er of people expected to migrate on the farm in December is at least 75,000, and next month It is more likely to increase to more than 100,000 per month.”

er of people expected to migrate on the farm in December is at least 75,000, and next month It is more likely to increase to more than 100,000 per month.”
/After hearing Charlie complain about the excessive population migrating to the LS farm, Zhang Lisheng immediately realized that his agent was implying that the phone was being monitored, and said in a pretense of surprise: “Seventy thousand Five thousand people, more than one hundred thousand, gosh, this number sounds really amazing. It
is of course a good thing to help those poor homeless people settle down, but Charlie, after all, we are running a company, not a simple charity, so The employee expansion rate is unbearable.”
“So I freely negotiated several preferential terms with the Federation. Boss, as you said, we are running a company after all, not a charity.” Charlie replied with a smile.
“As long as you understand, Charlie, well, let’s talk about it in person if we have anything to do.” Walking to the dining table in the living room ‘Zhongdao’, Zhang Lisheng opened the wooden chair and nodded, “I plan to go to the farm this afternoon. , You can pick me up at two o’clock, bye.”, hung up the phone.
Chapter 746: The person I miss
He casually put his cell phone into his trouser pocket, and the rare bright sunshine in winter fell through the window onto Zhang Lisheng’s smiling face. The black-haired young man sat down and greeted his unrelated family members who he had not seen in a year one by one: “Good morning.” Ann, Uncle Raven, how have you been this year? And your dear Harry, I’m glad to see you’re growing taller again…”
“Good morning Li Sheng, it’s great that you can come back safely. I heard from Ruili that you returned to Earth during this ‘inspection’. Is it a big gain?” The old police chief of New Washington City looked at Zhang Lisheng with joy and responded sincerely, Although the black-haired young man in front of him is not his biological son, he is indeed proud to have this stepson with outstanding talents and social service spirit.
“Although we didn’t find many valuable ‘species’, overall the harvest was good, Uncle Raven, maybe it should be said that it was pretty good.” The black-haired young man smiled strangely and answered sincerely.
Then he turned his attention to Lily, who put a large plate of steaming, rich and fragrant vegetable soup in front of him, and asked casually: “Mom, why aren’t Rady, Michelle, and Jill gone? Did they go to work so early? ”
/Lardy took out a loan to buy an apartment and is living with his girlfriend, and Michelle and Jill have also moved out.
Now they only go home once every two or three weeks, and I don’t know if their normal life is good.” Lily was stunned. , said with a somewhat gloomy expression. Seeing her melancholy look, Raven hurriedly comforted her: “Lily, I have never lived with my parents since I went to college at the age of nineteen. When the children grow up
, You will definitely be free, and besides, you still have me, right?”
I heard my lover’s words. Lily forced a smile