y part of the truth

Dunn Smith did not respond immediately. He glanced around the room and then said slowly:
“Mr. Welch lost a revolver. I think I should be able to find him here, right, Mr. Crane?”
Sure enough, Klein finally figured out the origin of the revolver. His thoughts raced like lightning and he made a decision in an instant.
He half-raised his hands, stepped back step by step, and got out of the way. Then he pointed to the bunk bed with his chin and said:
“On the back of the bed.”
He didn’t specify the one below, because no one would hide something on the back of the upper bed where it would be plainly visible to visitors.
Gray-eyed police officer Dunn did not move forward, but twitched the corner of his mouth and said:
“Is there anything you want to add?
Klein answered without hesitation:
“I woke up in the middle of the night last night and found myself lying on the desk with a revolver next to me and bullets at the foot of the wall. It looked like I had experienced a suicide, but maybe I was inexperienced, had never used a pistol, or was scared at the last moment. In short, the bullet did not have the expected effect, my head is still intact, and I am alive to this day.”
“Since then, I have forgotten some memories, including what I did when I went to Welch’s residence on the 27th and what I saw. I’m not lying, I really don’t remember.”
/In order to clear the suspicion and solve the strange incident that entangled him, Klein told almost everything, except for time travel and the “party”.
In addition, he modified his wording to make every sentence stand the test. For example, he did not say that the bullet did not hit the head, but only mentioned that it did not achieve the expected effect and that the head was still intact afterwards.
To others, the two words almost mean the same thing, but in fact they are completely different.
Gray-eyed police officer Dunn listened quietly and spoke slowly:
“This is in line with the development I speculated, and also in line with the hidden logic of similar previous incidents. Of course, I don’t know how you survived.”
“As long as you believe it, I don’t know how I survived.” Klein breathed a sigh of relief.
“But.” Dunn threw out a turning point, “I believe it’s useless. Now you are highly suspected. You must confirm with experts to confirm that you really forgot about the encounter, or really did not directly cause Welch.” The death of Mr. and Ms. Naya.”
He coughed and his expression turned serious:
“Mr. Klein, please cooperate with the investigation and go back to the police station with us. This will take about two to three days, if you really have no problems.”
“The experts are here,” Klein asked blankly.
Didn’t you say it’s been two days?
“She’s earlier than we expected.” Dunn turned sideways and motioned for Klein to go out.
“I’ll leave a note.” Klein requested.
Benson was still on a business trip and Melissa went to school. She could only leave a message telling them about something involving Welch and asking them not to worry.