Just collecting so many materials is enough. It takes a lot of effort and is among the finest pieces of Ming Dynasty furniture.

Just collecting so many materials is enough. It takes a lot of effort and is among the finest pieces of Ming Dynasty furniture.
At the end of the 20th century, with the continuous recovery of China’s economy, various design concepts emerged in the architectural world, repeating the design trends experienced in Europe and the United States.
Afterwards, Chinese studies gradually emerged, which also made Chinese people begin to examine things around them from the perspective of traditional culture. The Chinese style design that followed merged many foreign design concepts. It was not until the beginning of the 21st century in China that the Chinese style emerged. A renaissance trend in home decoration.
/The novel Chinese-style decoration with a modern feel is more unique, but it is also in line with the characteristics of ancient architecture. Because the price of pure solid wood materials is slightly higher, few people choose to use them. The decoration of most homes has become a stereotyped Western style. Those whose Chinese-style decoration does not look good must have not found an excellent designer to help them.
Han Xuan originally wanted to decorate his room in Prince Chun’s Mansion with extremely bright red lacquered furniture, but in the end he didn’t want to do it.
The high-quality red lacquer furniture that can be preserved to this day is the kind that has good luck. The unlucky ones have been lost in the long river of history. They can no longer withstand the slightest torment and are all collected in museums.
The Han Family Museum in Lujiazui opened at the end of last year. Han Xuan was originally going to attend the opening ceremony, but unfortunately his schedule was delayed by filming a movie. He has not visited it until today. There are a lot of tourists who came to visit.
The quantity and value of the collections are slightly worse than those of the Shanghai Museum, which was newly opened two years ago, but among private museums, no one can compare with it. With the massive spending on acquisitions, he has acquired countless rare treasures at cabbage prices. In the bag, including the big cauldron, which is suspected to be one of the nine cauldrons, the animal heads of the twelve zodiac animals, and the jade seal inscriptions passed down from the country, they were all placed there. The return of these cultural relics caused quite a stir.
After getting dressed, I stretched myself out of bed. , then brush your teeth and wash your face. After all, you are a modern person, so you must have running water and a flush toilet, a marble washbasin, and a copper faucet. After washing and combing your hair, you open the door bolt, lift your legs and step out of the threshold. Jigglypuff rushes out. It couldn’t help but want to poop, and ran away quickly with its legs crossed, its buttocks twisting and turning.
At that time, Emperor Guangxu’s biological father and Emperor Yi’s biological grandfather, Prince Chun, Taishang Emperor Aixinjueluo Yizhen, probably also walked through this old threshold, an