d by the previous storm.”

At this time, the captain held an umbrella, came to the side of the ship, and responded to the man:
“We set out in East Balam two days ago and unfortunately got caught in a storm.
“What port is this?”
The man rolled his eyes, did not answer directly, and said in a loud voice:
“Just a moment.”
He immediately turned around, holding an umbrella and a lantern, and ran towards the buildings near the pier.
This kind of reaction was somewhat beyond the expectations of passengers such as Alfred, but it was not surprising to experienced captains, first mates and others – they had encountered too many extraordinary situations in many ports on the violent sea routes. regular events. This allows them to wait patiently for subsequent developments.
Five or six minutes later, the man led a girl and ran over quickly.
The girl had no umbrella and was wearing a hooded raincoat daubed with the sap of the Donningsmann tree.
After the two approached the passenger ship, under the gaze of the gun-wielding sailors, they walked step by step along the gangway to the deck.
At this distance, most passengers could see clearly the faces of the two people.
The man has brown hair, brown eyes, and rough skin. He looks like a low-class person who has been ravaged by wind and rain. The woman is in her twenties, has lake-green eyes, and has long flaxen hair, some of which is wet on her breasts. Her face gave her a sense of purity and charm.
This is a pretty beauty with a wild temperament.
“Everyone, this is Utopia Port.” The man introduced impatiently, “My name is Theodore, and I am the temporary commander of the port.”
As he spoke, he laughed, seemingly happy that he had invented such a powerful-sounding position.
Of course, the captain knew what the so-called “port temporary commander” meant, and he didn’t pay attention to the sudden joy of such a small person.
He frowned slightly and said:
“Port of Utopia? Why haven’t I heard of it?”
Theodore glanced at him and said:
“I’ve heard this many times.
“Hehe, if it weren’t for that storm that deserved to have its ass kicked by a donkey, you might never have come here in your life!”
Before he could say more words, the lady said first:
“Utopia is not on a safe waterway. Only ships that know this sea area and know it will come to supply.”
/Meaning, the main users of this port are pirates? How could the captain fail to hear the hidden meaning? At this time, the tacit agreement not to reveal the truth would protect both parties.
He said “hmm”:
“Who are you?”
“My name is Tracy.” The girl smiled, “The owner of the Port Hotel, I am also the front desk and waiter.”
She looked around and said:
“The storm is very strong and the ship will be very bumpy. It is not a wise choice to stay here to rest. The hotel will provide you with stable beds, enough hot water, clean food, warm quilts and a hotel that reminds you of your own home.” The environment is only 10p per night, I mean 1 room.
“In addition to these, you can also drink heavily in the bar next to it and e