his body twitching in pain.

his body twitching in pain.
After the door closed, he had to sit in the gassed carriage until the next stop.
The whole underground looked like the end of the world, and the scene was miserable
. Han Xuan didn’t know about this yet, but he would definitely be the winner of this year’s Best Newcomer Award, if there was such an award.
Humming the theme song of “Farewell My Concubine” “When Love Is a Past”, I held a copy of Shogakukan’s comic magazine “Weekly Shōnen Sunday” in my hand.
It is serializing Gosho Aoyama’s latest work, “Detective Conan”.
This comic is obviously not suitable for children. Some of the plots are too bloody, but the previous plot is indeed quite attractive.
It was serialized for countless issues without an ending, and became increasingly popular later on. This made Han Xuan particularly dissatisfied. After episode 591, he became a fan.
His grandfather picked up another comic magazine called “Weekly Shonen Jump”. The cover showed a tall red-haired guy playing basketball, called “Slam Dunk”.
/He opened it and looked at it for a few times, but found that he was not interested. He put it down and went to Han Xuan’s side and asked, “What are you looking at?”
“Conan, a primary school boy who has not grown up for thousands of years and has died everywhere. He is similar to Sherlock Holmes, and he is a detective. ”
Han Xuan has an impression of these plots. After a rough look, there are some differences between comics and cartoons. In recent years, Japan has benefited from a complete original sales industry chain, and a large number of excellent comics have emerged.
In fact, the industry in China used to be pretty good, but later cartoonists found that their works were not well received, so they worked very hard to draw them, and as soon as they were sent for distribution, pirated copies costing only a dime each came out.
Over time, the once-popular little book has almost disappeared from people’s sight, and no one draws it anymore.
Not only comics, but also novels, movies, music, etc. Han Xuan once read an online novel called “American Rancher” and was surprised to find that the protagonist had the same name as him!
I was so addicted to watching it that I didn’t even want to go to Dubai, so I came here.
I don’t know if the author whose pen name is Tao Liangchen is starving to death. He writes for more than ten hours a day. He can’t afford noodles and braised eggs. He probably has to go to the street. It’s a pity that he
saw countless people with sirens on the road. The Metropolitan Police vehicles and the hospital ambulance were heading to the same place.
Han Xuan looked around curiously and found several people lying on the ground wailing at the entrance of the subway platform.
Some people ran to save them, but at a red light, the person who went to save them also fell down and vomited a large mouthful of blood.
/Pedestrians on the roadside immediately panicked and fled, and the medical staff were too frightened to move. The firefighters immediately took out