e up, he finally chose to try!

e up, he finally chose to try!
Then, like Columbus, he discovered the New World.
He couldn’t help but pick up a piece and put it in his mouth.
This time he didn’t pinch his nose or anything, but ate in a “tasting” way.
Chew carefully, then chew carefully.
Then, he discovered that this food was not very delicious, but it was too delicious!
/It’s soft and sweet mixed with a hint of fruity wood fragrance, just like eating a thick layer of butter, but it’s not greasy at all.
God, why did he think this was shit before?
And it’s really amazing to say that after he found durian delicious, the original shit-like smell disappeared.
He ate several more in succession.
Then, he even lost the desire to eat protein.
The calories in this thing seem a bit high.
Finally, he reluctantly put the uneaten durian back in the refrigerator and called his nutritionist.
/After chatting with a nutritionist and gaining a better understanding of durian, his mood became very complicated.
Because he felt that the heat of this thing was a bit high before. In fact, its heat was a bit too high.
According to his nutritionist, durian has 147 calories per 100 grams, ranking among the top three fruits.
Not only for people who want to lose weight, this food is for ordinary people. Don’t eat too much. If you eat too much, you will easily gain weight.
After hanging up the phone, O’Neill stood there for a while.
This weight loss seems to have failed so far!
And the key is that he also likes eating durian!
Damn it!
I lost my wife and lost my troops!
Sun Hao didn’t know what O’Neal had gone through.
But slowly, he also realized that something was wrong.
Originally, O’Neal’s living room still smelled of durian, which meant that O’Neal still smelled it every day.
But O’Neal’s appetite is recovering bit by bit, and he may even look better than before.
Finally one day he couldn’t help but ask O’Neal.
After struggling for a while, O’Neal finally showed his hand.
After Sun Hao heard that O’Neal liked to eat durian, he instantly experienced the meaning of mixed flavors.
He is overturned!
“Shaq, don’t eat that thing, it’s very high in calories.”
In the end, he could only remind O’Neal like this.
“I try my best.”
O’Neal’s answer made Sun Hao’s expression even more helpless.
It seems that in the days to come, O’Neal will not only have to lose weight, but also how to give up durian!
And after experiencing the durian incident, Sun Hao felt that using food smell to make O’Neal lose weight was completely unworkable.
Even the most hated durian can be liked, but who can guarantee that O’Neal won’t like stinky tofu, Houttuynia cordata, or even canned herring?
When he thought of this, Sun Hao really didn’t know what to say when he looked at O’Neal.
He felt that even Bill Russell might not be able to make O’Neal lose weight.
This is probably, like dividing a number by zero, a question without an answer.
The season is still going on and it’s almost Christmas Day.
Like last year, this year’s Christmas