ards Chen Xuanzang quickly.

ards Chen Xuanzang quickly.
“Stop him!” Pan Longtao suddenly shouted. The “magic cannon” suddenly exploded. However, the giant monkey is not afraid of the magic cannon at all, and being hit by one is like scratching an itch. Zeng Fei launched an attack over there. It just doesn’t work. The giant monkey ignored the two of them and ran straight towards Chen Xuanzang.
/But Chen Xuanzang seemed unaware, still carrying Sun Wukong on his back like a statue. The strange thing is that Sha Wujing wanted to carry him away, but he couldn’t hold Chen Xuanzang no matter what. He was so anxious that Sha Wujing broke into a cold sweat.
But just then, a wild boar roared suddenly. After the earth trembled for a while, from behind the dark mountain in the distance, a huge wild boar as high as the mountain suddenly rushed out, with its back arched and its head lowered, its fangs forward, and it rushed over like crazy. The giant monkey was stunned, then laughed loudly, raised his fist high, and hit Chen Xuanzang with all his strength.
The giant wild boar’s pupils were suddenly filled with black smoke, and its eyes were blood red. Then, its speed increased in vain, turning into a black light, rushing over in an instant, and bumping into the giant monkey. The powerful force of the collision pushed the giant monkey away dozens of meters.
Just at this time, the purple dragon flew over, its nine claws spread out, the space twisted, and a pair of front claws grabbed the shoulders of the giant monkey. The sharp shroud grabbed directly into the flesh and blood of the giant monkey!
The giant wild boar charges again!
The earth trembles! It was as if the earth was a giant drum with an invisible drumstick beating hard and continuously.
/Let’s say that the giant wild boar transformed by Zhu Gang Hyena rushed towards Sun Wukong with all its strength. However, Sun Wukong was firmly grasped by the dragon transformed by Yin Kuang with its claws, waiting for Zhu Gang to hit him.
But could Sun Wukong be imprisoned so easily? But he saw that his body shrank in vain and broke free easily. Then he somersaulted behind Shenlong and suddenly grew bigger again. His thick arms stretched out and pinched Shenlong’s neck tightly, screaming strangely. With a loud sound and a hard throw, Yin Kuang was thrown up and flew towards the pig-gang hyena.
There was a loud noise, and the two behemoths collided with each other. The sharp fangs of Zhu Gang’s mane penetrated directly into Yin Kuang’s body. And Yin Kuang’s dragon claw also scratched several huge cracks on Zhu Ganghe’s body, and blood poured down like rain. One dragon and one pig immediately rolled into a ball.
Sun Wukong danced excitedly and shouted “Come!” The Ruyi Golden Cudgel turned into a golden-red stream of light and flew towards Sun Wukong. This stream of light suddenly expanded on the way. When it fell into the hands of Sun Wukong, it was already an Optimus Pillar. With the Ruyi Golden Cudgel in hand, Sun Wukong is even more proud. The huge stick started to spin and dance, ro