u talking about, since you are all practicing ‘witchcraft’ Fellow disciple, how can you ignore that? Besides, seeing how he hangs out with a few foreign girls, he looks so comfortable, he might be of great use.” The strong man opened his eyes wide, “No, I have to go find Brother Zhu. Tell me, we have to find an opportunity to get close to that kid.” He stood up and strode out of the hotel.

“You just briefly resurrected a dead creature. It was not a biological phenomenon remaining in the human body after death, but a real resurrection. That, that mouse was screaming and struggling, and its eyes were red as if it was about to explode…”
” It’s Tina. She screamed so loudly and energetically. I thought it was a success this time, but it still failed. I
think a large part of the reason is because the ‘activity’ of the experimental object is too small, but large animals can do this. This kind of uncontrollable experiment is too dangerous…”
Seeing her boyfriend commenting on his own experiment, the girl was speechless for a long time, and finally said with difficulty: “Baby, in the eyes of ordinary people, ‘life’ is a realm that can only be touched by God. Of course ,
I know that your ancestors are also very powerful gods. Your research is indeed very amazing. I am willing to correct your mistakes and call you a great biologist now.
But you are sure that you will not research any zombies. Will something like a virus destroy the entire human race?”
/“Of course not Tina, the key ‘medium’ for conducting this kind of experiment is the ‘golden elixir’ fragment, but you know that in the wild you encounter a How small is the chance of a monster? What you are worried about will never happen.”
Chapter 258:
/The start of the development of mammalian embryos is the growth of the spinal cord, so using X-rays to observe human fetuses, at the very beginning They are all in the shape of a crescent moon. Zhang Lisheng’s experiment of using golden elixir ‘fragments’ to contact the spinal cord of white mice to induce genetic mutations throughout the body was actually an extremely simple and crude process of artificial ‘spirits’.
The ‘stabilizer’ used in the experiment is formulated from anti-immune drugs injected when human organs are transplanted. It is intended to minimize interference with the immune system of the white mice during the mutagenesis of their genes. This is also the reason for killing the white mice. Thus, the entire experiment has nothing to do with ‘virology’.
Zhang Lisheng spent a lot of time to finally resolve the girls’ worries, but it aroused Shelia’s other interests, “You mean you are studying how to make a ‘Superman’, right, Li Sheng?”
“Making a ‘Superman’,” Zhang Li was stunned for a moment, “From the perspective of humans being some kind of animals, Shelia, what you said is not wrong.” ”
Oh, then if it succeeds, this experiment will make people live longer and become More beautiful and slimmer…”
“No, no, no Xie Liya, you are too greedy,” Zhang Lisheng looked at the girl’s beaming face