While they were communicating, other players had already arrived in the locker room one after another.
Somewhat coincidentally, O’Neal also wore a pair of sunglasses.
Of course, unlike Sun Hao who advertises for sponsors, O’Neal wears his favorite pair.
But no matter what the reason is, the two people’s coincidence makes them look like two brothers, one fat and one “thin”.
/Damon Jones even picked up the camera he carried on his chest to take a photo of the two of them.
The other team members were shouting and cheering from the sidelines.
Most of this team has never won a championship, and the championship parade is their moment to announce to the world that they are champions.
No one can stay calm at this time.
Phil Jackson also came to the locker room wearing a crisp suit and an eye-catching brown tie, greeting everyone to set off.
Looking at Jackson’s clothes, Sun Hao was in a trance.
When Horry communicated with him before, he said that Jackson was a standard hippie in his early years, with a big beard and long hair, and loved to wear bright or unusual clothes. Even when he was coaching the Bulls, he always Ride a sidecar to the arena.
Many people may not know what a sidecar motorcycle is. It is the kind of motorcycle with a co-pilot that often appears in war movies.
So looking at Jackson’s appearance now, it’s really hard to match up with the person Horry talks about.
The only thing that can connect them together is the eye-catching brown tie.
The Lakers’ championship parade started in convoys as in the past, and the people in each car were different.
In addition to Sun Hao’s car, there are Malone, Christie and Ariza.
Just when everyone was about to set off, a burst of sweet laughter suddenly came from the underground garage.
A group of sexy girls walked toward the convoy.
The team members, including Sun Hao, were stunned. Only O’Neal waved to the girls to come over.
Well, except for three points, there is no shortage of places that should be exposed.
I checked her eyes, she is really sexy.
Sun Hao looked at O’Neal’s expression again and knew that this must be O’Neal’s idea.
The number of girls is exactly the same as the number of players. In other words, this is a standard one-on-one service.
O’Neill was very thoughtful.
Before Sun Hao got in the car, he couldn’t help but give O’Neill a look: “Does your Xiangni know what you’re doing?”
But this is the cultural difference between China and the West. It is not a home run. From the perspective of Westerners, this kind of thing is actually normal.
The convoy set off, drove out from the underground garage and drove forward for a while. They were greeted by cheers from the sky.
On the day of the championship parade, the fans got up much earlier than they did.
Just like the crowd gathering at domestic festivals, this championship parade is even worse.
Not to mention this is Los Angeles, and the fans are much more enthusiastic than they were in Dallas.
The girl greeted the audience on behalf of the play