it was as gorgeous and dazzling as a crown on a stone pillar.

it was as gorgeous and dazzling as a crown on a stone pillar.
“Iron Knife Tribe, Iron Knife Tribe…” Tudenan The leader looked up at the ‘Dao Wen’ and roared in surprise: “Finally promoted, ‘Tudenan’ is no longer a spear tribe, but an iron knife tribe…” He could
n’t help but roar for a while. , Tugra seemed to have woken up, and hurried to stand by the pit. He opened the animal skin bag on his waist, looked at the ‘golden elixir’ full of it at the feet of Zhang Lisheng, and prostrated at the feet of Zhang Lisheng, shouting: “Oh! Hoho, great Conqueror of Tudenan, it is you who have made the totem of the tribe become dense with brilliance; Oh, Hoho, great Conqueror of Tudenan, it is you who have brought glorious victories to your devout believers. “Oh, ho ho, great conqueror of Tudenan, you are the creator of the ‘knife pattern’ on the totem pole of the Tudenan tribe. You are the only belief of the Tudenan people who walked on earth first…”
/Regarding this kind of being Zhang Lisheng, who is respected by thousands of people and has become accustomed to the feeling of controlling the fate and even life of mortals, has long been able to face everything calmly and calmly.
For him now, the traces in his heart of this noisy scene of nearly 300,000 people worshiping together were far less attractive than any of the ‘golden elixirs’ in the animal skin bag he held in his hand.
After all, the fifty-three complete ‘golden elixirs’ contained in the bag were taken from the body of the powerful guardian spirit of the Hell Tribe, and the smallest one was larger than the ‘golden elixir’ in the body of the ‘spirit’ that had just transformed. About half of it, and the two largest ones are almost three times the size.
If calculated in this way, the fragments that can be obtained after breaking these ‘Golden Pills’ should be around 1,300 pieces. With a transplantation success rate of more than 20%, more than 300 ‘Super Hell’ members can be added to the Tudenan tribe. people’.
With the blessing of these elite warrior leaders who possess powerful magical power, and the tens of thousands of selected tribal warriors riding the ‘Giant Spider’, ‘Tudenan’ will truly have the confidence to compete with all powerful enemies. .
Thinking of this, he sealed the animal skin bag in his hand and put it back on his waist. Zhang Lisheng looked at the endless natives crawling at his feet in the firelight and murmured to himself: “This last shortcoming has been repaired, but next There are already many people who are busy.
With more than a thousand transplant operations, it seems that it won’t work to do it with careful observation again and again like last time. Fortunately, we already have mature experience. As long as we have a suitable venue, it shouldn’t be difficult to do it. …”
Having said this, he glanced down at the Tudenan headman at his feet and said: “Tugla, ask the craftsmen to build a tree house that can accommodate fifty stone platforms that are two steps long and one step wide tomorrow. , I have built a stone pla