rs rushed towards them.

rs rushed towards them.
Yin Kuang was holding back his depression and anger at this time, and then smiled cruelly, “Humph! Cao Cao, didn’t you let me do things easily? I’ll do it for you.” Then he clamped the horse’s belly with force, and the horse suffered pain. The hooves are kicking like flying, and the speed is increasing by one point.
/The pair of Cao soldiers also reacted quickly. Following the command of a leading armored officer, the archers cocked their bows and shot a bunch of random arrows.
At random, Yin Kuang wanted to kill them to vent his anger, but he also knew that he couldn’t get entangled with them, otherwise he would be surrounded if Cao’s soldiers were attracted around him, which would be troublesome. Therefore, Yin Kuang showed no interest in fighting and rode his horse straight to the west gate.
“What kind of person is Zhao Zilong with a white horse and a silver gun?” Yin Kuang murmured in his heart as he rode the horse. There was expectation and excitement, but also worry and confusion, “Oh! Damn the principal, did you assign me Class 1237 to Cao Cao’s camp? Okay, the facts are established, no more complaining will help. Now let’s think about how to complete the main mission! The ending of the Battle of Chibi was a disastrous defeat for Cao Cao. What should I do to reverse Cao Cao’s defeat? There are two other classes.”
While thinking, Yin Kuang was already approaching Ximen. The closer he got to the west gate, the more Cao soldiers he encountered, and Yin Kuang couldn’t kill them even if he wanted to. Helpless, he abandoned the horse, climbed the mountain roof, and galloped on the roof. When the tall and majestic city wall of Xinye West Gate came into view, what was seen on the ground turned out to be a sea of ??people, or in other words, a sea of ??corpses and blood!
The shouts of killing, the screams, the smell of burning, and the smell of blood formed a picture of purgatory on earth!
/However, what attracted Yin Kuang the most was an “isolated island” in the sea of ??blood and corpses, with a person and a horse. Surrounded by Cao’s soldiers, he rushed left and right, like a moving meat grinder, killing everyone wherever he passed. In the firelight, his entire body was wrapped in a layer of hot blood, and his face could not be seen clearly. The cloak he wore was also soaked in blood, but it was already flowing and flowing, twisting and turning as he moved. The helmet on his head and the “red tassel” on the top of the helmet were also fluttering. The tall and powerful horse under his crotch was also covered in blood, as if on fire. Only when the man stood up and neighed, the snow-white down on his lower abdomen was exposed. And the weapon in his hand is also a blood-red spear. When he picks, stabs, and sweeps, the blood shines brightly and dazzlingly. In front of him, one after another Cao soldiers and Cao generals were like straw. Wherever the blood-red spear passed, they swept away a large area and pierced a line. There was no one who could block his shot!
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