ng is that after those fans sold out the tickets, someone said this on Facebook: Don’t we still have Sun who just scored 51 points in G6 with the Spurs?

ng is that after those fans sold out the tickets, someone said this on Facebook: Don’t we still have Sun who just scored 51 points in G6 with the Spurs?
There are many people who know and have seen Sun Hao score 51 points, but because the news of O’Neal’s injury was too big, fans ignored it for a while.
After someone reminded me of this, everyone remembered it in an instant.
Instant kill combination, without O’Neal, they still have Sun Hao!
MVP Sun Hao!
The more interesting thing is that those fans who sold their tickets wanted to buy back the original tickets, but the person who bought the tickets directly blocked them.
The real scene is playing out on the Internet in Los Angeles.
On the day of the game, the Mavericks team conducted daily training in the training hall.
I don’t know if they knew the news that O’Neal couldn’t play tonight, but the atmosphere during the Mavericks’ training was particularly relaxed.
After training, Kobe was quickly surrounded by reporters.
“Did you know Shaq couldn’t play tonight?”
a reporter asked Kobe.
“I’ve heard about that, but we don’t pay too much attention to that. We only pay attention to the state of our team.”
Kobe scratched his upper lip as he spoke, a bit like taking advantage and being good.
However, this answer is normal. He can’t say “Yeah, I’m so happy”, right?
“How is the team’s condition? Are you confident in winning the game tonight?”
“As you can see, our condition is very good and our morale is very high. We will win the game tonight.”
Kobe said as he spoke Looking behind him, his face was full of confidence.
This kind of confidence is natural. If they can’t win the game without O’Neal, then they might as well just retire.
“But the Lakers still have Sun. He scored 51 points in the playoffs against the Spurs. That was a very scary number. Do you think he will score this score again in tonight’s game?” the
reporter continued. asked.
“No, that’s impossible. I will defend him like I did in the last game.”
Kobe immediately shook his head.
Without O’Neal, the Lakers only have Sun Hao as a scoring point.
Not to mention the Mavericks coaching staff, he knows this very well.
In other words, everyone knows that Sun Hao will take crazy shots to score, so just defend him with all your strength.
No matter how strong Sun Hao is, he can’t score like crazy against the defense of several people.
He didn’t think that Sun Hao could do what he couldn’t do.
This is understandable.
Sun Hao’s strength shown this season is indeed very strong, but if he wants to score as he pleases in the game, there is only that man.
Michael Yes, it’s me Jordan again.
/Always being chased, never surpassed.
That night, the Staples Center was packed.
And as luck would have it, fans saw a particularly familiar figure at the scene.
Jordan came to Los Angeles to watch the game!
This is big news, especially since his Wizards and Pistons are playing in the playoffs over there!
After equalizing the big score, Jordan felt better and ran to L