d, “I finally see you, Mr. Lisheng, is the hot spring bath so comfortable? You actually took a shower All day.”

d, “I finally see you, Mr. Lisheng, is the hot spring bath so comfortable? You actually took a shower All day.”
“Of course a simple hot spring bath doesn’t last that long, but I actually fell asleep by the pool. I’m really exhausted after more than a month.” The young man walked into the wooden room and said with a smile.
/“Yes, this month has been the most tiring in my life,” Alison nodded with deep sympathy, “If I hadn’t learned how to ride a giant hair spider, I would have died of exhaustion in the jungle.”, The door to the bark house was closed again.
Chapter 485: Changes in Divine Power.
Although the battle of conquest of the Wuli tribe lasted less than forty days, I personally participated in this “different world” cold weapon battle with a strong magical color. I personally experienced the hardship of sleeping only once every seven or eight days on average, and usually relying on briefly closing my eyes and taking a nap during the march.
It is a miracle that the explorers of the ‘Ocean Shrimp World II’ did not collapse in will without the support of divine power. This kind of tempering naturally made them change a lot in the way they look at some problems.
For example, while they were fearful of the Hellmen in the past, the explorers, especially the Earthlings, had a vague sense of superiority as a higher civilization, but now the indigenous warriors cooperate with their “partners” to show ferocity in the war; master spellcasting The unpredictable spells cast by the powerful warrior leader; the unique cruelty, warlikeness, and willingness to sacrifice in the hell civilization have long since made this superiority disappear without a trace. This is also where they finally got three days of respite. , but they did not rest immediately but gathered together to discuss matters.
/Zhang Lisheng didn’t know what others were thinking. After entering the tree house, he smiled at the explorers who were sitting on the ground surrounded by several plates of fire pots piled in the shape of petals. He seemed refreshed and sat down on the empty seat on the animal skin rug, joking. He said: “It seems that everyone has much more mental and physical strength than me. We finally have a chance to rest but are still in the meeting.”
“Doctor, actually we also want to fall asleep right away, but since we have been on a truce for three days, we have to rest.” There is still a lot of time. If you don’t sort out some things clearly, you will be woken up by nightmares even if you fall asleep.” Haman said with a forced smile.
As he spoke, the CIA agent’s teeth, which had completely different skin tones, shone white in the firelight, but the worried look in his tired eyes showed that his mood was by no means as relaxed as his expression suggested.
“Other than being tired, I think everything went smoothly in this battle of conquest of Wu Li. What is there to have a nightmare about, Mr. Haman?” The young man was stunned for a moment and asked in confusion.
“It is precisely because the success of the battle of conquest of