power. The originally agreed equity rewards were not fulfilled.

power. The originally agreed equity rewards were not fulfilled.
An executive who has been with the company for more than 20 years took the company from US$40 million to US$300 million without any equity compensation.
/Ford also cut most of the original benefits, which is why they gave up on this company.
We have been in contact with Xueshan Investment Company since September.
For more than two months, Jude was sure that the other party really wanted to acquire it, so a conspiracy began to unite the company’s top executives to create trouble for them in an attempt to profit.
After washing his face with cold water to regain his energy, Jude packed up his clothes and went out to answer the appointment.
He just left.
/Hannah, wearing a maintenance worker’s uniform, came to the door, held two wires, and opened his door in less than three seconds.
Jude was in the study at night. She had searched all other places and found no place to hide anything. People like to keep private things close to them, so if there is any, it should be here.
Hannah carefully crossed an anti-theft laser at the door, despised this thing, turned off the switch, and trotted upstairs.
I turned the study door and found it was locked. It took a little longer to unlock it this time, so I pushed it open and rummaged through the cabinets.
Seeing a computer there, I took out my cell phone and called Bernie and asked him to come in too.
He continued to search, knocking on the walls, books, and cabinets
without missing anything.
When I found the drawer, I felt that the weight was not right. I pulled it out and lay on the floor to look up. I saw a transparent folder taped to the bottom of the drawer. I took it out proudly and stuffed it into my arms.
Han Xuan came to Aston Martin again.
The employees here didn’t seem to like him very much, and they gathered together and whispered.
“They told them about not raising their salary.”
Anthony saw this scene and immediately understood why.
“I know that Ford has already raised their wages once this year. If you give it to them now, they will want more in the future. The salary level of ordinary Aston Martin employees today is comparable to that of King’s Lynn. Since it cannot save costs, then Why should I put the factory here? People’s hearts will never be satisfied.”
Han Xuan didn’t know exactly what Jude told them, but it was definitely not a good thing.
On the workshop assembly line, nearly twenty people were painting three cars. .
Most of the others are idle. Aston Martin used to need a lot of workers, but since Ford Motor Company helped improve the assembly line operation process, semi-automated production does not require so many people.
Han Xuan lamented that it was no wonder that Ford fired more than 1,400 employees. Now there are more than 3,900 people left, which is still a lot. It can be streamlined by at least half.
Aston Martin has never relied on the number of cars sold to win. In its best sales year in the past few decades, it sold more than 6,000 cars.