r?” The doorbell rang several times, and an old question suddenly came from the monitor speaker on the iron door.

r?” The doorbell rang several times, and an old question suddenly came from the monitor speaker on the iron door.
“Hello, I’m Zhang Lisheng. I’m here to pick up Tina. Miss Douglinya is going to the airport.”
/“Please wait a moment.”
After a while, a thin, tall, straight figure wearing a tuxedo, with silver hair appeared. The naked old man with silk comb drove a golf cart from the garage of the distant mansion along the boulevard to the iron gate.
“Oh, sir, I’m just here to pick up Tina…”
Naturally, Zhang Lisheng couldn’t refuse Tina’s father’s summons. He thought about it, pointed to his car and made another excuse, “I think my car is parked here. Very…”
“Of course someone will park your car. Young man, if I were your age and dated a beautiful girl, if her father wanted to see me, I would never keep him waiting.”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Zhang. I’m the housekeeper of the Douglinia family. I’m not passing on the microphone. But as an old man who has watched Miss Tina grow up and hopes that she will be happy throughout her life, I will give you a piece of advice.
‘Polite’ and ‘Calm down’ These two words are always a gentleman’s most powerful weapon.” The old man smiled as he drove the young man in his golf cart to the old mansion where the outer walls were covered with ivy, giving people a dark and heavy feeling. Said.
Chapter 172 Warning
: The decoration in Douglinya’s mansion is mainly made of wooden frames combined with murals. The elegance reveals a touch of historical precipitation and a sense of low-key luxury.
This was obviously to let Zhang Lisheng come in by himself. The young man was stunned for a moment, said, “Thank you.”, and walked into the room at the end of the corridor.
The room has no windows, but with the overhead lights turned on, it looks bright and spacious. The floor is covered with a thick red cashmere carpet. The three walls are lined with solid wood bookshelves filled with large hard-cover books, surrounding the middle one. A pure black simple and huge desk.
You must leave the United States for a period of time recently, go to a remote place that will not attract anyone’s attention, the more remote the better, stay for three to four months to half a year, and leave within ten days.
/“You have some secrets, young man. Although I don’t know what those secrets are, I can guess that you have saved my daughter and her two closest friends several times with those secrets. ”
In fact, if it weren’t for you, you might have left a flaw because of saving Tina. She is now completely in love with you. You are indeed good enough and have an extremely bright future. I will never say these things.
Your secret has attracted the attention of some special departments in the United States. The smartest thing for you now is to temporarily leave the United States and live in seclusion for a period of time. ”
“It’s amazing that you can still keep your cool now.
Don’t worry, next year is an election year. No matter what, the tough nigger who has served as president for two terms must get o