Because Scarlett’s due date is the end of this year, when his son is born, he will spend half a year with his son and get back to his playing state.
At that time, it was the 2009~2010 season, which was about the same time.
After he told this exact number, the fans were willing to let him go.
Well, although he left, the news was quickly announced on social media.
For a time, all the news including Rose’s hot rookies were covered up.
“He will be back next season!”
The fans’ expectations are reflected in the hot comments one after another.
Just like the league without Jordan in the last century felt boring, the league without Sun Hao now always feels like something is missing.
Now that there is finally some slightly more certain news, fans are naturally paying close attention to it.
And among these comments, one is particularly interesting.
“2008~2009 season, the last season!”
This sentence is quite connotative.
But with a little understanding, you will know what this sentence really means.
Because Sun Hao came back in the 2009~2010 season.
The only championship that others can really snatch away is the 2008~2009 season!
This sentence itself is definitely a joke, but many people think it is likely to be true.
Therefore, it can be predicted that the NBA next season will definitely be much more intense than last season.
/The draft is over, and fans’ attention quickly turns to this year’s free agent market.
Compared with last year, this year’s free market is full of big names.
Duncan, Garnett, Y