ear in the NBA again.

ear in the NBA again.
There is excitement and even more touching!
Everyone on the Warriors made a funny move when they came out. When Sun Hao finally stood up from the bench, he also made a three-point shooting move.
/This scene immediately added a lot of whistles to the cheers at the scene.
As the locals do, Sun Hao blends in very quickly!
After the opening ceremony, the Warriors players formed a circle, clenched their right fists together, and shouted the Warriors’ slogan.
“It’s Time! Warriors!”
This scene was also captured by the photographer at the scene.
After finishing the final arrangements before the game, the starting players from both sides came on stage one after another.
It was at this time that Sun Hao noticed that there was a gaze on him from the opposite side.
He looked up and saw that it was Gasol. He was about to jump the ball, but his eyes were always on him.
Sun Hao smiled at him, and he laughed too.
Outside of the NBA, in addition to beating his brother, he also fought with Sun Hao!
The referee whistled, and Sun Hao’s comeback battle officially began!
Oden jumped first and moved the ball back to half court, and the Warriors got the opportunity to attack first!
Livingston controlled the ball for half the game.
In this starting lineup arranged by Nelson, Sun Hao played as a shooting guard.
Livingston’s organization at the top of the arc, Sun Hao and Durant each moved around the pick-and-roll.
When he was with the Mavericks, Nelson had proven that he was not incapable of positional warfare, but only if you gave him a suitable lineup.
The year the Mavericks won the championship, the trio of Sun Hao, Nowitzki and Bodilloga was difficult for opponents to defend in position battles.
They focused their defense on Sun Hao.
Although he has just come back after retiring, as the opening host said, the reputation he accumulated before retiring has always been there!
Durant came out and got an excellent shot opportunity.
Livingston, who is 2.01 meters tall, has a wide view of the open space and delivers the ball in advance.
Durant took a decisive shot after catching the ball.
Just vote and you’ll have it!
Just like when he played against the Suns in the last game, he took the shot for the first time and scored for the first time!
But the difference is that the difficulty level of this ball is obviously smaller than that ball!
Maggette has poor shooting ability. When starting with him, the opponent’s defensive focus is entirely on him.
But now partnered with Sun Hao, the defensive pressure has plummeted.
This feeling is so good!
Rose controlled the ball for half the court and then gave the ball to Gay.
Although he is the No. 1 pick, he is still a rookie after all. The current scoring leader and core player of the Grizzlies is Gay.
After Gay holds the ball, Gasol pulls outside to pick and roll.
/A breakthrough from Guy with a dramatic change of direction.
Oden moved laterally too slowly to keep up, and Guy swished