eorge III from becoming a god.

She knew that he was a gentle and caring gentleman at heart, and he would definitely not let go of the real culprit behind these two tragedies.
If it were me, I would also want to do this, but I would hesitate and be stopped by possible bad developments… Mr. “World” is firm and decisive… This is a matter involving the gods. Well, there should be a “Fool” in it. “Sir’s will… Audrey glanced at “The World” Gehrman Sparrow, who was sitting silently at the bottom of the mottled long table, and nodded slightly to express her approval.
“Black Emperor”… George III wants to become a god? This…well, Mr. “Fool” has a blasphemous card which is the “Black Emperor”. Gehrman Sparrow was also pursuing the Great Smog and human trafficking before… As expected, these can all be connected. There is such a secret hidden behind it… Now it seems that Mr. Fool’s goal has been achieved, and his plan has succeeded… Therefore, he has further recovered and can confront the King of Angels… “The Hanged Man” “The more Alger thought about it, the more afraid he became, and the more he thought about it, the more energetic he became. He felt that even if he knew some clues in advance, he could not see through Mr. Fool’s plan at all.
“Star” Leonard, “Magician” Forsi and other members of the Tarot Club were shocked. “Hermit” Cattleya, who had already had some premonitions about this, suppressed her turbulent heart and decided to appropriate another question:
/“Dear Mr. Fool, what is the Seven Gods’ attitude towards this?”
/Good question… “The Fool” Klein secretly praised and expressed the explanation of the “Red Angel” evil spirit in his own words:
“The seven gods all hope to have a ‘Black Emperor’, but they don’t agree on who should be the ‘Black Emperor’.
“When George III successfully obtained the ticket through secret preparations, the Seven Gods could only acquiesce, regardless of whether they agreed with him or not.”
That’s it… Except for “Moon” Emlyn and “Sun” Derrick, who were not in the situation, the rest of the Tarot Society members suddenly understood, and roughly understood the role of several major churches in the Backlund Great Smog Massacre, Phosa There were somewhat contradictory performances in events such as the airship attack and the “assassination” of King George III.
Then, they all suddenly had a question:
Since George III had already made preparations, reached the final step of holding the ceremony, and obtained the acquiescence of the Seven Gods, why did he fail again?
They immediately thought of an answer:
Because Mr. Fool disagrees.
Hmm… The church probably didn’t take it too seriously to stop the destruction of the “Black Emperor” ceremony of George III. Maybe it even provided some help to Mr. Fool’s men… Did the Church of Storms take advantage of it? In this chaos, do something secretly? No, they probably won’t do too much to cover up… “Star” Leonard recalled all the details he had noticed before, and had an overall grasp of what happened this time.
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