pt for scholars and craftsmen, I will kill all men who are higher than my chest.”

pt for scholars and craftsmen, I will kill all men who are higher than my chest.”
After saying this, he finally After looking around at the gray-faced land people around him, the young man transformed his body with the power of a dragon, gathered clouds and mist at his feet, floated up into the sky, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
/After flying back to Wuli’s ancestral land, he immediately called Tugra in front of him, reprimanded him, and ordered that the meat and iron tools supplied to the land people’s towns in the future must be handed over to the six surnames of Crestel, Emeryda… An elite hundred-man warrior team was sent out to patrol the mainland towns.
Obviously everything was done according to the instructions of the conqueror of the tribe, but in the end it was his fault for no reason. The Wu Litou people felt very aggrieved in their hearts, but it didn’t show it on the surface at all. They didn’t even say a word of argument, they just tried their best. Press your head against the ground and keep saying ‘yes’.
Seeing that Tugla always looked ashamed and fearful, Zhang Lisheng suddenly laughed and said: “If you think about it carefully, I don’t blame you. It’s me who doesn’t let you care about the affairs of the land people’s towns. Of course you don’t dare. Please take care of yourself. Now things have gone awry. In fact, there is no reason to blame you.”
“Conqueror, let those arrogant landmen and sailors insult the people under your protection on Wuli Island. As a Wuli headman, I have no choice but to do it. Responsibility…”
“Okay, Tugla, don’t blame yourself anymore,” Zhang Lisheng waved his hand and said: “The matter of the land people’s towns is very important in the long run, but if the Hell Islands cannot be successfully conquered, everything will be a delusion. Send a hundred warriors After the team, let everything take its course. The top priority now is to mix together the Wu-Li warrior leader who has received my blessing and the 130,000 elite warriors who have not been dispatched, and continue to conquer the remaining areas of the ‘Moon Island’ sea area. Several islands.”
The dust settled in Chapter 453.
Under the orders of the tribal leader, the ‘Super Infernos’ who gradually woke up from the coma after transplanting the ‘Golden Pill Fragments’ in the Wuli Ancestral Land were killed by a They were stuffed into Wu Li’s army.
Due to the large number of people, most of these new ‘Super Infernos’ who could at least obtain the status of ‘Two-Feathered Samurai Leaders’ and lead hundreds of elite warriors could only put a feather on their heads and temporarily serve as the leaders of ten warriors. Role.
“Tugra, such a warrior organization is a waste and does not reflect the true strength of Wuli’s army. The number of warriors I can bless is limited. It is just right for every hundred elite warriors to be led by a ‘favored’ warrior. Proportion.
/After Yanwu replenishes the tribal warriors, he will immediately pass on my order to promote all the ‘One-Feather Warrior Leaders’