the situation becomes complicated. Unlike the wild lands on the border of the kingdom, the southeastern province was first-class fertile land that no one was willing to give up.

If there are too many monks and too little porridge, some people are destined to not get a share. The game involved behind this is not only military exploits, but also a competition for family power and personal connections.
The discussion on their merits was completed quickly. Although the results were not announced, the worst of each family could also get a knighthood, and there were also a few who were promoted to barons.
I don’t know the final result. Anyway, according to the information I heard, it is a high probability that the baron will be crowned.
This result was even better than what Hudson had expected. He originally thought that if he didn’t have enough military exploits, he would rely on his connections and activities to find a way to inherit the fiefdom of a certain unlucky relative who had no heir, but his strength did not allow him to take shortcuts.
The empire you build yourself will naturally be better. There will be no messy inheritance disputes, legality is 100% guaranteed, and you will have more confidence when going out to socialize.
When the dust settled, Hudson’s letter for help also arrived in the hands of Baron Redman. But now, instead of asking him for reinforcements, he, as a father, is asked to activate his family connections and help develop a wealthy fiefdom.
After repeatedly questioning the soldier who delivered the message and confirming that the information was accurate, Baron Redman still couldn’t believe it was true.
Although he believed that Hudson had military talent, this military talent was too outstanding. If others don’t know what Koslow’s family’s private army is, how can he not know it himself?
Letting Hudson lead the troops on an expedition was mainly to preserve the family’s strength and to train his son’s military command abilities.
I never expected that the cards that started poorly would turn out to be the best in the end.
Perhaps she saw that Baron Redman was so absorbed that he used the wrong knife and fork when eating. The Baroness noticed something was wrong and asked expectantly: “Sir, was there an accident on the front line?”
Deep down, she had begun praying for Hudson to meet the Lord of the Morning. There is no way, as the mother of a child, she only has such a small amount of tolerance.
/Her eldest son was destroyed by Hudson. Under the eyes of Baron Redman, she did not have the courage to carry out revenge according to Raisuer’s plan. She could only secretly pray that Hudson would meet the Lord of the Morning as soon as possible.
“No, this should be considered a good thing, and it is also a great joy for the entire Koslow family.
I have to go out for a while, so I’ll probably be delayed for a while. You should worry more about things at home. ”
Baron Redman said with a smile.
Obviously, Baron Redman still had an idea in mind. He knew that his wife and Hudson