le for men and women to be happy? She was purely selfish and didn’t want anything dirty between her mother and Yin Kuang.

le for men and women to be happy? She was purely selfish and didn’t want anything dirty between her mother and Yin Kuang.
Of course Yin Kuang didn’t know what Lu Xia Leng was thinking. So Lu Xialeng succeeded. How could Yin Kuang have no illusions about a stunning beauty like Diao Chan? And now that illusion has vanished. I saw Yin Kuang’s eyes twitching, and he couldn’t laugh or cry: “Okay. It turns out that the ‘disaster energy’ has this effect. But in the world of the Three Kingdoms, if I don’t save her, she is afraid that she will be raped.” Lu Xia looked coldly. He was cold and then sneered: “Huh! I’m afraid he has gone crazy before he succeeds. How can my mother be bullied casually? It doesn’t matter whether you do it or not.” ”
/Okay,” Yin Kuang shrugged and said : “However, it seems that I brought Diao Chan back and brought you trouble?” Lu Xia Leng stared at Diao Chan and smiled bitterly, “Yes, it did bring trouble. And it’s still a big trouble.” Yin Kuang asked : “What should I say?” Lu Xia said coldly: “Once I leave the scene world, my mother’s soul has been separated from the influence of the principal. Even if I kill her now, her soul will not be able to return to the pure world. Spirit Lake. And if I kill her on campus, even I don’t know what the consequences will be.”
This means that if you want to kill Diao Chan, you must first send him to a place where the principal’s power can influence in the scene. To do this, Diao Chan must be given the status of a college student and participate in the exam. In this way, she will be killed in the scene and her soul will be returned to Jingling Lake. But this is the reason. Could Lu Xialeng really be able to send his mother into the scene to be killed so easily? When she had never seen Diao Chan, she could still comfort herself by saying “to resurrect her only mother”, but when Diao Chan, who was flesh and blood and had a soul, was placed in front of her eyes, how could she do it?
Yin Kuang sighed and said: “I’m sorry. What should I do now?” Lu Xia said coldly: “I have already used the ‘History of Time’ to shape two bodies, and I am just waiting to inject the ‘Only Origin Spiritual Candle’ into them. Now I’m afraid one of them will no longer be used. The solution now is to take her to one world after another and kill herself. And you have to do this!” ”
History of Time” has infinite uses, create two bodies The physical body is of course not a problem. However, if you want to truly tamper with turning events, such as “Western God is annexed by Dongsheng” or “Hitler unifies the world”, the price paid is definitely no less than creating a new world. Lu Xialeng obviously does not have the ability to create the world on his own.
Yin Kuang said: “Okay. But I don’t have time in the near future. I must find a way to improve my strength as soon as possible.” Lu Xia said seriously: “You only have half a year. Half a year in college is over, if you still can’t do it , then I can only assist the Goddess of the West to integrate the four schools, so that I can hav