ntil you die.”

ntil you die.”
Dou Tianli nodded.
Yin Kuang said no more, he held the Ruyi Golden Cudgel in his hand and stretched it in front of him.
Now, he doesn’t want to devour the famous “source”. There are simply not enough people to provide him with a “source”.
The only thing he can do is to try his best to beat the famous!
In addition, at this moment, Yin Kuang’s “Ancestral Dragon Soul Power” is once again at full value. Yin Kuang knows that the next use of “Ancestral Dragon Soul Power” will be his last time.
Behind the “History of Time”, Rosalind’s eyes flickered, and the focus of her eyes kept moving back and forth between Yin Kuang and Youming.
Obviously, she was hesitating about something.
/“Master Dou, if Pangu Ax can no longer threaten him, I hope you can send Pangu Ax out of the barrier. I have already made an agreement with Rosalind. We must not let Pangu Ax fall into his hands.” Yin Kuang said. Consciousness said. After hearing this, Dou Tianli sighed secretly in his heart. This was undoubtedly the wisest choice. Although Pangu Ax has extremely strong spirituality, he is not the only one in Chaos after all, and he may not be able to resist the famous dominance. After receiving an agreed answer, Yin Kuang said: “Then I will attract his attention. You rush out with the Pangu Ax and go to Xiangyang City to find some relatively powerful people. Although I don’t know if I can make it in time, but We can only do our best!” After saying that, he passed a consciousness image to Dou Tian.
Then, Yin Kuang controlled the Ruyi Stick to become thicker and longer, and smashed it with one stick.
Youming dodged it with a simple sideways move, and said with a smile: “You alone can’t arouse my interest at all.”
Yin Kuang remained silent, retracted his Ruyi stick, and swept it out with lightning again.
Next, Yin Kuang kept sweeping, smashing, poking, and hacking, cooperating with the changes in the thickness of the Ruyi Stick as it expanded and contracted, and constantly changing its position, transforming into a golden shadow of the stick, like a golden forest, densely packed. However, Youming was jumping around in the shadow of the stick with almost no gaps, dodging back and forth easily and freely. Although Yin Kuang could sense that the Ruyi Stick was interfering with the operation of the “source” in Youming’s body, this interference was extremely limited and would not cause any real harm to Youming.
“Hey, let me tell you, are you playing with me or fighting?”
Yin Kuang shouted: “Of course it’s a fight! And can you shut your mouth? You are really verbose!” After saying that, the wishful stick grew in size in vain, and Yin Kuang smashed it out diagonally. However, this stick was a big miss. Even if he tried to avoid it, he would definitely not be able to hit him. Seeing this, he was so happy that he burst out laughing “ha”.
But the next moment, a large section of the Ruyi Stick suddenly disappeared in the air, and then appeared from behind Youming again. With a “bang”, the stick hit Youming firmly!