aughter, he doesn’t mind selling his soul to the devil!

aughter, he doesn’t mind selling his soul to the devil!
You know, the reason why he studied the T virus was to cure his daughter! It shows how much he loves his children. It is impossible to comment on whether this person is right or wrong. The only strange thing is that he was targeted by a crazy umbrella company and took advantage of his research results.
Isaacs said: “It’s very simple, very simple for you. I just need you to study the T virus with me, overcome this magical subject, and then create a new era for you and me. Of course, I also need beauty A little bit of Angela’s blood, of course, with your permission.”
Isaacs knew Aikenfo very well, and his daughter was everything to him. If he behaved in any way that was detrimental to his daughter, he knew without using his brain that Aikenfo would definitely fight him to the death. At such a critical time, he didn’t want anything to go wrong.
Sure enough, after weighing it for a while, Aikenfo said: “Okay, I promise you. As long as you are willing to save my daughter, I can do anything for you, anything!”
“Wise choice.” Isaacs said proudly. Smiled, “You will be glad for your decision today. Okay, let’s get started.”
After saying that, Isaacs went to the computer and quickly used his permissions to enter with his fingers flying. He knew the backstage of the umbrella company and issued an order as the “Headquarters Board of Directors”!
“Okay, the next step is to find that Chinese boy.”
Ignoring Aikenfo’s surprised expression, Isaacs skillfully operated the computer. There was a fox-like smile on his face.
Isaacs hit the Enter key hard!
Yin Kuang, who was setting up a trap, was suddenly startled and almost screamed.
At this moment, almost all the nerves in Yin Kuang’s body were tense. Because he knew that the enemy hiding in the dark might suddenly jump out at any time, give him a bullet, and end his life.
Now, Yin Kuang is completely gambling.
He was betting that the Umbrella Company would use those absconding mercenaries to deal with him, that the Umbrella Company had tampered with the weapons given to him, that his trap would lure them over, and then use the bundled weapons to lure them over. Grenades kill them!
Everything is gambling!
It wasn’t that Yin Kuang was bold, or that he was keen on taking risks, but that he was forced to have no way out.
Because of a “hidden mission”, those vicious mercenaries were completely offended to death, and they felt that they would not let him go. With the support of the umbrella company, it would be easy for them to find Yin Kuang and kill him without any effort.
Death was already hanging over his head.
Furthermore, the relationship with Li Shuangmu and others has been broken down, and he will even have to worry about their conspiracy and frame-up in the future. Yin Kuang was really uneasy about this. Even if you survive this “entrance exam” safely, what will happen next? How could he confront Li Shuangmu and others without any ability to protect himself?
Therefore, no m